Hawaii 80 Wintergarden

Modern Glass Extensions

Choose a contemporary glass extension

Our Hawaii 80 wintergarden, otherwise known as a glass extension, is a beautiful way to add some extra space to your home. Not only do they look great, but wintergardens are more thermally efficient than glass rooms and can be used all year round. They’re one of the quickest and most effective ways to boost your property value and give your home a new space that can be enjoyed year-round.

The HAWAII 80 is a glass extension that represents an elegant, timeless design. It’s available in a huge range of configurations, shapes and sizes, making it possible to implement both energy efficient solutions and stunning designs. Combine the Hawaii 80 glass roof with bi-folding, sliding doors or fixed glazing to complete your perfect home extension.

Our glass extensions have been designed to be effective in both warm and cold weather and are more effective than a a single glazed alfresco style glass room. In the summer, the thermally efficient design will keep the space cool and comfortable. In the winter, the thermal efficiency helps to retain heat so that the space can be used without fear of cold drafts or condensation if correctly heated.

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Standard available models

For any project, it helps to have a range of options available when selecting the glass extension. We provide a selection of popular and reliable models for those projects that require a tried-and-tested solution. However, we are also equipped to fulfil larger scale and more demanding projects where custom models may be the ideal fit. Our experienced team is always available to discuss your needs and design a unique product tailored specifically to you. As well as providing tailored solutions, we are committed to finding high quality solutions for our customers.
*Model 5 is only available on request due to its individual design and determination of static loadings
Hawaii 80 Model 1
Hawaii 80 Model 1
Hawaii 80 Model 2
Hawaii 80 Model 2
Hawaii 80 Model 3
Hawaii 80 Model 3
Hawaii 80 Model 4
Hawaii 80 Model 4
Hawaii 80 Model 5
Hawaii 80 Model 5
Hawaii 80 Model 6
Hawaii 80 Model 6
Hawaii 80 Model 7
Hawaii 80 Model 7

Swiss Design

Engineered in Switzerland

Guaranteed quality and performance, from your glazed extension. The Swiss have a reputation for designing products that provide maximum efficiency while still being extremely innovative and aesthetically pleasing. In the case of wintergardens, Switzerland is home to leading technology and engineering when it comes to producing strong, thermally efficient roofs and glazed systems of various sizes; perfect for tailor-made installations that also deliver on style. Furthermore, every component used meets European standards for safety giving you peace of mind that our structures are some of the safest designs available on the market today. With their renowned reputation as a hallmark of quality and performance, opting for our swiss engineered glass extensions ensures you get an installation that looks great and provides unmatched levels of comfort even in extreme weather conditions.
Swiss Engineered 1

The Hawaii 80

Completely bespoke glass box extensions

There is a range of construction types possible for our Hawaii 80 wintergarden, from fixing it to an existing wall or making it free-standing with careful planning. All of our glazed extensions are designed to suit your building and can be crafted to individual size requirements. This means that no matter what kind of property you have, or what kind of look you're going for, we can provide you with the perfect solution. Because we use the latest in glass technology, you can be sure that your extension will be energy efficient and will withstand even the harshest climates.

Suitable for use in domestic or commercial projects

Glass extensions are a popular choice for both commercial and domestic applications. There are many reasons for this, most commonly they provide lots of natural light and additional space and can be quick and easy to install, avoiding major disruption to homes and businesses alike. They are a stylish addition to any building and create a desirable area for people to sit, enjoy and relax. Our wintergardens are renowned for their superior quality, using only the very best materials that will stand the test of time, providing a sturdy and reliable structure that can be counted on for years to come. In addition, glass extensions can be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of businesses and homeowners, making them a versatile and long-lasting investment.

Versatile glazed extensions

Out versatile glazed extensions are designed to offer endless possibilities for conservatory structures. The system is made up of thermally broken aluminium profiles and glass panels. Each design is rigorously tested by Swiss engineers to ensure its quality. The Hawaii 80 system is specifically designed to integrate with either the Thermoslide 80 sliding door or Supertherm 80 bifolding doors. This allows for a seamless transition between the systems, creating a cohesive look for your modern conservatory.

Durable living space

Our glazed extensions offer exceptional quality and longevity - constructed with aluminium framework that is powder coated to an impressive qualicoat seaside class finish, reinforced with steel profiles and glazed using double or triple-glazed toughened Low-E units. This combination of materials is compliant with current building regulation requirements, ensuring your glazed extension not only looks great but also stands the test of time. With such impeccable construction, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our structures will remain strong and secure despite adverse weather conditions.

Enjoy natural light with a glass extension

Our glazed extensions are a popular choice when it comes to adding more space and natural light to a home or commercial setting. This is because of the large glass panels that make up the walls and roof, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood in. As such, glazed extensions are extremely versatile; they are well suited for a multitude of activities such as working from home, reading, dining or hosting guests. Not only do the light and airy feel of glazed extensions make them ideal for leisurely pursuits, but they can also reduce stress levels while greatly increasing productivity levels too - giving you even more reason to invest in one.

A fantastic investment for now and the future

Glass extensions are a popular home improvement solution for those looking to add more light and space to their property. Not only do they provide a stylish and contemporary way to extend your living area, but they also offer many practical benefits. For example, a well-designed glass extension can help to increase your return on investment and property value. And because we use high-quality materials, our wintergardens are built to last, meaning you will get the most from your glazed extension for years to come.

Key Points

Design your bespoke glass box extension

Whether you have a city terraced house or suburban semi, transforming the interior of your home with a bespoke glass box extension can be the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors from within. Choosing your roof style is key; should you opt for a sloped glazed roof system that captures more natural light, allowing you to bask in the sunlight even when you're indoors? Or maybe three-panel apex design creates that sense of added space and open plan feel desired. Vertical elements will help to make it your own; sliding doors create unobstructed views of the garden, park or sea and large expanses of bi-folding doors create an overall sense of invitation. In addition, fixed glazed walls can blend into any existing external facades whilst bringing in natural light and making your living space feel open and alive. With expert advice and design, create a seamless connection to your existing structure and enjoy something unique and personal!

Resistant to extreme weather

Wintergarden glass room extensions stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions due to their robust durable frames and strong structural glass systems. They are compatible with either double or triple glazing to help insulate your home throughout the seasons while keeping out wind, rain, snow, dust and noise. We use a low-emissivity (Low-e) coating on the glass that prevents heat loss in the winter months while ensuring that your home remains cooler during hot summer days. Our Hawaii 80 has been certified by a major European governing body and tested against extreme snow and wind loads. Glass extensions are ultimately designed with weather resistance in mind, greatly increasing their lifespan and your safety with minimal need for maintenance.

Quick and hassle free installation time

A glass extension is amongst the simplest, least stressful ways to create additional room. Generally permitted development rights in England enable you to extend off of an existing building without applying for prior approval or planning permission from your local planning authority provided that the extension respects limits set according to the building regulations. This makes them hassle-free and quicker to install than other more traditional extensions as you don't have to go through complex paperwork or wait for a lengthy approval period; instead, installation can begin once your plans are ready. We would however recommend that you contact your local planning authorities to discuss your project and seek final clarity, particularly if you have already extended off of the original house, live in a conservation area, period property, or a place of natural beauty.

Hawaii 80
6.7m – Larger spans with steel or a middle post
Max 6.7m
Pitch Range
Rafter Types
7 *depending on roof size
Eaves Beam Type
2 *depending on roof size
Facia Type
Modern Square edge or classic Rounded
Vertical Glazing
Bifolding doors, Sliding doors or fixed glass walls
Dual Colour
Integrated LED Lighting
Roof Vents
Optional either manual or electric
Uf 1.8 W / m².K (Uw 0.8-1.4 values can be obtained with Solar Low-E glass)

Welcome to a world of colour

You can turn your dream space into a reality and make it truly unique. We offer a huge selection of colours to choose from; our standard “Trend” collection offers 15 shades, while 33 “Individual” options allow for more creative projects to take shape, and if those aren’t enough for you, pick a shade from the special “Unique” category and create something that is truly extraordinary. Whatever style you’re looking for, our range of colour options will give your wintergarden glass extension the perfect customised finish.
RAL colours

Add modern additions to your Winter Garden that give a WOW factor to your living space

If you’re looking to make your wintergarden as modern and functional as possible, investing in several optional extras can do wonders. From LED lighting, and shading to choosing bi-folding or sliding doors, there are a range of options for transforming your luxury conservatory.

What can a glass extension be used for?

Glass extensions offer countless possibilities for anyone looking to add extra space or create rooms and new environments within their homes or businesses—the only limit is your imagination! From dining rooms and home offices to kitchen extensions and beyond—glass extensions provide bright and airy spaces that are filled with natural light while helping maintain comfortable temperatures throughout different seasons. Whether it’s adding extra living space or bringing nature indoors—glass extensions are an ideal solution!

Glass Kitchen Extension

The Hawaii 80 is a glass structure that can provide light filled kitchen diner living space. They are incredibly versatile spaces that can be used for almost anything. If you own a business, such as a restaurant or cafe, you can use them as additional seating areas or even as private dining rooms for special occasions. Homeowners can use glass kitchen extensions for extra living space or even as an outdoor dining area. In addition, they are great places to entertain friends and family or just relax and enjoy the view from inside your house.

Dining Room Glass Extensions

If you’re looking for an exciting way to add dining space that allows you to entertain guests, a glass extension is a perfect option. Installing a modern conservatory allows you to create a bright and airy dining room that is filled with natural light. Adding roof lights to your glass ceiling can also provide additional ventilation and gorgeous views of your surroundings. Many homeowners opt to place their dining table inside their wintergarden so they can feel connected with nature while sharing meals with family and friends.

Home Office Glass Extensions

The versatility of glass extensions makes them ideal for creating home offices. Not only do they look stylish, but they also provide ample lighting, which helps improve productivity levels while working from home. You can also choose tinted glass if you want more privacy or acoustic glass if you need to block out any distracting sounds coming from outside your home office space. Plus, if you install a roof window, you can incorporate natural ventilation into your workspace which will help keep it cool during warm summer days.

Hawaii 80 Overview

Adding a glass extension to your home or business can be a great way to add value, both monetarily and aesthetically. From letting in more natural light and providing increased living space, the benefits of installing a glass extension are far-reaching.

One of the main benefits of adding a glass extension is that it allows for more natural light to enter your home or office. This means that you get all the amazing health benefits associated with natural sunlight without having to spend time outdoors. Plus, who wouldn’t want their home to look brighter and more inviting?

A glass extension also provides additional living space for both residential and commercial properties. If you’re looking for extra room for an outdoor living room, kitchen, playroom, or anything else you can imagine, a glass extension can be the perfect solution. And if you own a business such as a restaurant, spa or wedding venue, then having an outdoor seating area could draw in more customers and generate more revenue.
Glass extensions are sure to make any property look even more beautiful than before! The addition of natural light combined with modern design will give your home or office an attractive look that stands out from other properties in the area. Whether you choose large glass doors or frameless glass, there are plenty of options available when it comes to designing your glass extension to fit your aesthetic preferences perfectly.

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