GSW 17 Frameless Sliding Glass Partition

Modern frameless glass doors

Our GSW 17 doors are a highly versatile moving wall system that features entirely glass panels, allowing you to enjoy the best combination of functionality and style. Its robust construction allows it to be used in a variety of applications both indoor and outdoor, providing the perfect solution for pergolas, glass rooms, a summer house or terrace canopy. Furthermore, due to their individual sliding panels, you can divide functional spaces inside your house or workplace without having to sacrifice natural light on either side making them a fantastic option for internal doors! Not only does this create pleasant spaces that are brimming with an abundance of natural light but also offers an added level of privacy and security too.

Stunning Glass partition walls

Single-glazed frameless doors provide the perfect solution for large openings that need a light operation! With up to six tracks available, these toughened glass doors offer superior versatility and convenience in large open spaces. The panels slide horizontally allowing you to choose if they should go off to one side, two sides or open in the middle depending on your preference. The doors enable a wealth of possibilities, making them perfect for anywhere needing a larger area or where you have limited room to work with.

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Available Configurations

Whether you’re looking to install style and character to your home or searching for an eye-catching solution for a business premise, our full range of frameless doors offer suitable and versatile opening options. Thanks to a wide choice of configurations, from gliding to one end or centrally opening dividers, to 90° options and even internal glass double doors. There is something to fit the needs of almost any requirement.
GSW17 Left Opening
GSW17 Left Opening
GSW17 Right opening
GSW17 Right opening
GSW17 70 degree to 180 degree
GSW17 70 degree to 180 degree
GSW17 Center Opening
GSW17 Center Opening

Swiss Design

Engineered in Switzerland

Our frameless sliding glass walls provide the assurance of Swiss engineering and technology, guaranteeing superior quality and performance. These carefully constructed glass walls are made to strict European safety standards, providing a safe and reliable environment free from worry. Using only top-quality materials each custom-made component is precision engineered in bespoke sizes optimised for every installation, allowing them to match any exterior architectural style elegantly. We are confident that you won’t find anything else quite like our Swiss-engineered frameless glass doors when it comes to strength and dependability.
Swiss Engineered 1

Beautifully Crafted glass partition walls

Create open planned living space

Perfect for a range of exterior glass rooms and pergolas but also great for internal use, our frameless glass sliding doors allow homeowners and business owners to create the illusion of a larger area with practical, unobtrusive toughened glass. Beyond these traditional uses, glass partitions are ideal for outdoor garden rooms, swim spa enclosures, wardrobes, display cabinets, internal glass partitions and so much more! Let this system transform your home with its beautiful design and unrivalled views today.

Panoramic Sliding Glass Doors

If you're looking to create an unobstructed connection between your home and the patio terrace, our range of panoramic sliding glass doors is a great option. GSW17 frameless single-glazed systems are attractive and stylish choices that provide superior visibility with their nearly imperceptible structural lines, creating an almost seamless effect. On top of that, they offer a minimalist appearance due to the lack of visible supporting elements, ultimately allowing your views to shine through uninterrupted. Not only do they look amazing, but they also provide excellent protection from external factors such as inclement weather and noise pollution. Our frameless glass wall system is also perfect for internal use, working well as internal glass partitions or even double doors that slide into a pocket for maximum functionality.

Glass Partitions promote solar gain

Taking advantage of the sun's energy can be good for both your wallet and the environment. By utilising our full glass partition systems, solar gain can be used to generate free heat in your spaces. Frameless Single-glazed glass partitions offer a high-performance construction element that consists of single pain 10mm toughened units that have superior conductivity, which is great for heat transfer. They provide year-long efficiency, allowing more natural daylight and warmth in colder months without increasing heating costs from blustery days. Through its efficient heat gains, this excellent particularised glazing system is an efficient way to save money on utilities while using renewable resources.

GSW 17
Max Track Length
6.7 meters (unlimited with joints)
Panel Width
Max 1.6 meters
Panel Height
Max 2.7 meters
Panel Weight
Max 85kg
Number Of Panels
Max 12
Rail Types
2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 rails
Available Configurations
70° to 180°
Pocket Solutions
Bottom Rail
Glass Type
10mm toughened (ESG) Clear or Satin (Obscured)
Yes (Installed options available)
Handle Types
Stainless Steel
Point Load
Bottom Running
Dual Colour

Choose Your Colour

If you’re looking for a way to make your frameless glass partitions’ aluminium subframe stand out, then look no further than the GSW17’s incredible paint colour selection. With the “Trend” Collection offering fifteen popular shades and the “Individual” collection with thirty-three fashionable ones, there’s sure to be something that will fit your style. Not to mention their “Unique” Colour Collection which provides an irresistible selection of truly unparalleled colours. But if even that isn’t perfect for you, there’s always the option of RAL Colours – these wonders will let you bring your creative vision to life effortlessly. Don’t settle for an average shade; discover how easy it is to have maximum personalisation with the GSW17 frameless glass partition’s expansive colour choices!
RAL colours

Frameless Sliding Door Features

Stainless steel rollers
Our glass partitions come equipped with running tracks and rollers made from weather-resistant and abrasion-resistant stainless steel. Not only do these materials make the doors durable, but the hardened rollers can hold weights of up to 85kg without losing their properties. So not only will the sliding doors be highly reliable in your building, but they are incredibly smooth when in use as they seamlessly glide along the bottom track. This ensures it is easy to move them, making them an ideal choice for your outdoor garden room and other projects such as internal glass partitions that require reliable yet simple sliding doors.   
Innovative hardware
Our sliding glass partitions offer innovative handle and lock types that provide secure closure. Choose from a wide range of elegant handles in stainless-steel designs to perfect the look of your space. Our locks come in either clear anodising or black anodising finishes that are sure to complement your overall design and provide an additional layer of security. Plus, if needed, there’s even an option for wall profile integration which allows you to secure and close your glass partition walls.
panel overlap
The unique panel overlap and brush profile featured in this product are a major plus when it comes to suitable sealing and ventilation. Thanks to the 40 mm panel overlap closure, your home will be protected against environmental influences like noise, wind and rain. Plus, you won’t need to worry about permanent ventilation since the 20mm wide brush strip comes standard with this product. With these features, you’ll have the assurance that your living space is perfectly balanced and protected from inclement weather conditions.
Individual panel catch
The advantages of the sliding door assembly featured in this system are truly remarkable. Not only is the powerful panel catch concealed in the base profile, but you don’t even have to worry about an unsightly latch or bolt – these are integrated into the doors themselves. In addition, not only does the priority door make it easier for you to close all panels of your system with a single motion, but also provides for smooth and quick operation allowing an instant open plan living space. With its seamless design and easy-to-use features, this is certainly an ideal way to get maximum use out of your sliding door systems at home or in the office!
Reduced noise pollution
Our frameless single-glazed doors are designed to help reduce noise pollution while still offering maximum convenience and bonus features. Specifically, our doors have been rigorously tested for sound insulation by the EN ISO 717-1 standard, confirming their ability to reduce sound levels up to 18dB – reducing the level of noise pollution considerably!
Optional shading integration
In the summer months or for those especially sunny days, the GSW 17 aluminium sliding shading panels provide the perfect amount of protection against excessive sunlight. Not to mention, they come with unrivalled ease of use! You can quickly adjust their position as the sun moves across the sky throughout the day, allowing you to always enjoy your area without having to worry about too much sunshine. add sliding shading panels to your frameless glass doors and enjoy just the right amount of light and shade inside your glass room, every single day!

GSW17 frameless glass doors overview

Modern frameless glass enhances any room with its clean and polished look, whether you are looking for added protection to an outside building, internal glass doors or balcony glazing. The doors boast a robust aluminium subframe which is stronger and longer lasting than a traditional wood frame, this guarantees a quality installation that will last for years to come. If you are considering having some frameless glass doors installed at your home or business, then why not contact our team today to explore design options and discuss our complete service for your project?

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