Steel Look Doors

What do customers want to know about Steel Look Doors?

Below is an overview of what our customers typically want to know about steel look doors, including their benefits, any disadvantages, and how they compare to other aluminium, wood and upvc doors on the market.

What are Steel Look Doors?

Steel look doors are doors that are designed to mimic the appearance of steel doors without the weight, maintenance, and cost. They are typically made of aluminum or wood and are then coated with a finish that gives them the look of steel. Steel look doors can be either solid or glazed, and they come in a variety of styles to suit any décor.

Benefits of Steel Look Doors:

  • Cost Saving: Aluminium steel look doors offer homeowners a cost-effective alternative to actual steel doors. Not only do they appear just as elegant and stylish, but the price point is more attractive too. Choosing aluminium steel look doors saves money, allowing our customers to invest in other valuable home renovations too!
  • Style: Our steel-look doors are exquisitely made to enhance your home. These art deco frame doors are a perfect option for those seeking an elegant and modern aesthetic for their outdoor space. With their sleek sight lines and state-of-the-art technology, these unique steel-look frames are a captivating addition to any home.
  • Security: Steel-look doors are an excellent substitute for actual steel doors, providing uncompromised security. These doors are tested according to Operation & Strength BS6375 Part 2, Additional Performance Characteristics BS6375 Part3, and Security tested PAS24:2016 standards.
  • Durability: Constructed from high quality powder coated aluminium, steel-look doors exhibit superior weather resistance, impervious to rust and corrosion (unlike actual steel doors). This guarantees an extended lifespan.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our game-changing aluminium steel look profiles offer a perfect blend of style and innovation. The door system features state-of-the-art polyamide thermal break technology, ensuring a powerful shield against the elements. Similar to other advanced aluminium glazing systems available, the use of this technology significantly reduces the risk of thermal transmittance and enhances the overall performance of the doors. Our product not only impresses with its sleek design, but it also meets the high standards set by Document L 2010. Experience the future of doors today.
  • Low Maintenance: Made from aluminium, these doors are sure to give you a lifetime of dependable performance, as they offer an advantage over timber options. They don’t warp, rot or require frequent painting, reducing the amount of maintenance needed. You won’t have to be concerned about painting them every few years or worrying about replacing the rotten one. With aluminium doors you have a hassle free and stylish alternative that doesn’t require a sizeable annual budget for maintenance. Plus, they’re available in a range of styles so you’re sure to find the perfect complement for your home.
  • Customisation: Improve the style of your home with our striking steel-look doors. Our compelling product range offers a wide array of designs and finishes for you to pick and mix to complement your homestyle. The modular concept consists of both horizontal and vertical frames that connect with a slender coupling profile, enabling you to configure them into a unique arrangement, setting up a breathtaking grid visual.
  • Approved replacement for listed buildings: Aluminium steel look doors provide a unique possibility when it comes to renovating or replacing elements in listed buildings. Their slim profile offers many benefits–not only do they complement the look of the building’s heritage, but their energy rating is also upgraded and so is their performance rating. Therefore, aluminium steel look doors are frequently given the go ahead to be used as replacements on such sites, making them a popular option amongst homeowners and developers across the UK.

Disadvantages of Steel Look Doors:

  • Size Constraints: Due to the sleek profiles of the system, the maximum panel size for a single-leaf door is 2200mm tall x 900mm wide, which is generally smaller compared to other contemporary aluminium door systems in our portfolio. Nevertheless, the unique design allows for the use of a slimline coupler to connect window systems on either side or above the door, creating a sense of grandeur when filling larger openings.
  • Larger sight lines: While they offer a stylish alternative to classic steel doors, keep in mind that the aluminium bar profiles are naturally thicker than their steel counterparts, albeit they are still extremely slim compared to most aluminium systems on the market. Steel remains the superior material in terms of strength, maintaining incredible durability even when forged thinly. This gives it the edge when creating an ornate style glazing system.
  • Not a direct replacement: Aluminium may initially appear to make a suitable replacement for steel products, however, there are differences that prevent the two from being actual direct replacements for one another. To start, aluminium doors are joined mechanically, while steel products are welded. This stark difference affects the thickness and strength of each product, making them suited to different needs and applications. Unlike aluminium doors, which surpass expectations in visual appeal and cost through a more simplistic manufacturing process, steel offers sustainable robustness, through the specialized welding procedures necessary in production.

Steel Windows & Doors

With unmatched strength and exceptional durability, steel stands out as the ultimate choice for creating stunning, intricate glazing systems.

Investing in steel doors and windows can make a considerable dent in your wallet. With their incredible durability and security, these fixtures come at a higher price than more traditional materials like aluminium, wood or upvc. The need for significant attention to detail dedicates more overall time in the manufacturing process, sharply increasing the cost.

Steel doors and windows provide unwavering strength, due to their robust design. Their slimline aesthetic and ornate style make them perfect for heritage building and/or listed buildings. In addition, their timeless look adds charm and sophistication to any home. In terms of security, steel offers incomparable security, making it an ideal choice for properties that require high standards of safety and privacy.

Steel windows and doors are often single-glazed. In some instances, double glazing can be retrofitted and with some of the modern steel systems, double glazing will come as standard.

Steel doors have a variety of disadvantages depending on the situation. Solid steel can be heavy and difficult to transport, leading to more involved installation and potentially raising labour costs. Steel can rust if not treated appropriately, shortening the longevity of the material. While steel is more secure than other materials, it can also restrict airflow, making ventilation issues more of a problem in certain areas. In many instances Steel systems are not thermally broken, which leads to thermal transmission. This results to heat loss and conduction which contributes to the risk of condensation.

When choosing steel look doors, there are a few factors to consider, including:

The style of your home or business: Choose a style of door that will complement the overall décor of your space.
The application: Consider where the door will be installed and choose a style that is appropriate for the application.
The budget: Steel look doors can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Installation of Steel Look Doors

Steel look doors should be installed by a qualified professional. This is because the door needs to be installed correctly to ensure that it is secure and energy efficient.

Maintenance of Steel Look Doors

Steel look doors require very little maintenance. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them clean. You should also inspect the doors regularly for any signs of damage.

Steel look doors are a great way to add a modern and industrial touch to your home or business. They are durable, versatile, and energy efficient. If you are looking for a unique and stylish door that will make a statement, then steel look doors are a great option.

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