Thermoslide 80 Aluminium Sliding Doors

Thermoslide 80 Aluminium Sliding Doors by Azure Outdoor Living

Energy-Efficient Sliding Patio Doors

The Thermoslide 80 provides a modern and super-efficient sliding door system, designed to maximise natural light and living space. Its cleverly engineered thermally broken and insulated aluminium frames allow you to create larger openings with glass panels that can be easily moved across the widest of elevations. This revolutionary sliding door system also offers market-leading thermal performance, allowing you to make the most of natural sunlight while keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Aluminium Patio Doors with advanced engineering

The Thermoslide 80 system is a revolutionary design that sets the standard for both heat retention and thermal efficiency. The unique extendable pressure seal, concealed within the door panel, top and bottom, helps to trap heat inside when in a closed position. By turning the handle this seal extends tight against the tracks and prevents heat from escaping. This makes it ideal for use in even extreme external environments where heat loss is prone to occur. This innovative system can guarantee thermal efficiency and keep interior temperatures stable all year round.

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Aluminum Sliding Door configuration

Our Thermoslide 80 aluminium patio sliding door is the perfect addition to any home. Available in an extensive range of configurations, which means you can choose panels to open from either side, from the middle, a 90-degree corner or even opening into a pocket. Not only can you enjoy effortless operation thanks to its smooth sliding mechanism, but its full range of durability and low maintenance will result in lasting performance when properly cared for. And with a diverse selection of configuration options, it’s easy to find the perfect door to suit both your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. Transform your home today; invest in one of our high-quality Thermoslide 80 aluminium sliding patio doors!
Both Panels Sliding
Both Panels Sliding
1 Sliding 1 Fixed Panel
1 Sliding 1 Fixed Panel
2 Fixed 2 Moving Panels
2 Fixed 2 Moving Panels
External Sliding Pocket Doors
External Sliding Pocket Doors
Open Corner Sliding Doors
Open Corner Sliding Doors
Fixed Glass to Glass Corner with Sliding Doors
Fixed Glass to Glass Corner with Sliding Doors

Swiss Design

Engineered in Switzerland

For those seeking the height of engineering quality in their aluminium sliding doors, look no further than our exclusive range crafted to the highest European standards by Swiss engineers. The Thermoslide 80 is made of only the best materials and is subject to precision engineering, aiming to provide strength and dependability well beyond what is available elsewhere. No detail has been overlooked during the design process – ensuring flawless function, superb performance and perfect integration into any architectural setting. Get more than just an exterior door; get Swiss precision and a touch of luxury with our bespoke solutions!
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Thermoslide 80 Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors Specification

Thermoslide 80
Thermally broken aluminium
Manufacture Origin
U value as low as 0.87 (W =0.87k/m2)
Toughened safety glass or Laminated glass options
Glazing Thickness
Up to 62mm thick
Triple Glazing
In-glazed blinds
Optional with limitations
Trickle Vents
Optional via 50mm add-on profile
Frame Finish
Huge range of colours option
Handle Finish
Stainless Steel
Panel Width
Max 3000mm
Panel Height
Max 2800mm
Panel Thickness
Typical Sight Lines
Maximum Weight
400kg per panel
Multi-point locking mechanism – TS007 Cylinder
Open Corner
90° possible, Glass corner possible

Aluminium Sliding Patio Door Colours

Customising your sliding patio doors is an easy and fun way to add a unique touch to your home. With such a variety of options, it’s sure to be easy to find something that fits your vision. The Trend selection offers 15 shades, the Individual collection has 33 possibilities, and the Unique collection provides one-of-a-kind possibilities. If you don’t find what you are looking for with the standard colours, then the sliding doors are available in a multitude of shades from the RAL colour chart. Pick between popular colours like RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey or RAL 9005 Jet Black, or mix and match the internal and external finishes with our dual colour options—pick what’s ideally suited to you! Don’t settle for something generic — have fun and make it your own with personalised aluminium sliding glass doors!
RAL colours

Thermoslide 80 Aluminium Sliding Doors Key features and benefits

Large Thermal Breaks

Sliding patio doors are great for inviting natural light and keeping the elements out of a space but the metal can conduct cold and heat, if not adequately insulated. To provide effective insulation against this heat transfer, doors need a thermal barrier. This is an area of air or insulating material that acts as a barrier between the inside and outside faces of the door. The thicker and more substantial the thermal break, the better it will work to keep temperatures regulated on either side of an aluminium door. In this way, having a thicker thermal barrier can drastically improve energy efficiency by preventing heat energy from transferring between these two different sides. Not only does this help reduce waste in terms of cost savings from using less energy, but it also helps reduce environmental impacts from burning too much fuel. Thermoslide 80 sliding glass doors come with an impressive feature that many other systems cannot offer: Extremely Large Thermal Breaks. This design element is essential for good insulation. The unique large thermal breaks of these doors significantly raise the thermal resistance, providing exceptional insulation in your home or office. Installing Thermoslide 80 Aluminium Sliding Doors offers a great way to battle cold temperatures and reduce energy bills year-round.

Thermally Insulated Profiles

The Thermoslide 80 sliding patio doors have a highly effective way to keep your interior insulated. By using insulation inside the aluminium profiles, the users of Thermoslide 80 sliding patio doors can take advantage of enhanced energy efficiency, unbeatable thermal protection and quality sound insulation. The foam which is used to fill the gaps between the glass chambers and frames creates an additional buffer zone – this ensures any existing cold draughts or hot winds will not penetrate into your interior. This results in a more consistent temperature throughout the year, meaning you will save money on climate control appliances such as air-conditioners or heaters. With insulated profiles, your home can enjoy an enveloping feeling of warmth during chilly months while also safeguarding against extreme temperatures in the summertime.

Extendable Gaket seals

The Thermoslide 80 door is designed with extendable seals on each door to provide an elevated level of thermal separation and protect your building from the elements. The extended seals give users maximum weatherproofing and air permeability, guaranteeing a comfortable temperature indoors regardless of the environment outside. Easily operated via the handle, these sophisticated seals give users unparalleled control over their level of entry and weather protection. This is a reassuring feature for those living in locations especially prone to extreme climates, letting them know that their property is secure against unexpected inclement weather.

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Thermoslide 80 Aluminium Features

Qualicoat Marine grade paint finish as standard

Our sliding doors are crafted with a premium look and feel that is designed to be long-lasting. This quality standard is achieved by powder coating them to a Marine grade finish that adheres to the Qualicoat Seaside Class standard. This process involves a detailed etching of the sliding doors before they undergo painting, which ensures that surface contaminants are removed and ultimate protection is provided. As part of our guarantee, the sliding door frames are backed by a 10-year warranty so that our customers can experience enjoyment for years to come without paint degradation.

Exterior aluminium doors in harsh sea air environments require a specialized coat of paint to ensure their long-term stability and durability. That’s why Qualicoat seaside marine grade paint finish is such a great choice – it keeps salt air from finding its way beneath the powder-coated finish, preventing any potential deterioration. The rigidity and robustness of Qualicoat seaside makes it perfect for protecting your external doors from extreme weathering, corrosion, and chalking caused by sea air. With this advanced technology, you can be confident that your external sliding doors will keep looking as good as new for years to come – making Qualicoat seaside a wise decision to safeguard your investment in an external door solution.

High Security Locking With Ultion
As standard we provide our sliding patio door system with ultra-high security lock cylinders. If you are looking for the utmost in security, then look no further than the Ultion three-star PLUS lock. Built to Police Preferred Specification standards and rigorously tested to survive over one million cycles, making it far superior to even the industry standard TS007 durability test, it is the ideal solution for ensuring that your home is properly safeguarded. Additionally, its unique key is 60% thicker than those of other locks on the market, providing complete peace of mind when it comes to protection from intruders. Even better, Ultion offers a 5-year guarantee with this lock; if there was an unauthorised entry via the glazed patio doors due to a forced attack on the lock within five years of installation, they will provide £2,000 in compensation – offering yet another layer of reassurance. Don’t take chances with your security – trust Ultion’s three-star PLUS lock!
Ultion Apple Key Tag upgrade
Finding your keys at the bottom of a bag or in an untidy coat pocket can be exasperating. Now, with Ultion KeyTag, those days are over. By connecting to the Apple Find My app on your phone you’ll never be without a checking sound or alarm when you need it, and if all else fails the app reveals all recent locations and roaming history of your precious items. Not only is this incredibly helpful, but KeyTag comes in five unique colours and styles – even glow-in-the-dark options – to match any home style or decor preference. Plus, it puts worried travellers’ minds at ease with an alert on their phone if a key is inadvertently left behind. Convenience and security like never before – Ultion KeyTag offers just that!

Thermoslide 80 Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors Overview

Why Choose Sliding Patio Doors over other doors?

Sliding patio doors are becoming a great rival to the more traditional french doors and even modern bifold door systems. Large patio doors create an inviting entrance into your home with large expanses of glass allowing easy access and a seamless transition from indoors to out. With a low threshold bottom track, they can be integrated perfectly into any home improvement project. They come fitted with a multi-point locking mechanism making them secure, yet offer individual panels that can be opened up for reduced air conditioning bills in the summer months. Unlike bifold doors, large sliding glass doors provide beautiful views and aesthetics when closed that other entries like UPVC patio doors or french patio doors cannot replicate- making it a great choice for any homeowner looking for an upgrade or update to their living space.

High-Performance aluminium sliding patio doors

The Thermoslide 80 Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors are a top-of-the-range option when it comes to high-performance aluminium glazing systems. Not only are they renowned for their easy operation and energy efficiency, but they also come with a comprehensive guarantee that ensures top-notch durability. Unlike lift and slide doors or bifold doors that run on a nylon wheel that can perish over time, the Thermoslide panels operate on bottom-running stainless steel wheels and can support large glass panels of up to 400kg; ideal for outdoor areas looking to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for superior protection against the elements or just want to modernise and update your outdoor space, sliding glass doors are an excellent addition to any home extension project.

Superior Thermal Performance with an impressive U value

Thermoslide 80 sliding aluminium doors are the perfect choice to get superior thermal performance that can reduce heating bills. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that these patio doors promise a U value as low as 0.87 (W =0.87k/m2), keeping energy bills low while maintaining a great look and feel both inside and out. Crafted with multiple layers of materials such as thermal breaks, foam inserts, seals, gaskets and isolated profiles, you can trust they were designed with durability in mind. To top it off, standard marine-grade polyester powder-coating finishes plus corrosion-resistant materials used for all door fixings and hardware make sure that your bespoke sliding doors functionality stands the test of time. Therefore, when you choose Thermoslide 80 sliding doors, you can expect nothing less than top-quality hardware with impressive results alongside long-lasting value!

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