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Dynamic solar shading

Sliding Shading Panels offer a highly versatile and reliable solution for anyone looking to create improved solar shading in their outdoor spaces. Constructed out of individual aluminium louvres, these stylish panels slide effortlessly into position for enhanced privacy or sun protection—allowing steady airflow so that you can enjoy your environment without discomfort. Not only are our sliding panels the perfect addition for Glass Rooms and Aluminium Pergola systems, but they make it easy to stay cool in those sunny spots where temperatures could otherwise become unbearable. Their modern design helps you extend your outdoor living experience with complete confidence.

Shading Panels provide additional comfort to your glass room or pergola

A patio or outdoor living space offers natural light and warmth from the sun to enjoy in warmer months. But having too much sunlight can also be a problem. To counter this, solar shading panels are an effective solution! The panels filter out direct sunlight while still allowing natural light through, providing superior protection against damaging UV rays and radiation while allowing you to have natural lighting throughout the day. Moreover, they reduce solar heat gain and thus enable better temperature control of your glass room or pergola, adding a greater level of comfort all year round. For the most effective protection against the sun’s rays, install solar shading panels around your glass room or pergola.

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Available Solar Shading Systems Configuration

Azure Outdoor Living Sliding Shading Panel Configurations

Why Choose Aluminium Solar Shading Systems?

A key feature is having the ability to independently operate each panel as required, giving you total control of the positioning of the unit. For the majority of the year, you will be grateful for the solar gain and free energy produced by the sun flooding into your outside space, however, in the height of the summer, these louvred solar shading panels offer the ability to counteract the overheating of your building in a natural and energy-efficient way.

The fin-shaped louvre blades provide a great design statement and offer a decorative touch to your patio enclosure. The aluminium panels can be powder coated to pretty much any colour of your choice, allowing you to add a bit of flair and personality.

Sliding Shading Panels
Powder-coated aluminium
Sliding Track
Max Track Length
6.7 meters (unlimited with joints)*
Panel Width
Max 1.2 meters *
Panel Height
Max 3 meters *
Panel Width
Number Of Panels
Max 4
Point Load
Top or Bottom Running *
*Model dependant

Choose Your sliding panels' colours

Our sliding aluminium solar shading panels are a great way to add some style to your space, and with our huge selection of powder-coating colours, you can make your panel stand out even more. Whether you’re after vivid primary colours that will add vibrancy or something more muted and elegant that will blend in with the rest of your decor, we have something amazing to suit all tastes. By choosing from a range of RAL Colours, you can bring your creative vision to life in an instant. Don’t settle for average – make sure you get the maximised personalisation that our colours offer!
RAL colours

What are the main benefits of having solar shading panels?

Solar protection

Our Shading panel systems are an excellent way to regulate the temperature in your home and improve energy efficiency. In the summer, shading panels act like external blinds and can keep your home cooler by blocking out the sun's heat. In the winter, shading panels can help your home retain heat by allowing sunlight to enter your home. Solar control shading panels are also effective at reducing glare and UV rays. Sliding shade screens are a great option because they can be easily adjusted to accommodate the changing seasons.

Reduced energy consumption

Shading panels are designed to protect your garden room or patio enclosure from the sun's harsh rays, but they do so much more than provide shade. One of the many benefits of installing these panels is the reduction of energy consumption that is used to cool your space. By blocking some of the hot sunlight that would otherwise come through your glass enclosure, less energy is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature. This simple step can ultimately result in huge savings on your energy bills. Furthermore, in certain climates, these panels can help reduce air conditioning costs during peak times when electricity demand leads to increased rates. Shading panels offer an effective way to not only protect your enclosure but also be cost-effective with regard to energy use.

Efficient protection for all seasons

Installing sliding panel systems can be a great investment for your building for all seasons. Louvre blades are one such solution that can bring many environmental benefits while reducing energy costs and unwanted heating. This type of dynamic system is installed within horizontal tracks and acts as a barrier against any unwanted heat during the summer months, preserving cooler temperatures inside the building. However, it is also adept at making use of lower-lying sun on colder days, thereby allowing heat to enter and thus enabling lower energy bills. In all, louvre blade systems are an effective, cost-efficient way to enjoy maximum temperature control throughout all four seasons. During the warmer months (May-September), they help keep the unwanted heat out; during the colder months (October-April), however, the strategically placed blades allow the low-angle sun to filter in and fill the room with warm energy for a lower energy cost overall.

Where can I use a sliding shading panel?

Our sliding panels can be integrated seamlessly straight into our frameless sliding glass doors, utilising the same track ensuring that the screens are both practical and functional whilst providing occupants with thermal and visual comfort. Options to mount more shading panels to the rails are possible and particularly useful if you are looking to shade larger areas at the same time, as well as provide a more intimate spot to relax.

Solar shading system features

Up to 1200mm wide x 30000mm high per panel

Effective security against excessive sunlight

Slides with ease to the desired position

Full integration into our full glass sliding systems

Multiple sliding panels can be controlled on the same track

Great colour range

A fantastic addition to your Glass Room or Aluminium Pergola

Offers effective shading for balconies and terraces

effectively Shade your pergola or Glass Room

Solar Shading Panel overview

Controlled natural heating within your building

Sliding Shading panels are an increasingly popular method used to enhance natural daylight and ventilation in Outdoor Living structures and other buildings. Not only do these panels stop overheating in the summer months, but the added bonus of giving building occupants full control over heating, glare and daylight levels is one of the major appeals. Acting as blinds or sunshades, shading panels allow natural daylight to be maintained but also reduce direct solar heat entering through windows, doors and other glazing - helping to keep cool in the hot seasons.

External blinds to reduce glare and unwanted light

Shading panel systems can create shade around a building to reduce heat gain, and artificial lighting needs. This reduces energy consumption and addresses the need for better passive cooling solutions for buildings. The main benefits of a shading panel system include improved thermal comfort, reduced energy costs, and improved spatial quality and acoustics. By controlling heat gain, glare, unwanted light and heat radiation from the exterior of a building, this system can also improve solar radiation protection when installed properly. Shading panel systems have become increasingly popular options for addressing the energy-related issues of modern buildings nowadays.

Access to a dynamic range of shading systems

Shading Panel Systems are perfect for conserving energy negating the need for expensive air conditioning and controlling the amount of natural light entering a space. These systems consist of louvres slats that act as blinds mounted on window glazing and are used for several contemporary applications, such as sun shading, insulation and soundproofing. Thanks to their versatility, Shading Panel Systems benefit residential structures that seek to regulate thermal comfort and natural daylighting. Solar shading is also Commonly found in commercial sites such as offices, airports, and hotels, they offer an extensive range of design options allowing architects to maintain aesthetics while optimising energy efficiency. Thanks to their versatility, Shading Panel Systems benefit residential structures that seek to regulate thermal comfort and natural daylighting.

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