External Roller Blinds

Luxury automated Shading

Exterior Blinds for maximum comfort

If you are looking for a reliable and effective way to maintain the temperature and light in your home or business, look no further than Azure Outdoor Living’s high-performance external roller blinds! Installed outside your glass surfaces, these accessory systems create a barrier that blocks up to 97% of solar heat energy. When it comes to providing indoor comfort on even the hottest summer days, this is key – our blinds have been shown to reduce interior room temperatures up to a whopping 18 degrees centigrade! This natural cooling solution eliminates reliance on air conditioning and other cooling devices, leaving you with an environmentally friendly solution that is both visually pleasing and highly efficient.

Control your environment with Outdoor Blinds

External blinds offer protection from sunlight and excessive temperatures, while also allowing you to control the atmosphere of your outdoor spaces, home, apartment or even conservatories . The surround of the blinds is made with extruded aluminium, that is powder-coated to a colour of your choice from the RAL palette, making them an aesthetic addition to your terraces and buildings too. We have a selection of made to measure systems suitable for any project, all of our blinds are designed with weather resistance in mind so you can be sure that they will stand up against the harsh conditions outside. With external screen blinds installed, you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about overheating or excessive sun!

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Available installation types

Zip fed
Zip screen outdoor blinds
The blind fabric is supported by Zip fed side guides, Ideal for outdoor installation within a pergola or glass room. Allowing you to manage excessive sun and gentle wind.
Guide Wire
Cable supported outdoor blinds - Versatile external
The blind fabric is supported by wire fed side guides and is ideal for exterior install in front of large doors or even a window when there is no structure to present to install the side profiles

Effective outdoor blinds

Exterior zip screens offer great benefits for any property. Taking advantage of natural light coming in, the screens gently filter sunlight while at the same time providing privacy. This helps to reduce glare and consequently, protect internal surfaces and furnishings like floors & patio furniture that would otherwise suffer from UV fading caused by direct exposure to the sun. Cooling down during hot days is easily achieved since external blinds work to minimise heat loss due to the wind. Additionally, these clever screens are a reliable way to keep out pesky bugs or pollution affecting your interior space. With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder why many people decide on investing in exterior electric blinds.
External Roller Blinds
Fully Bespoke
Max Width
Max Height
Max Blind Size
Cassette Head-box size
110mm x 110mm
Side profile width
Concealed fixings
Manual operation
Remote Controlled
Smartphone Controlled
Weather Sensors
Wind resistant
Up to 31mph – (force 6 Beaufort scale)

External Blinds Colours

When selecting external blinds, you have the freedom to express yourself with your choice of colours. The Cassette Headbox and aluminium side profiles can be finished in any of the 3 standard colours – RAL 9010 Cream White, RAL 9007 Grey Aluminium and RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey. If you want something even more specific, why not opt for a powder-coated finish in a special colour from the wide selection that makes up the RAL palette? For the shading screen, you can choose from a range of fabrics in various stunning hues so that the external blinds chosen live up to your personality and style!
RAL colours

External Blinds Benefits

Sun Protection

External blind features can make any outdoor space stylish, modern and functional. Remote-controlled features help to transform the way you enjoy your outdoor areas by controlling the amount of light, heat and UV protection. Installing external blinds can help protect you from the sun while still enjoying a bespoke cover that fits perfectly with your personal style. External blinds provide a convenient way of keeping you and your family safe during hot summer days without compromising on relaxation levels. Whether it is subtle or solid fabrics, our external blinds offer an excellent solution for both modern and traditional homes to instantly add gentle protection against heat and ultraviolet rays.


Technology has made it easier to have total control over our living environment thanks to the rise of remote control external blinds. Not only do they look modern and sleek, but the technology delivers true customisation and convenience through their remote control fittings, allowing you to adjust the blinds with a touch of a button. The UK weather can be unpredictable at times, especially during winter months, so adding external blinds to your windows, conservatories or even building-integrated balcony ensures protection from the elements and preserves energy efficiency. The versatility of these blinds is another major benefit, as they come in various fabric varieties and glazing solutions; perfect for glass rooms, pergolas, apartments or any other independent living spaces looking for that added layer of privacy.

Temperature control

Investing in external blinds can be an incredibly versatile and useful way of protecting your house against the elements. Installing these blinds can give you the ability to control the amount of sun or rain that enters your home, as well as protecting it from extreme temperatures and gusts of wind. Not only will you benefit from comfort and protection by investing in external blinds, but you can tailor them to suit any part of your house too. With a vast range of colours, textures and fabrics on offer, you are sure to find something that perfectly reflects your style and meets all of your needs. By having external blinds installed on any space outside your home, you can make sure that this area is both practical and aesthetically pleasing all year round.

Outdoor Comfort

For UK homeowners creating the best solutions for their home is key. Exterior blinds offer multiple benefits which include glare protection, light diffusion and functionality that cannot be found elsewhere. With external blinds installed in your property, you can rest assured that bright white light filtering into your indoors will be given a warm welcome as it is diffused and harsh glares are significantly reduced. Offering additional weather-specified solutions to make sure your property is taken care of all year round, external blinds are certainly one of the best solutions available for creating both comfortable and practical spaces.

Bespoke shading screens

Automated outdoor blinds for maximum comfort

Our shading screens cassette is a revolutionary way to bring more control and convenience to your construction. It is designed for a quick, yet easy installation that can be externally mounted to the frame. Upon installation, its zip mechanism and PVC guide ensure that the fabric remains steadily in place within the side guides. You can even control it remotely with an electric wired or radio motor or why not add automated wind sensors, transforming any space into a dedicated oasis of peace and relaxation. Additionally, there's also a wide range of colours available so you're sure to find something that fits your unique style.

Enjoy worry free relaxation no matter weather

Daylight has a positive impact on our emotional state and general wellbeing. Studies have found that being exposed to natural light can help boost your mood and energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and may even have an effect on seasonal depression. While too much sunlight can be uncomfortable or lead to unwanted glare, Azure Outdoor Living's vertical shade screens can be adjusted to allow exactly the right amount of light into your home while blocking out prying eyes from outside. Our blinds come in a variety of designs and materials so you can customise them to create the perfect atmosphere for any room in your home. The combination of natural light and privacy gives you the opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of sunlight without ever feeling overwhelmed by it. With our outdoor blinds, you’re sure to find that perfect balance between comfort, style, and enjoyment.

Made to measure to control your environment

At Azure Outdoor Living, we understand the importance of a comfortable living environment. That's why our designer blinds and awnings for windows are designed to offer effective protection from the sun while still allowing natural light into your home. Our vertical awnings are made to measure and filter the sunlight to create soft diffused illumination, shielding you and your interiors from overwhelming brightness. Our blinds can also provide privacy and protection against prying eyes. All our systems come with ease of remote operation, optional wind sensors, or can be integrated into home automation systems for added convenience. With Azure Outdoor Living exterior blinds, you can enjoy superior shading technology, providing improved comfort in all seasons!

Outdoor Blinds Overview

Outdoor Blinds can be installed to cover almost any glazing configuration, transforming the external appearance of a building and providing effective wind, heat and light control. As the days become warmer outside and you start to feel the heat in your home, outdoor blinds are an excellent option for reducing glare and controlling the amount of sun that enters your living space, thus reducing the risk of overheating or damage to furnishings!

Not just great for additional cooling, these exterior blinds can also add a touch of style in front of glazing to any room or outdoor space. Best of all, installing them is relatively straightforward as the cassette head-box can be placed over a window or beneath a patio roof and they come at a very reasonable price. The remote control feature and added extras such as wind sensors make it easy to extend your rooms outdoors while still keeping the elements out!

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