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The world’s slimmest sliding door system

Hyline offers unique and mouldable products, designed to meet the varying needs of architecture and otherwise impossible glass panel sizes. Taking advantage of the latest technology in aluminium window framing systems, it offers users the potential to improve the style and function of their space with floor-to-ceiling glazing. Among its features are sliding, pivoting and guillotine systems that provide smooth operation, while an integrated floor system connects interior and exterior floors seamlessly. Furthermore, Hyline delivers additional convenience with motorisation, low-profile sides and vertical frames creating wide views with an impressive 18mm sight line. With such features that bring a commitment to achieve quality as well as perfection in design, Hyline provides countless tailored opportunities for innovation and appearance.

Modern architecture with optimal performance

Azure Outdoor Living are extremely proud to partner with slim-line aluminium experts Hyline, in our quest to provide the UK market with the best architectural glazing systems that money can buy. Every product within the collection is lovingly fabricated in Portugal, ensuring that optimal quality is delivered, even on the most complex schemes.
Together with Hyline, our experienced consultants are readily available to guide you through your glazing specification journey. Working closely with Architects, Developers and Home Owners, we can offer our customers an extensive range of designs and finishes, with a whole host of colours and hardware to choose from. Why would you choose second best?

Azure x HYLINE

Details make perfection

Hyline is more than just a brand: it’s a lifestyle. Each project is created with an elite team of industry experts working at the highest level of craftsmanship. Having countless years of experience and impressive know-how, these artisans have created some of the most robust and stylish frames available on the market. And because of their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Hyline has earned its reputation as one of the leading and most reliable choices for luxury aluminium frames.

Hyline is changing the face of glazing systems globally by providing industry-leading slim-profile sliding doors and window assemblies. By combining cutting-edge technology with durable materials, they are able to construct glazing systems that take up minimal space and look aesthetically pleasing in any room. With Hyline’s sleek designs, architects and designers can now realize their inspirational visions without sacrificing style or performance. More than that, homeowners can rest assured knowing that their homes are secure but still hugely stylish through a modern take on traditional glazing solutions.

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Slim Sliding Door Systems

Hyline HY30

Hyline HY30
The Hyline HY30 ultra slim sliding door system is designed for high-end projects and offers significant advantages to both architects and homeowners. Constructed out of double glazing that can be up to 28mm thick, and with a frame size accommodating glass surfaces of up to 3.5m in height and 9m2 in surface area, these doors are robustly built for long-term performance. The thermal insulation and acoustic design of the system ensures comfort all year round, with an option for shutters and fly screens for additional protection. If you’re looking for windows that won’t compromise on quality or style, the Hyline HY30 sliding doors are worth considering.

Hyline HY40

Hyline HY40
The Hyline HY40 ultra slim sliding doors provide users with a stylish design, superior sound and thermal insulation, as well as customisable options for increased practicality. The durable frame is designed to support large window sizes up to 6m in height and 28m2 in surface area with a double glazing thickness of up to 38mm. This system stands apart due to its slim centrally located mullion which creates outrageously slim sightlines and a seamless experience between indoors and outdoors while the floor option conceals the frame allowing for an uninterrupted threshold. Additionally, a variety of applications can be integrated around the glass such as blackout blinds and flyscreens. This robust system is ideal for any high-end building where a sleek, luxurious design is essential.

Hyline HY50

Hyline HY50
The Hyline HY50 ultra slim sliding doors offer ultimate performance and design, enabling the use of a double-glazed unit or triple glazing up to 48mm in thickness and a maximum glass surface area of 28m2. Its minimal central mullion is one of the smallest available on the market with glazing bars of just 18mm and its integrated floor option allows for a seamless transition from inside to outside with an obstruction-free threshold. In addition, this system can also accommodate blackout blinds and fly screens for extra functionality. As such it is perfect for projects that call for an impressive u value, thermal performance and stunning visual appeal.
Maximum Dimensions
Width Limitless, Height 3500 mm
Width Limitless, Height 6000 mm
Width Limitless, Height 6000 mm
Maximum Weight:
U value
Low-e double-glazed UW=1.3 (W/m2K) UG = 0.7(W/m K)
Low-e Triple-glazed UW=1.13 (W/m2K) UG = 0.7(W/m2K)
Low-e Triple-glazed UW=1.05 (W/m2K) UG = 0.5(W/m2K)
Opening Configurations
Straight run, open corner, glass-to-glass corners & pocket doors
Straight run, open corner, glass-to-glass corners & pocket doors & motorised operation
Straight run, open corner, glass-to-glass corners & pocket doors & motorised operation
Water Resistance
(EN 12208:2000) Class 7A
(EN 12208:2000) Class 8A
(EN 12208:2000) Class 8A
Wind Resistance
(EN 12208: 2000) Class B2
(EN 12210:2000) Class C3
(EN 12210:2000) Class C3
Air Permedability
(EN 12207:2000) Class 3
(EN 12207:2000) Class 3
(EN 12207:2000) Class 3
Sound Proofing
28mm double glazing – Rw 37 (-1; -2; 0; -3) dB
38mm double glazing – Rw 36 (0; -1; 0; -1) dB
38mm double glazing – Rw 36 (0; -1; 0; -1) dB

Indicative Configurations

Standard Hyline Features

Seamless Finish Floor Threshold
The Seamless Finish Floor Threshold is part M compliant and allows for easy access. Through the use of a flush floor track, installation is quick and smooth – the track’s design eliminates any extra depth or complex measuring required to achieve the desired outcome. Each range of Hyline systems allows you to create a complete look that meets both your aesthetic and functional needs with ease.
Stainless Steel Rollers
Hyline ultra-slim sliding doors offer a solution of effortless, precision-engineered operation. The bottom track comes equipped with embedded stainless steel rollers, for optimum ease, the doors are designed to manage the weight and movement of the semi-frameless doors. With the help of this unique technology, you can create an elegant sliding wall between indoor and outdoor spaces while flooding the interior with natural light.
Integrated Handle System
Hyline sliding glass doors offer incredible convenience and beauty. The system comes equipped with a unique sliding door handle that runs the full height of the master door, creating an ergonomic design that is as elegant as it is inconspicuous. Installing sliding glass doors can drastically improve a home’s aesthetic without compromising functionality. The sliding door and handle combination makes for easy opening and closing which further contributes to their alluring appeal. Hyline sliding glass doors provide homeowners with the opportunity to achieve both look and function in one simple, efficient system.
Minimal Glazing Frame Finishes
Are you looking for the perfect sliding door colour to match your living space? Hyline offers a wide selection of finishes that are guaranteed to give your home the perfect look. With their Colour Essentials line, you’ll be able to choose from classic colours including whites and greys and blacks — essential colours that would fit into any interior. HYLINE sliding doors also come in Natural Metals finishes, allowing customers to make a statement with their design. For those who desire something more luxurious and high-end, they offer the Advanced Coating finish with extraordinary effects. Lastly, the Luxury Collection gives an indulgent feel and timeless look which never fails to impress.

Certified quality

Hyline products have been tested to RC2 standard the European equivalent to current UK building regulations PAS24 – guaranteeing a fantastic level of water tightness, air permeability and security for your windows and doors. This certification is only awarded to products that undergo rigorous testing and meet the most stringent standards so you can be sure that the products bearing this certificate will stand up to whatever the UK shores their way. Plus, with the added peace of mind that comes with this high-level security rating, not only will your home remain safe from external elements – it’ll remain secure from any unexpected intruders as well.

Optional enhancements for Hyline Sliding Doors

Integrated Stainless Steel Box Gutter
This innovative feature is designed to allow for optimal drainage of water and other liquids, creating water security and a worry-free environment. The key benefit is the flexible drainage solution it offers without the headache of having to manually work with aftermarket parts. With this all-in-one solution, simply plumb 40mm pipe directly into the outlets and drain directly to the desired position.
Sliding Shutters
Floor-to-ceiling sliding shutters are an innovative and practical addition to the range of Hyline ultra-slim sliding glass doors. They provide key protection from the harmful rays of the sun while not blocking out any of the natural light or enjoyment gained from a glass door. In addition, when closed, they significantly help to improve thermal efficiency by adding an extra layer of heat insulation between you and the outside environment.
Hyline Electromagnetic Lock
This upgrade allows the ultra-slim sliding doors system to provide homeowners the luxury of automated and controlled glass doors. By installing this system, users can create automatic units for their key entryways at home, granting them a convenient way to unlock or lock the door remotely with just a press of a button via their smart app. Boasting an impressive aesthetic look, this system is also ideal for commercial building projects such as hotels, or modern offices that require secure access to specific areas.
Hyline Integrated Blinds
Hyline blinds offer the convenience of being integrated into the sliding doors’ double glazing, affording residents security, privacy and insulation while enabling them to customise their glazing in a modern way. With no maintenance required, electrically operated Hyline blinds installed between the glass remove the hassle of manual operation and ensure a snag-free transition between open and closed positions. Stylish and easy to use, they are an ideal choice for those looking to improve the security of their home without compromising on aesthetics or comfort.
Integrated Lock Cylinder
Integrated internal lock cylinders are an essential security feature for Hyline doors. Installing this type of lock ensures enhanced security, giving you better control over who has access to your premises allowing you to ensure that only authorised personnel can access any restricted areas. Thanks to its discreet design, these cylinder locks are also aesthetically pleasing for any home or business without disrupting the overall look of the door frame.
Hyline Control System
The Hyline Control System is revolutionising the way we automate our homes. With its intuitive and user-friendly app, you can now effortlessly control your motorised ultra-slim sliding doors and blinds at the touch of a button. Don’t worry about complicated instructions or an extensive setup process – simply download the app and you’ll be ready to enjoy a more comfortable home experience in no time. Thanks to the Hyline Control System, enjoying a lifestyle of convenience has never been easier.

Hyline Ultra Slim Sliding Doors Overview

Hyline Ultra Slim Sliding Doors provide a modern and contemporary look that is specifically designed to allow for maximised glass surfaces and natural light. With a slim outer frame, the Sliding Door System offers thermal efficiency and low U value with unrivalled 18mm sightlines that challenge traditional doors & windows. Not only do Hyline Sliding Doors offer tailor-made solutions for different project requirements, but they also provide high security and comfort due to their robust design and quality fittings. Their double-glazed and triple-glazed solutions boast the ability to let in more natural light into your home – all presented within a sleek design that will fill your space with brightness and serenity.

Hyline brings you bespoke sliding walls, manufactured in Portugal and designed to bring unrivalled aesthetics and flexibility to your home. Choose from the range of slim double-glazing options to create a bespoke solution that will perfectly suit the look of your house. With a variety of components available, you can be sure that your new ultra-slim sliding doors are as beautiful and secure as it is easy to slide. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern style or something more traditional, Hyline Ultra Slim Sliding Doors have the perfect combination of form and function to make your new home shine.

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