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Premium Luxury Outdoor Glass Rooms

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated solution to creating more living space for your home or business you should consider one of our Pure glass rooms. Not only are they highly functional, but they also offer a fantastic price-to-quality ratio and are more affordable than some of the other luxury garden glass rooms on the market. Its High-quality aluminium construction is designed for a minimalist style, without missing any of the essentials, creating a real architectural highlight for your property. This also allows for a faster installation which often translates into savings, without compromising on quality. This stylish yet minimalist design can provide an ample relaxation area and will add a real design highlight to your home to create a space to enjoy your garden with friends and family.

The Pure glass room provides an ideal solution for those looking to increase the usable space on their patio, while still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Its clean lines and single-pitched glass roof create a modern, contemporary feel that seamlessly integrates into most existing properties with no fuss. This affordably priced option adds value to any home or garden, providing practical solutions for relaxation, entertaining and more. It is the perfect way to enjoy your patio in style!

If you’ve been dreaming of a glass room that perfectly merges both your style and needs, now is the time to start planning it. With custom built solutions from trusted professionals, you can bring your dream to life with a stunning glass room that meets all your requirements. And don’t forget: the sooner you start planning, the sooner you can celebrate in your beautifully designed glass room. So get in touch today!

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Pure Glass Room Possibilities

Roof pitch from 4° to 15°
Roof pitch from 4° to 15°
Full range of glass systems possible
Full range of glass systems possible
Optional integrated LED lighting
Optional integrated LED lighting
veranda with offset posts
veranda with offset posts

Swiss Design

Engineered in Switzerland

Our Pure glass rooms offer unrivalled quality and performance that won’t be found elsewhere in other entry-level garden rooms. With Swiss engineering and technology, you can rest assured you are receiving the absolute best. Endorsed by stringent European safety standards, our high quality construction provides maximum efficiency while still keeping a modern and aesthetic appeal. Our Pure glass roof and optional glazed systems come in a variety of sizes perfect for custom installations to match any exterior style. We guarantee the craftsmanship of each component we use to create an environment free from worries about quality or safety. Let us show you why a Swiss-engineered glass room is unparalleled when it comes to comfort and reliability.
Swiss Engineered 1

Enhance your outside space with our Elegant glass rooms

The Pure glass room is a great way of making sure that you can get the perfect, tranquil haven for your needs. It is versatile, with an array of different glass sides, so you can choose from numerous combinations and find what works best for you. Whether you want to open up your field of view or make your sanctuary a bit more private – whatever it is that fits your ideal – the Pure glass room makes sure that it’s possible. For anyone looking for a space just for themselves that let in the sun and air but still keep them away from external distraction, this is the place to go.

Fully Bespoke extra living space

Constructed from high-quality powder-coated aluminium, our Pure glass rooms offer a unique way to acquire a fully bespoke outdoor space, providing a great alternative to expensive and often disruptive traditional building methods. Our precision-engineered glass rooms are of superior quality and customised to the exact needs of each customer, meaning that you can enjoy more space without sacrificing style and comfort. With our Pure garden glass rooms, peace of mind is guaranteed as we are committed to creating a quality product that meets all your needs - in both form and function - designed just for you.

Drainage protection

The high-quality Leaf Guards that come with the standard installation of a pure glass room quickly eliminate the need to worry about blocking and water overwhelming your drainage system. The leaf guards sit inside the gutter to act as a barrier against debris, preventing drainpipes from blocking up and making sure water is flowing freely away from your property. This is an additional layer of protection against flooding or other damage caused by backed-up water. The Leaf Guards also make cleaning the gutter much easier, cutting down on the time and energy spent periodically maintaining them.

Clean Design

Our Pure glass rooms are a modern take on the traditional stylish concept. Our unique design offers the basics to make your home look stunning and luxurious. With the highest quality materials available, you can be sure that your house will stand out in both aesthetics and longevity. Our Clean Design exemplifies a modern and minimalist feel while highlighting architectural details that make your living space a standout. Whether used as an extra room or an attractive focal point of your home, one thing is certain - with these Pure glass rooms, you'll be investing in timeless beauty that lasts.

Max 4.5m
Pitch Range
4° – 15°
Glazing Thickness
8–25 mm
Rafter Size
Eaves Beam Size
Vertical Posts
80mm x 80mm
Vertical Glazing
Sliding doors, slide and stack or fixed glass walls
Dual Colour
Integrated LED Lighting
Roof Vents

Choose your Glass Room Accessories and additional features

Our pure glass room provides a unique, contemporary and chic environment that you’ll be sure to love. With optional extras to customise the space further, you can rest assured that receiving maximum enjoyment from your glass room is only a few extra steps away.

Add a touch of colour

Welcome to a world of colour that will allow you to transform your dream space into an incredible reality. Our range offers you the flexibility to choose from our three selective collections: Trend offers 15 shades, Individual allows for even more imaginative creations with 33 options, and Unique provides an exclusive selection of colours to fulfil any project. With all these combinations, you can add the perfect touch of customisation to your garden glass room.
RAL colours

What can a Pure Outdoor Living Space be used for?

As an Extension of Your Home

Using a glass room as an extension of your home is one of the most popular ways people use them. They can be used to create extra space or even a luxury dining area, and are a great way to get more out of your property without having to undertake major renovation works. Glass rooms provide insulation from cold temperatures as well as protection from pests and other animals entering your space. This makes them ideal for outdoor entertaining in any season! They also offer natural light during the day which helps save energy costs when used as an additional living area.

For Commercial Purposes

Glass rooms are also often used for commercial purposes. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may want to consider adding one as an outdoor seating area for customers. This provides ample space for customers to enjoy their meal outside while still being protected from the elements. Similarly, if you own a retail store or another type of business, you might consider adding one as a display area where customers can see what products and services you offer without having to step inside your shop or office space. Additionally, glass rooms can be used as meeting spaces for businesses since they provide both privacy and comfort during important meetings with clients or colleagues

As a Greenhouse

Greenhouses are another popular use for glass rooms because they provide ample sunlight and protection from pests and other animals that might otherwise damage plants growing indoors. These greenhouses can be filled with beautiful flowers and plants that will thrive in the warmth provided by the sun's rays entering through the glass walls and ceiling panels. Plus, you'll be able to watch them grow in real time! They're also great options if you have limited outdoor space but still want to enjoy gardening - all while keeping your plants safe from external threats like frost or animals scavenging around your garden at night!

Pure Glass Garden Rooms overview

Homeowners seeking a modern and luxurious addition to their property should consider the pure Glass garden Room. Boasting a minimalistic design and impressive sizes up to 4.5 meters deep x 6.7 meters wide, it’s perfect for creating an al fresco entertainment space to entertain guests, that effortlessly transitions between the garden and indoors with a roof pitching range of 4-15°. Further bringing sophistication, beauty and indulgence to any home are the customisable colour options available allowing you to personalise your room and make it uniquely yours. With its versatility and contemporary atmosphere, this garden room provides everything you need for luxurious relaxation or entertaining indoors or outdoors all year round.

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