Pure Glass Verandas

Essential Modern Glass Veranda

Our Pure glass verandas represent an efficient, cost-effective solution for adding extra living space to houses and businesses across the UK and the Channel Islands. Constructed of a durable aluminium frame and boasting a minimalistic design, these verandas provide a highly relaxing area with quick installation time. Their favourable combination of quality and price makes these elegant glass verandas preferable to other luxury verandas on the market while still providing a distinct architectural impact on any house or business. Summer days can be spent relaxing with friends and family under the refreshing spectre of your new glass veranda; creating a design statement your residence surely won’t want to miss out on.

Enjoy Your Patio Year-round

The Pure glass veranda system is the perfect way to make any outdoor area infinitely more enjoyable. Its sleek yet modern structure and clean lines fit in seamlessly with most surroundings and its single-pitch canopy that screws directly to an existing wall creates a light and airy atmosphere that you can enjoy all year round. One of the key benefits is it provides optimal shelter from inclement the British weather so you don’t have to worry about disruption to your outdoor activities due to snow or rain. Plus, its competitive price point makes it ideal for those on a budget who still want to add value to their homes or gardens. With this stylish patio solution, you can dine al fresco, entertain guests or just relax outdoors in complete comfort – whatever the weather is doing in the unpredictable UK!

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Pure Verandas Design Options

Roof pitch from 4° to 15°
Roof pitch from 4° to 15°
Optional integrated LED lighting
Optional integrated LED lighting
veranda with offset posts
veranda with offset posts
Full range of glass systems possible
Full range of glass systems possible

Swiss Design

Engineered in Switzerland

We take pride in our bespoke service and the superior quality of our Pure glass verandas, made with Swiss-engineered aluminium extrusions. Rigorously tested to meet strict European safety standards, these contemporary and sleek-looking entries are sure to make a statement while providing high-quality products that in most cases outperform german engineered verandas. Adopting glass roofs and glazed systems of various sizes, we have built custom installations that accommodate any exterior design. Moreover, our use of superior craftsmanship ensures you always receive an exceptionally reliable product without sacrificing style or peace of mind. Trust us–you won’t be disappointed in the quality of our Swiss-engineered veranda systems.
Swiss Engineered 1

Enhance your outdoor living space with our elegant glass roof

The Pure veranda offers subtle elegance and is a great solution for anyone seeking their own personal haven. With its range of different glass sides, you can pick the combination that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether it be maximising the open view of your surroundings or creating a more private space away from distractions, it provides an expansive opportunity to customise your perfect environment. You can let in sunny warmth and air circulation without any interruption. The Pure glass veranda is an invaluable resource for creating just the right atmosphere for taking some quality solo time.

Fully Bespoke extra living space

Our fully bespoke verandas are the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a convenient and higher-quality outdoor area to their home. Constructed from powder-coated aluminium, these glass verandas are not only elegant but the installation is strong enough to withstand even the toughest climatic conditions - meaning that your outdoor space will look beautiful for years to come even with rain and snow! With precision engineering and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we guarantee that these verandas provide you with an area perfectly tailored to both your lifestyle and budget. So why settle for traditional building methods when the installation of a Pure glass veranda provides can you with so much more.

Drainage protection

Drainage protection is now easier and more reliable than ever. With the installation of pure glass veranda system, Leaf Guards come as part of the package. They form a protective barrier inside gutters, blocking debris and other waste from creating blockages in drainpipes. This is a key detail to prevent flooding or other damages that may be caused by an overflow, giving property owners reassurance and peace of mind. Not to mention that installation of the leaf guards also make cleaning gutters much simpler, saving precious time we all need during our days! Rest assured whatever the weather your shelter structure will perform expertly.

Clean Design

With our Pure glass verandas, you don't have to sacrifice construction quality or aesthetic beauty. Our clean design style blends beautiful simplicity with traditional elegance and is built using the finest materials to ensure your home looks its best now and in the long term. Not only do they offer an attractive area that can be used as a garden extension, but they also work as a striking centrepiece of your house that delivers the perfect balance between sophistication and minimalism. Investing in an installation of our Pure verandas will give you both timeless design and exceptional dependability.

Max 4.5m
Pitch Range
4° – 15°
Glazing Thickness
8–25 mm
Rafter Size
Eaves Beam Size
Vertical Posts
80mm x 80mm
Vertical Glazing
Sliding doors, slide and stack or fixed glass walls
Dual Colour
Integrated LED Lighting
Roof Vents

Choose your glass roof accessories and additional features

Whether you want to customise your outdoor area or just need some additional features to make it feel more comfortable, choose your veranda accessories and extra features with our pure veranda range. Our goal is to provide the ideal balance between style and practicality sure that you always get the perfect finish you desire.

Add a touch of colour to your Garden Canopies

Welcome to a world where you can create your dream space with the use of amazing colours. Our range offers you the perfect opportunity to customise any structure and bring your garden space to life. Choose from our three collections to transform your room: Trend offers 15 shades, Individual provides 33 options, and Unique provides an exclusive selection for those wishing for a one-of-a-kind experience. With all these opportunities, you can take your colour vision and turn it into reality.
RAL colours

What can a Pure Outdoor Living Space be used for?

Investing in a garden canopy structure can be an excellent way of improving the outside of your home and adding value. Not only does it offer you much-needed protection from the elements, it also adds aesthetic appeal to your home. Modern technologies such as solar control glazing allow for better functionality, while modern designs and materials provide a stylish and durable veranda. This ensures that you have access to a secluded outdoor area regardless of the weather conditions, providing peace of mind as well as enhanced kerb appeal.

Entertaining Guests

Hosting guests with a Pure Veranda is a truly unique experience. As your home is extended with this elegant addition, you can enjoy the comforts that come with having an indoor party while taking in nature’s beauty. Guests can admire the stunning views out into your garden from the veranda and be mesmerised by all the natural lighting - creating an atmosphere that truly invites conversation, cheer and relaxation. In many examples it creates a perfect venue for meaningful time shared with loved ones and ensures memories created will last beyond the occasion.

Relaxing with Family

Creating quality family time doesn't have to mean costly trips or difficult planning. A veranda can be the perfect place for a family to come together and make the most of their special moments. Not only does it give a great view of the outside but also with ample seating, everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy engaging in conversation. The luxurious exterior structure of a veranda provides charm to any home and serves as an encouraging reminder that taking some time out for relaxation is easy and possible without having to leave your property. Choosing to install a veranda means you'll be guaranteed quality time with those closest to you—transforming "family time" into one of your favourite segments for the week!

Commercial investment

Investing in the installation of one of our Pure verandas is a great choice for any commercial space looking to add customers and take their business to the next level. Perfectly tailored to fit individual needs, you can make sure your stunning veranda is adapted to suit whatever purpose you require - from bringing plenty of natural light into spaces such as bars and pubs, all the way through to creating a luxurious wedding venue experience. And even better, all this comes without worrying about ongoing maintenance on your structure; our smart materials are designed to be robust against the elements, keeping their quality for longer and ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Pure Glass Garden Rooms overview

The pure garden veranda has a modern appearance and would be a luxurious addition to any home. Boasting an impressive maximum span and maximum length making it perfect for homeowners looking to create a contemporary alfresco area that transitions seamlessly between indoors and outdoors, with a roof pitching range of 4-15°. To really make your garden unique and special, you can choose from a range of customisable colours to perfectly match existing décor and landscaping. Whether for lazing away afternoons or hosting small gatherings, this versatile veranda easily and conveniently accommodates either option. To make things even simpler, most installations do not require planning permission as they come under permitted development rules. So if you want to upgrade your outdoor space with something truly special without spending months on applications and paperwork, this is an ideal solution. Why not send us your initial enquiry and have your dream veranda installed by Azure Outdoor Living and join our list of happy customers.

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