Monoslide 80

Monoslide 80 by Azure Outdoor Living

Bi-folding doors meet Sliding doors!

These revolutionary slide and stack doors are truly in a class of their own. Combining the best of both sliding and bi-folding doors, this product offers unparalleled versatility and the perfect solution for a variety of settings, opening up your living space like never before. Whether you need to navigate corners on cantilevered buildings or neatly tuck the doors out of sight on a straight opening, this highly insulated system runs on a single track yet can still park remotely behind fixed glazing, walls and other specified areas. With its groundbreaking technology intact, it’s no wonder why this is one of the most sought-after glass door products available today and a must-have for any contemporary aesthetic.

Ingenious slide-and-turn doors

Remarkable design and incredible efficiency – these are the qualities that define this unique moveable glazed wall! Constructed from highly insulated thermally broken aluminium sections, each panel is designed to slide easily around corners with a range of 90° to 270° into a remote stacking area. Rated for severe weather conditions, this sought-after glazed wall ensures optimal durability and performance in even the harshest climates. Whether used for residential or commercial applications, this moveable glazed wall offers efficient operation and stunning aesthetics.

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Slide and stack configurations

Our full range of slide-and-turn doors are an ideal choice for homeowners looking to introduce additional style and character to their home. Offering a diverse opening range of choices, you’ll easily find a configuration that caters to your needs.
Parallel parking area with hinged door
Parallel parking area with hinged door
Parallel parking area with hinged door
The hinged door can be selected as either outward or inward opening. The parking area is located on the inside.
Parallel parking area behind fixed panel
Parallel parking area behind fixed panel
Parallel parking area behind fixed panel
The fixed panel sits externally with the remaining panels stacking internally behind the fixed window.
Custom 90 degree parking area
Custom 90 degree parking area
Custom 90° parking area
With an additional rail, doors can stack to 90°. The stack can be positioned externally or internally. A building overhang is required to mount the track.
Parallel parking area behind or infront of wall
Parallel parking area behind or infront of wall
Parallel parking area behind or in front of a wall
Sliding panels can be pushed behind or in front of existing masonry work. This provides an unobstructed opening.
90 degree corner design
90 degree corner design
90° corner design
Panels can slide around 90° corners and stack into a custom parking area, or a well designed pocket.
Custom faceted designs
Custom faceted designs
Custom faceted designs
Sliding door panels can navigate around custom facets, ideal for unique openings.

Swiss Design

Engineered in Switzerland

Our slide-and-turn doors are an innovative product boasting the excellence of Swiss engineering and technology, crafted in accordance with strict European safety regulations. Created with nothing but top-grade materials and precision engineering, each custom door is produced in bespoke sizes to seamlessly fit the architectural style of your desired installation – providing the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. With strength and dependability guaranteed by leading Swiss engineering, you can be sure you won’t find anything quite like our Monoslide sliding doors anywhere else.
Swiss Engineered 1

How do Monoslide 80 slide and stack doors work?

Swing Doors that slide around corners

Revolutionary engineering opens up new possibilities for interior design freedom with the Monoslide 80. This cleverly designed alternative to conventional doors is easy to operate and can navigate corners from 90° up to 270°. Perfect for a range of applications, this ingenious system is built with single-track technology meaning each panel moves easily around corners before parking out of sight in a pocket or stack area. Incredible versatility allows users to position the panels individually, creating ideal ventilation levels and enhanced space saving for smaller dwellings. The Monoslide 80 is ultimate in convenience and style.

Sliding Doors that cleverly stack for more space

Enhancing the functionality of a space with our internal and external parking options is key when considering the correct sliding doors or bifold doors for your project. For smaller homes, restaurants, hotels and similar areas, maximising available space is important for ensuring customer comfort and convenience. Our bespoke rail extension provides a solution for this, with flush fitting panels being parked discreetly in any position within the room. This allows for the efficient storage of panels when the doors are open, making use of previously un-utilised areas to increase the usability of existing spaces.

Slide and turn doors with controlled convenience

The elegant base profile of the single track provides a smooth connection to the floor, making any location more accessible for all. The individual movements of each panel allows for optimal ventilation in any area and these panels further open up possibilities by bridging the gap between the indoors and outdoors. With increased flexibility to determine exactly how much airflow is needed, you can slide individual panels to just the right amount of exposure to control both temperature and humidity levels. Whether it be doorway access, indoor/outdoor transition, or bringing in extra light and fresh air – this versatile feature offers several advantages like no other!

Slide and turn doors product specification

Monoslide 80
Thermally broken aluminium
Manufacture Origin
U value as low as 1.1 (W =1.1k/m2)
Multiple Toughened or Laminated options
Glazing Thickness
Room for up to 62mm
Triple Glazing
Glass upgrade optional
Integral blinds
Frame Finish
Huge range of colours option
Hardware Finish
Stainless Steel handles & Hinges
Panel Width
Max 1500mm
Panel Height
Max 2800mm
Track Length
Panel Thickness
Narrow sightlines
125mm – When panels are closed together
Maximum Weight
100kg per panel
3-point locking – TS007 Cylinder

ST80 Bifold door features and benefits

Adjustable Wall Profile
The telescopic wall profile offers optimal adjustments of +6mm to -8mm and negates the need of visible hinges. This is ideal for any minor adjustment, and just by winding the screws in and out, you can slide the profile to your desired position. Unlike most systems, this will not disrupt the subframe which can often lead to damage to internal and external finishes such as plaster and render.
Flush threshold track option
Accessibility is something that should be a priority in any home or building. Having a low threshold option when connecting internal and external finished floors can greatly improve accessibility for everyone. Switching out an average 15mm connection for a flush threshold option helps provide an even smoother transition between floors and by far surpasses the minimum building regulations requirement set forth by part M stipulation.
Shoot-bolts for added security
Having extra security for your doors is a must in the world we live in today, and with every second glass door being equipped with a shoot-bolt rod that locks into the top and bottom track, you can feel secure in knowing that any additional support needed by the doors is provided. This security measure provides an extra layer of safety and stability to make sure your home or commercial space has the best protection possible. It’s an easy way to maximise security while still helping you relax at home or work with peace of mind.
High-security locking hardware
This exceptional three-point locking mechanism features an integrated UK tested 3-star TS007 lock cylinder, providing superior levels of protection from potential burglars. When fully closed It is highly secure against forced entry and comes at a reasonable price. It is important to choose the right lock system to suit your needs, however, you can rest assured that a master door with its robust 3-point locking system will provide you with excellent defence against any unwanted intruders.
Telescopic head profile
When it comes to optimal adjustment in construction, the two-piece head profile with its adjustable screw A and locating screw B can be a major help. Its telescopic head means that if building deflection or settlement does occur (usually unavoidable), within reason you can use the adjustment function of the head profile to lift the top track and avoid crushing the sliding doors. This makes it an invaluable asset for any cantilever building project.
Reinforced roller wheels
An almost effortless operation is made possible through two bottom rollers, each equipped with ball bearings that provide a smooth focus on control. Lower maintenance is achieved through a resilient reinforced coating for longer-lasting quality. In the upper part of the door, two roller guides are installed ensuring ease of navigation around difficult corners with no trouble at all. This excellent capability combined with stability from inside and outside makes it highly recommended for a worry-free, long-term service life.
Extendable weather seals
The extendable seals on the slide and turn doors are a great way to maximise thermal separation and protect your building from the elements. The superior sealing ability of these doors grants excellent air permeability and maximum weatherproofing that regular doors can’t rival. As the seals are operated via a handle or latch, it is extremely easy for users to control their level of access and weather security in their home or building. With special extendable seals, those needing unrivalled thermal separation thanks to harsh uk climates will benefit from having the highest levels of comfort inside and protection from outside elements in the garden.
Custom parking areas
The stacking door system is a must-have for any project. It offers more than just a typical door-opening solution – it also provides flexibility in the way that you choose to position the doors. You can stack them up behind a hinged pass door, move them into a tucked-away pocket or cupboard or even in front of an external wall. With these slide-and-turn doors, you will never have to worry about compromising on style and function; its options are unparalleled by any other door system available today. Enjoy greater freedom of choice with the stacking doors system and get creative when it comes to how you want them configured!

Choose a Colour as unique as your doors

Personalising your slide and turn doors is a great way to make them truly feel like your own. If you want to add that extra level of detail without sacrificing an ounce of style, then these patio doors incredibly vast selection of colours is ideal! From the “Trend”, featuring fifteen classic shades, to the “Individual” collection with thirty-three stylish options, choosing the right finish has never been easier. But if even that won’t do the trick, why not try their one-of-a-kind “Unique” Collection? Letting you bring your vision to life in unprecedented ways. And if all else fails you can always go fully customised with shades from the RAL chart – letting you create something truly beautiful and unique! Don’t settle for something average; discover just how easy it is to have maximum personalisation with the slide and turn doors extraordinary colour choices!
RAL colours

Slide and turn patio door overview

These patio doors boast a unique design. Instead of the usual bi-fold doors or standard sliding door options, this system utilises non-connected panels that slide along a single anodised track across the whole width of any space. There’s even the option of sliding it around corners, giving you unbeatable control over how much access the doorway has when closed. To guarantee full unobstructed access when opened, either within the opening or in a pocketed wall, all you have to do is stack up the panels at one end of the opening. A single solution like this has real potential to revolutionise and modernise spaces around us with its gorgeous style and impeccable efficiency.

The Monoslide system offers the perfect solution for creating open, unobstructed lines between indoors and outdoors. By sliding panels to the end of the opening and stacking them on arms which extend inside the track, there’s no need for bulky framing or unsightly doorways. And its flush track design provides a level threshold between inside and out that doesn’t sacrifice protection from wind and rain. This allows you to have a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience — great for entertaining!

This slide and turn patio door system is a popular and innovative solution for creating fully open corners in extension, renovation and new-build projects. It operates on an innovative design that allows panels to slide around both 90 and 270 degree corners – with no requirement for a movable post as seen with bifold doors. One of the advantages of this slide and swing product is that it can also accommodate multiple corners in zigzag elements over long runs that stack at one end, making it even more versatile. Installation of these new wave doors is straightforward and provides continuity to open spaces while also proving a modern look.

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