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Puro Pergola by Azure Outdoor Living

Azure Outdoor Living has proudly partnered with Luxury Pergola manufacturer Sundaze to offer the unique Puro system to the UK market. The Puro offers the ultimate outdoor structure for any residential, hospitality or other commercial environments. Whether you want to create your own private garden staycation paradise or expand an area in need of more entertainment options with shade structures and cabanas that will give our customers exactly what they’re looking for.

This innovative product design is marked with elegance and minimalism. The Puro collection consists of stylish outdoor units with the aim of creating an oasis enhancing your outdoor atmosphere, every pergola has been designed to be both beautiful as well durable to ensure it stands up to the test that each season brings.

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pergola puro product range

Sundaze Puro combinations

There are a variety of outdoor units to choose from to create your own personal oasis. A box unit has an integrated deck while a freestanding bay unit can be mounted on a terrace. For the roof, you can select a durable folding roof, stylish louvres, or even a fully closed insulated roof. Wall elements are available in wood or aluminium and come in sliding or fixed options. With so many choices, you are sure to find the perfect combination for your home.

Step 1
Frame Options

box unit

Box Unit

The Sundaze Box is an innovative, modular outdoor living space that will create the perfect ambience for your garden. With options to customise colours and materials, you can find something unique with every unit coming with its own style. There's no limit on what kind of relaxing or entertaining corners this product has in store.

box unit

Bay Unit

The Sundaze Bay creates a sense of relaxation and peace that is unmatched in any other space. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy summer breezes or autumn leaves rustling overhead, all while grabbing some good reading material and sitting in your favourite chair inside this beautiful outdoor living space

Step 2
Fixed Wall Options

pergola puro aluminium vertical

Vertical Aluminium Slats

A decorative quality powder-coated aluminium structure, this wall is not just beautiful but also functional. The frame entirely consists of 20mm x 55mm louvres that are mounted vertically in 62mm grids. They can either be mounted at an angle 90° or 45° respectively to create different aesthetics for your outdoor haven.

pergola puro aluminium horizontal

Horizontal Aluminium Slats

Fixed decorative aluminium bars in a horizontally fixed position, each frame is created using powder-coated 30mm x 30mm fixed louvres positioned in a 62 mm grid.

pergola puro wood horizontal

Horizontal Wooden Slats

Powder-coated aluminium fixed outer frame encasing 30mm x 30mm fixed louvres made from Thermo Ayous wood spaced horizontally in a 62mm grid.

pergola puro shutter

Wooden shutters

These rotating louvre slats divide into 3 individual opening sections that combine functionality and design into one simple yet sleek concept. with the option of a fixed bottom section possible

Step 3
Vertical Sliding Wall Options

pergola puro sliding wall glass

Glass Doors

Each Door is assembled out of high-quality aluminium powder-coated profiles and 10mm toughened safety glass. Sliding glass doors will add to your building's prestige as well as providing comfort and protection from the weather.

pergola puro sliding wall aluminium horizontal

Horizontal Aluminium louvred sliding shading panels

Sliding Shading Panels are the perfect addition to your outdoor pod, both functional and stylish, they are sure to enhance your outdoor Constructed out of individual aluminium louvres, they can slide effortlessly into position and are ideal for shading those sunny areas if your patio enclosure gets too hot.

pergola puro sliding wall wood horizontal

Horizontal Wood fixed louvred sliding shading panels

Wooden Shading panels are an excellent way to regulate the temperature in your home and improve energy efficiency. In the summer, shading panels can keep your home cooler by blocking out the sun's heat. In the winter, shading panels can help your home retain heat by allowing sunlight to enter your home.

pergola puro sliding wall wood horizontal shutter

Horizontal sliding Wooden shutters

Sundaze shutters are an architectural eye-catcher. The rotating louvres are divided into 3 individual opening sections that combine functionality and design in one unique concept. The shutter can optionally be equipped with Solid, a fixed closed lower section. Additionally, our Pausa option allows you to block your sliding wall on several predefined positions.

Step 4
Roof Options

pergola puro roof aluminium vertical fixed

Vertically fixed aluminium louvres

Fixed Roof constructed of powder-coated aluminium louvres of 20mm x55 mm. Positioned vertically in a 62mm grid for spans up to 3000mm, or louvres of 31mm x 93mm in a grid of 99mm for spans up to 3000mm. Available mounted at either an angle of 90° or 45°. The max. dimensions of a fixed louvred roof is 6138mm in projection by a span of 3162mm.

pergola puro roof horizontal vertical fixed

Horizontally fixed aluminium louvres

Horizontally fixed aluminium louvres of 30mm x 30mm, positioned in a 62mm grid form. The maximum dimensions of a fixed louvred roof are 6138mm in projection by a span of 3162mm.

pergola puro roof wood horizontal fixed

Wood Horizontally fixed louvres

Horizontally fixed wooden Thermo Ayous louvres of 30mm x 30mm, set in a 62mm grid. The max. dimensions of a fixed louvred roof are 6138mm in projection by a span of 3162mm.

pergola puro roof folding

Folding fabric roof

The translucent folding roof is a type of harmonica roof that can be manually controlled. It is available in both waterproof and non-waterproof shading solutions and comes in a wide variety of colours. The maximum dimensions of a folding roof are 6138mm in projection by a span of 4154mm.

pergola puro roof fixed

Fixed roof

The fixed roof option is both solid and constructed of insulated sandwich panels. This roof type comes with an integral drainage system that is incorporated into the verticle posts. The underside of the roof can either be finished with wood or a decorative tensioned fabric of your choice. The maximum size of a folding roof is 6138mm in projection by a span of 4650mm.

Step 5
Additional Design Options

pergola puro design options ledline


Give your Puro a luxurious and striking finish with integrated Led strip lights, which are encased in the outer frame with a glowing defuser. The 24V LEDs are available in warm white (2700K, 10W/m) or cold white (6500K, 10W/m). The LED strips are IP67 making them waterproof and come with 180 leds/m. Controlled via a switch or remote control, The Lighting can be integrated into any desired side of the structural profiles.

Create your luxury outdoor space

When it comes to outdoor living, there are few things more stylish and versatile than a customised outdoor unit. With a wide range of options to choose from, you can easily create the perfect space for entertaining, relaxing, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Box units with integrated decks are ideal for creating an instant patio or deck, while the Puro can be a freestanding bay or mounted to an existing building, terrace or balcony.

To complete the look, you can select from a variety of roof options, including durable folding roofs, stylish louvres, and even fully closed insulated roofs. And for added privacy and protection from the elements, consider adding one of the many available wall elements, which come in a variety of louvre types and materials, including wood and aluminium and glass doors. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to create the ultimate holiday feeling right at home.

Bring your indoors outside

Extend your cosy indoor atmosphere to the outdoors! You can combine your terrace structure with natural, warm and beautiful materials such as our timber louvred elements for both the wall and ceiling. Pick a corner in your garden and make it an intermate space to enjoy nature and your surroundings.

Complete your outdoor Spa

Give yourself the time and space to relax and unwind. Puro Pergolas are the perfect poolside retreat, you can even combine the Puro with your jacuzzi or hot tub and lounge in your very own private wellness spa.

Build a Luxury carport

A fixed roof Puro Bay unit is the perfect solution for a modern carport. Constructed with insulated sandwich panels, to limit noise even with heavy rainfall. The underside of the carport roof can be finished with a decorative and waterproof fabric.

Choose your colour

We believe that your outdoor space should be an extension of your home. That’s why we offer a beautiful selection of colours, so you can find the perfect match for your style. For those wanting to make a statement, you can even choose a metallic finish. Whether you’re looking for a subtle accent or a real showstopper, the Puro has the perfect colour for you.

RAL colours

Bespoke garden pergolas

Modular outdoor pergolas are perfect for any space, large or small. These versatile structures can be customised with your desired colour scheme and design elements to create an exclusive look that is both modern and timeless. Each unique structure is expertly designed and created in the Sundaze workshop in Belgium and delivered completely customised for you.

Award-winning pergolas

The incredible Puro has been globally recognised for its elegant design, precise craftsmanship, and unique architectural experience. The Puro collection won both the German Design Award and the IF Design Award in 2021. Adding to the accolade it won in 2020, taking the North American Gold Award as the most highly-rated outdoor product.

Luxury Outdoor Living

The products in the Puro collection are characterised by their clean lines, minimalist forms, and luxurious finishes. They are designed to withstand the elements and provide a refined look that enhances any outdoor space. The Puro collection is perfect for those who crave elegance and sophistication in their outdoor living space. With Sundaze Puro, you can have the best of both worlds – style and function.

Let there be light!

The Puro Ledline is a great way to add atmosphere to your pergola at night. You can choose between warm or cool light, and the LEDs are very energy efficient. Thanks to the Ledline, your pergola will be the perfect place to relax and enjoy your garden at night.

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