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Aluco Steel Look Doors by Azure Outdoor Living

Luxury Art Deco Doors

A perfect blend of timeless contemporary design and advanced performance technology, Aluco Exterior is the ideal way to upgrade the interior or exterior with a unique industrial style. Inspired by iconic Art Deco window and door designs, this precision-engineered aluminium range offers slim sight lines and unbeatable durability. Manufactured to specifications that suit virtually any application, Aluco Exterior will not only add dramatic architectural glazing to your space but also deliver excellent thermal and security performance. An ideal solution for any 21st Century dwelling or business premises, this luxury range offers unbeatable beauty and long-lasting quality.

Your trusted official Aluco Steel Look Door installer

Customers looking to update their homes can benefit from the expertise of Azure Outdoor Living, who are an approved installer of bespoke Aluco steel-look doors and industrial-style glazing. The perfect solution for those who desire the styling of a steel door, but want something low maintenance, the range is available in various designs and colours to compliment each individual’s home. Operating primarily throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex but also nationwide, Azure Outdoor Living provide an unrivalled professional service; we will expertly install your doors with precision detail, making sure they reach your exact requirements.

Azure x Aluco

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British Engineering

Steel look external doors made in Britain

If you are looking for a sleek, stylish and on-trend solution for your entryway, Aluco’s iconic steel-look external doors are a perfect choice. Crafted from superior-quality materials here in Britain, Aluco prides themselves on their versatility and durability. The full range of doors, available in multiple finishes and totally bespoke sizes, will give any space the extra edge it needs to stand out. Not only do these revolutionary products lend to a stylish atmosphere, but they also come with an extensive guarantee of quality so you can feel secure in your purchase. With Aluco’s exclusive range of designs and superior craftsmanship, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your every need.
made in britain

A perfect alternative to iconic steel doors

Create traditional and contemporary styles

Steel doors may be classic, but Aluco aluminium doors can take your living space up to the next level. If you are looking to create a truly luxurious ambience in your home, consider Aluco's aluminium door range. Not only do they look stunning and blend in with any kind of decor, they also provide an eye-catching feature that will turn heads whenever guests come over. To ensure your walls are wearing the epitome of luxury, combine the intricate details of aluminium doors with fixed steel look screen options - an unbeatable combination for any stylish home.

Minimalist architectural glazing solutions

Aluco aluminium is known for producing meticulously designed solutions and unrivalled aesthetics. Steel Look Minimalist Metal Frames offer an innovative architectural glazing solution that speaks of modern style and functionality combined. The ultra-slim frames are designed to create a beautiful transition between the indoors and outdoors. Not only do the frames provide a sleek aesthetic, but they also utilise advanced performance technology to create lightweight yet durable designs so you can be sure of excellent quality. With their minimalist appeal, Aluco's metal frames make the ideal choice for striking design and convenient use.

Match steel look internal doors

Pairing steel-look external doors with matching art deco steel-look internal doors or even a stunning sliding door system can create a very special and unique feel for any home. Not only does this lend your home an eye-catching architectural style, but it also allows for the modern touch of sleek steel to be held throughout the house. The beautiful protective features of the Aluco external door combined with the striking effect of the art deco internal screening systems and internal doors will bring some serious sophistication to any home. The combination of these two different designs creates a harmonious blend that gives your space a classy finish.

External Steel Look Door Spec

Steel Look Doors
Thermally broken aluminium
Manufacture Origin
Uvalue as low as 1.4 (W =1.4k/m2)
Toughened or Laminated
Triple Glazing
In-glazed blinds
Frame Finish
Standard – Black, White & Anthracite Grey
Handle Finish
Comprehensive range
Single Door Max Width
Single Door Max Height
Typical Sight Lines
Panel Thickness
Multipoint security locking

Aluco Steel Look Colour Collection

For those looking to make a statement with their windows and doors, Aluco’s stunning collection offers a variety of aesthetically-pleasing customisable features that delight customers. Our Steel Look range of colour and finish options will help you create a unique effect that complements any design. The ‘Statement’ collection offers beautiful metallic palettes providing your window frames with a hint of prestige and elegance. The ‘Classic’ and ‘Heritage’ ranges contain an extensive selection of vibrant colours while the ‘Luxe’ collection provides luxury anodised and powder-coated finishes. For added creative control, dual colour options are available allowing you to pair internal and external frames in contrasting shades. You can also choose from our carefully crafted RAL palette in order to match your interior or exterior design perfectly. With Aluco’s iconic steel-look colour collection, the possibilities are endless.
RAL colours

Where can I use external steel-look doors?

Iconic replica Steel look glazing for businesses

Steel-look Aluco doors are a great addition to any commercial setting, providing an iconic style and timeless sophistication that won't go out of fashion. These bespoke architectural glazing solutions make the perfect fit for cafés, restaurants, bars and hotels, adding a touch of modern character to each space that will delight customers. What's more, Aluco steel look doors not only look brilliant but also provide excellent strength and durability. This reliability and exceptional design ensure your safe space is secured against heavy traffic and usage over time. In short, Aluco steel-look doors offer a great way of bringing classic beauty to a variety of places without breaking the bank.

Exceptional design as a key feature in the home

Aluco external steel look doors are a superior product option for homeowners who value product performance, individual customisation and exceptional design when creating living space. By choosing Aluco, you are investing in unrivalled product quality and attention to detail that is unique to the manufacturer. All Aluco doors undergo a strict quality control process, guaranteeing that each product meets the highest standards of safety and durability. Additionally, product design options allow customers to customise their doors according to their individual needs. By selecting an Aluco product, you secure peace of mind knowing that you will receive reliable product performance with an individual touch.

Steel-look doors & windows for heritage or listed buildings

Installing aluminium windows and doors from the Aluco product range in listed buildings is a great compliment to the traditional look and feel of these iconic buildings. With the aluminium frames able to precisely match the slim profiles of the traditional steel windows, Aluco offers a bespoke solution for installing window furniture synonymous with Victorian and Art Deco styles. In addition to complementing existing architecture, Aluco's luxury frames are designed to take advantage of current innovations in glass technology providing improved insulation and soundproofing benefits not achievable with an older steel frame system. When considering solutions for listed buildings, Aluco product provides an ideal complement to traditional architecture while incorporating new-age benefits. Aluco steel look doors and windows offer a niche solution to compliment heritage or listed buildings with their distinct art deco style. Aluco are synonymous with producing meticulously designed solutions in an effort to enhance the aesthetics of any building, both modern and old. Aluco's focus on customising every door and window to specifically fit the requirements of each building ensures that no matter how unique your architecture may be, Aluco steel look can offer the perfect solution for you.

Aluco Steel Look Glazing Feature & Benefits

Exterior Steel Look Single Doors
With their unparalleled strength and superb design, Aluco’s iconic steel-look glazing single doors offer a bespoke solution for enhancing the beauty of your exterior. Featuring unrivalled attention to detail with intricate and classic aesthetics, these doors provide an extra layer of security along with an element of style to your residential or commercial building. With a stunning collection of door handles, bottom kick plates, and floating locks to choose from, there will be something to fit everyone’s taste. Explore the possibilities now and give your home a stunning urban makeover with the perfect door!
Exterior Steel Look Double Doors
Steel-look french doors are the perfect way to bring style and security to any home. Not only do the traditional and contemporary styles offer an updated aesthetic for your front entrance, but the two stylish panels come with a range of features to fit your needs. Multi-point locking systems and PAS24 enhanced security options give homeowners the ability to customise their convenience and opt for a higher level of safety whilst complying with building regulations. Whether you’re looking for aesthetics or added security features, exterior steel-look double doors will make an excellent addition to your home without ever leaving you with buyer’s remorse.
Aluco Steel Look Fixed Panels for exterior use
Aluco Steel Look’s Fixed Panels provide attractive and robust architectural glazing solutions for any property. They are designed to your exact specification to withstand harsh weather conditions and offer superior protection. The steel look finish gives the panels a modern aesthetic that stands out with muted colours or bolder hues. Aluco Steel Look also offers superior thermal performance, providing enhanced energy efficiency, and keeping homes cool and light in the summer and warm during the winter months. Additionally, these highly durable panels are easy to clean, and can even be used as internal screening systems, making them perfect for busy households or commercial properties!
Horizontal and Vertical Glazing Bars for Aluco steel look doors
Horizontal and vertical glazing bars offer an excellent solution for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their home. They are built specifically to provide slim lines and sightlines for a contemporary feel or can be configured in more substantial styles for that classic look. These bars are available with the Aluco steel effect, creating unique art deco effects in any setting and adding sophistication to your windows or doors. Whether you prefer modern minimalism or something more eye-catching, horizontal and vertical glazing bars provide the perfect way to give your exterior a stunning upgrade.
Reeded Glass for Aluco steel-look doors
Meticulously designed to provide subtle texture and the ability to diffuse natural light, reeded glass is an ideal choice when looking for a way to separate and divide areas without completely blocking visibility with unrivalled aesthetics. Perfect for areas where you need privacy but still want to bring in plenty of sunshine, the vertically ridged glass effect provides a stylish look while also giving you greater control over your environment. Whether you’re after an open plan aesthetic or need more discreet separation of spaces, reeded glass could be just what you’re looking for.

Aluco Steel Look Doors Overview

Unlike other brands, you can have your Aluco product individually crafted to compliment your home. These art deco frame doors are an ideal choice for those who want to give their exterior space an elegant yet contemporary aesthetic. With their slim sight lines and cutting-edge technology, these distinctive steel look frames provide an eye-catching addition to any home. Whether you’re seeking the classic heritage style or wish to embrace modern trends, the grid-like patterns are meticulously designed to make any entranceway stand out from the crowd in a beautiful way. Azure Outdoor Living has expertly merged traditional industrial window designs with increasingly popular Scandi-style finishes so that each individual customer can enjoy the best of both aesthetics.

Aluco’s external steel look is the perfect choice when it comes to complimenting your rooms with a unique style and unrivalled attention to detail. Our inspiration is taken from each individual customer request, ensuring the product performance excels with your specific needs. These architectural glazing solutions are built specifically for you, allowing more light into a room, and injecting ornate beauty; whatever the exact specification may be, Aluco’s product will delight customers in both style and quality. Each window and door is individually crafted to exact specification and design which can include bespoke solutions tailored to meet all of your needs. Let Aluco doors and fixed screens provide you with the ultimate external steel look experience.

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