Glass Veranda Suffolk

Glass Veranda Suffolk case study 2

Cubo Glass Veranda in Woodbridge, Suffolk

The clients from this project came to us looking for something that would fit in with their recently converted barn in Woodbridge, Suffolk. The priority was to give communal shelter between the west and east wings of the building, each of which are home to separate parts of the family. As well as being a walkway, the roof was required to host get-togethers and offer a comfortable area for the family to sit and relax even in less than favorable conditions.

Although the client’s brief was clear, they had seen other glass verandas but struggled to find a suitable system for their requirements. All had the common problem, that they could not accommodate the low roofline on the property or be a completely freestanding structure. Fortunately, the Cubo was able to offer both solutions, with its 2-degree pitch wrapped in a 280mm eaves beam, the roof was able to butt up to all 3 sides of the building and fit seamlessly with the barn. A fantastic outcome and another happy customer!


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