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Premium Luxury Outdoor Glass Rooms

This ultra-sleek premium garden glass room is a homeowner and architect’s favourite, which comes as no surprise, impressing with its clean lines, timeless style and simplistic Swiss design. It can be built as a freestanding construction or wall-mounted variant, making this one of the most versatile and stylish Glass Rooms on the market.
The sophisticated and premium design is backed up with its solid workmanship and the highest quality materials, becoming one of the most desirable patio enclosures available, and being used widely to create new and beautiful outdoor living spaces at home.

Our Cubo garden glass rooms are a modern marvel, with their flat appearance and similar aesthetics to an aluminium pergola roof. However, this clever system offers something that a bioclimatic pergola doesn’t – maximum sunlight all year-round. The glass infills between the rafters allow plenty of natural daylight in to brighten any space within the home or commercial area, whilst creating an elegant atmosphere that is both timeless and contemporary. With its luxurious finish, strong build quality and impressive performance, Cubo glass rooms provide long-lasting protection against adverse weather conditions while ensuring maximum light into your property.

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Available models

Cubo Freestanding
Cubo Freestanding
Cubo Freestanding Dual pitch
Cubo Freestanding Dual pitch
Cubo Dual pitch attached to the wall
Cubo Dual pitch attached to the wall
Cubo attached to wall
Cubo attached to wall
Cubo attached to wall on two sides
Cubo attached to wall on two sides

Swiss Design

Modern Verandas Engineered in Switzerland

With Cubo Swiss-engineered glass rooms, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be receiving a product of the highest calibre. Featuring durable powder-coated aluminium and strengthened steel profiles, which make up the ultimate structure for a lasting garden room. A commitment to delivering quality and high standards in our glass rooms is evident in every detail whether it be the advanced production process or observant installation to ensure maximum security through precise measures. With the combination of Swiss engineering and state-of-the-art specifications, our contemporary yet elegant glass rooms are truly superior in aesthetics, craftsmanship, and durability compared to traditional glass rooms.

Swiss Engineered 1

Enjoy your garden with high-quality construction

If you’re looking for the highest quality outdoor living space that can be used almost all year round, then look no further than our Cubo glass rooms. The canopy frame is made from powder-coated aluminium, steel profiles and the roof is compatible with either toughened glass roof panels, laminated glass roof panels or even Polycarbonate roof panels. These structures are strong enough to withstand any weather conditions! Whats more, we have plenty of side options and many additional features depending on taste and budget requirements.

We offer bespoke sizes to fit your unique needs

We take pride in the fact that all of our Cubo glass garden rooms are bespoke and manufactured to suit your specific size requirements. Each new room is individually designed for you. 5-meter projections are available with a single-pitch roof and an impressive 6-meter projection is available with a double-pitch gabled roof variation

Modularity is possible where larger structures are required

When you need a size bigger than what one of our stand-alone structures can offer, the modular Cubo glass rooms are perfect for the job. With different styles and sizes available we've got something that will fit any need!

Wall-mounted or Freestanding Glass Rooms

A Cubo is a perfect addition to any home - it can either be fitted onto an existing property or designed as a freestanding glass garden room. These innovative cubes will last for years to come.

What are the benefits of CUBO Glass Garden Rooms?

Boasting unrivalled sizes of up to 12m wide and 6 meters in depth with just a single middle post, this flat-roofed garden glass house offers a unique market position in the fact that it suits both classic and modern applications adding a real architectural highlight with its sleek appearance. The Cubo fuses both relaxed and contemporary architecture and will turn your patio or garden into an elegant space that allows you to enjoy your outdoors for the majority of the year, and extra living space.

Unique glass room options

The beautiful cubic appearance is just the beginning, in addition to the sliding glass doors or fixed walls, we can offer you multiple shading solutions that make the enclosure more comfortable in the height of the summer, helping reduce both temperature and sun-glare in the garden glass room. Infrared bar heaters are available to extend the use of these elegant glass rooms on the chiller evenings or colder seasons, and integrated LED lighting ensures you have light when the sun goes down. With many other extras available, we are certain that the CUBO will be your favourite spot in the sun.

Unbroken panoramic views

Our CUBO garden Glass Rooms are an exciting new innovation that allows you to bring the beauty of the outdoors in like never before. They are the perfect choice if you want to capitalize on the views outside and maximise daylight into your living area. With their much higher glass-to-frame ratio than a traditional conservatory, these rooms offer a more immersive experience with a fully unrestricted panoramic view of your garden and surroundings. Their crystal-clear panels keep out any harsh weather and still provide all the protection you need from wind, rain, cold, and other elements - making it one of the most reliable outdoor projects for solidifying a connection between comfort and practicality.

Get a return on your investment

Investing in this terrace glazing with attractive design and high-quality components, will not only increase the value of your property but save you money too! A glass-enclosed sunroom benefits from solar gain which helps to reduce energy consumption, whilst also benefiting the environment. Experience a much higher quality of living thanks to the decadence of glass, this weather-protected enclosure offers additional protection from traffic noise and outside pollution.

Choose a colour as individual as you

Add some colour to your Cubo glass rooms. Choose from 15 shades in the standard “Trend” collection, 33 “Individual” colours, or pick a shade from the “Unique” category to bring your very own colour style to life.
RAL colours

Where can a CUBO Glass Garden Room be used?

Ideal for both domestic and commercial usage, the CUBO is the perfect alternative to our LUSSO louvred pergola roofs and can pretty much be used in any application. Designed for those who want to benefit from as much light and solar gain as possible in the daytime, and enjoy gazing at the stars in comfort in the evenings.

Entertain guests

The CUBO is a great solution for homeowners looking to add an intermediate area between an inside and outside space and allows you to indulge in the things you enjoy in life, such as entertaining friends and family or simply relaxing in your own private haven.

Glass Rooms for Commercial Spaces

For Commercial applications, a Cubo Glass Room can add valuable space to cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels and just about any other real estate, enhancing both appearance and property value.

Creating an outdoor kitchen

The view from your outdoor kitchen is one of the best parts of grilling, cooking and entertaining. A glass room makes it even better by giving you peace-of-mind that rain can't ruin any more events!

In front of Sliding Doors or Bifolding Doors

The structure lends itself perfectly to homeowners that already have bi-folding or sliding doors on their property, allowing them to open up the doors year-round without the risk of strong wind gusts or rain entering the property thanks to the glass roof above

We know you're going to love your new Cubo Glass Room

Here are some of the optional extra glass room accessories we have available that will make it an even more enjoyable experience for you!
6.7m on 2 posts or 12m with a middle post
Single pitch 3.9m – Double pitch 6m
Pitch Range
Glazing Thickness
8–31 mm
Rafter Types
4 *depending on roof size
Eaves Beam Size
Vertical Posts
170mm x 90mm
Vertical Glazing
Sliding doors, slide and stack or fixed glazed walls
Dual Colour
Integrated LED Lighting
Roof Vents

CUBO overview

The stunningly designed Cubo Glass Room provides homeowners with a luxurious addition to their property, offering an exciting and modern solution for creating an al fresco entertainment space. This room boasts a 2° pitch giving it a flat external appearance so that it perfectly fits in with the existing architecture of your home.

Impressive sizes are available up to 6 meters deep x 12 meters wide, so you can create a truly spectacular area that’s exactly tailored to your needs. It is also available in any colour you desire allowing you to customise the finish and create a unique design inside and out.

A cubo glass room can provide multiple benefits to your home and garden. Incorporating one into your residence can create a seamless transition between the garden and indoors, making it perfect for alfresco dining that allows you to easily move from the kitchen to outside. Other uses may include a garden lounge with comfortable seating or even as a luxurious carport for protecting your vehicle from harsh weather conditions.

There’s no other room quite like the cubo glass room – make your house stand out with this amazing garden room!

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Please give as much detail as possible including sizes required and any other relevant information/requirements
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Please upload Plans/Drawings/Images of where the product is to sit to aid in the quoting for any elements of the installation that may need consideration

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