Aluco Steel Look Internal Doors and Glass Partitions

Aluco Steel Look Internal Doors and Glass Partitions by Azure Outdoor Living

Art Deco glass doors and glass partitions

The Aluco Steel Look Interior Doors and Glass Partitions by Azure Outdoor Living offer an exclusive line of steel-look products to make the interior of your home just as stylish as the exterior. Constructed utilising cutting-edge technology, these metal frames feature slim sightlines and iconic grid-like designs that speak to a variety of style preferences – from classic heritage to modern trends. Their craftsmanship combines traditional industrial steel windows with the highly sought-after Scandi-style interiors. A clean, unified aesthetic flows throughout your living area, resulting in an airy and effortless look that is sure to impress all who visit.

Your trusted official Aluco installer for that steel look

Azure Outdoor Living are an approved installer of bespoke-solution Aluco steel-look doors and industrial-style glazing, helping customers to gain sought-after steel-look room dividers without the need for high maintenance. These doors and internal screening systems combine the unique aesthetic of a steel door with the easy upkeep of aluminium and are available in various designs and colours to suit each individual home. Expertly installing these aluminium steel replica doors into properties primarily throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex but also operating nationwide, Azure Outdoor Living offers a highly professional service and expertly ensures that you receive your Aluco product individually crafted to meet your needs.

Azure x Aluco

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British Engineering

Steel look internal doors made in Britain

The industrial and stylish look of Aluco steel-look internal doors and glass partitions can help bring any space to life. Expertly manufactured right here in Great Britain from high-quality materials, Aluco products are renowned for both their versatility and longevity, producing meticulously designed solutions. Their unique design means that both internal doors and glass partitions add more than just aesthetic value. With multiple finishes available and completely bespoke sizes on offer, you can be sure that Aluco will have a solution to fit your requirements. Furthermore, all of the products come with a comprehensive guarantee of quality so you can be sure your investment won’t let you down.
made in britain

A great alternative to classic steel doors

Create luxury living spaces

Steel doors are a classic choice for many living spaces, but if you want to up the ante and create a truly luxurious atmosphere, Aluco aluminium doors offer an appealing alternative. Their sleek design enables them to fit in with any style of home yet remain an eye-catching feature. Plus, Aluco also provides internal screening with attractive steel-look finishes that give living areas extra privacy without sacrificing elegance. The combination of ornate aluminium doors and stylish steel look screening is the perfect way to enhance any space and give it the distinct feel of luxury.

Minimalist metal frames

Aluco Steel Look Minimalist Metal Frames excel combining cutting-edge technology with stylish aesthetics to create beautifully glazed partitions and interior doors for your home. The glazed screens and interior doors feature slim sightlines that provide a seamless flow through your living space, encouraging a sense of fluidity throughout the room. The cutting-edge technology used to create these frames is also lightweight and durable, ensuring that your partitions and doors remain stylish without compromising on quality. Aluco's minimalist metal frames are a perfect combination of design and modern convenience.

Create that Crittall® look

The Crittall® look conjures images of the Vintage Industrial interior style, adding a touch of industrial edge to your living space. Aluco Steel-Look Interior doors offer a similar aesthetic without the worry of maintenance and long-term deterioration associated with steel frames. Aluco glazing gives you the freedom to bring this look into your home without sacrificing performance or reliability. Their replicas are built with quality in mind, ensuring that your interior looks can be attained for either commercial or residential projects, the product requires minimal hardware for effortless operation and includes a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.

Internal Steel Look Doors Spec

Single Doors:

Single Doors
Minimum Width
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Maximum Width
Maximum Height

Double Doors:

Double Doors
Minimum Width
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Maximum Width
Maximum Height

Sliding Doors:

Sliding Doors
Minimum Width
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Maximum Width
Maximum Height

Aluco Steel Look Colours

When it comes to designing the perfect windows and doors for your home, Aluco offers the most exceptional level of customisation. Our stunning collection of powder-coated colours and finishes allows our customers to create a statement with whatever style they choose. The ‘Statement’ collection features beautiful metallic tones that add a touch of prestige and elegance. The ‘Classic’ and ‘Heritage’ are an exclusive range of colour-rich coatings, while the ‘Luxe’ collection offers luxury anodised and powder-coated finishes. Choose from a huge selection of RAL colours to match your interior and exterior design, while dual colour options give you additional creative control, allowing you to match different shades for your internal and external frames. With so much to offer, you can be sure that every product from Aluco is crafted specifically to your exact specification and brings added beauty to your home.
RAL colours

Where can I use internal steel-look doors?

Industrial-style room dividers

Interior steel-look doors and partitions can completely transform your living space. Make your living area a statement piece or opt for a modern, sleek office look with a steel look glazed partition or internal screen. No matter the design of your space, you will find a choice of glazing that perfectly suit your needs: from a single interior door, to double interior doors (french doors) and even an intricately designed stunning sliding door system. Create an eye-catching aesthetic that make your home or commercial space feel stylish and distinctive.

Iconic Steel replica glazing for commercial settings

Steel replica glazing is ideal for commercial settings, providing classic style and timeless refinement that never fades. Invite your customers into a stylish and modern atmosphere using iconic steel-look architectural glazing solutions – perfect for any café, restaurant, bar or hotel. This material is designed to last for years and bring character to each space, all while delivering eye-catching visual appeal. And with its reliable strength and durability, you can rest assured that your glazing will remain intact no matter how many people there are inside. All in all, it's an economical way of bringing traditional aesthetics to a variety of places.

As a statement in the home

High-Quality Glazing can help you divide a single open-concept space into several versatile, multifunctional areas. Whether it's between a kitchen and dining area or even from the bedroom to the bathroom, this product provides a modern and easy-to-install solution for private, individualised living arrangements. Offering solid acoustic insulation for those high-traffic living locations, Aluco steel look glazing provides an impressive yet unobtrusive addition to any room – perfect for ensuring an adaptable configuration with maximum privacy and stunning aesthetics.

Frameless Sliding Door Features

Interior Steel Look Single Doors
Steel-look single doors are a mesmerising way to invigorate the interior of your home. Intricate detailing and classic aesthetics further add to their appeal. From handle backplates, bottom kick plates and rose back plate handles to floating locks, these doors boast numerous features that are sure to draw attention. Whether you are looking for a minimalist design or something zestier, these steel look single doors will be sure to provide the perfect solution.
Interior Steel Look Double Doors
Interior steel look double doors are a great way to spruce up any home. Featuring two stylish panels and modern designs, these elegant double doors offer several features such as a one-piece door meeting stile for enhanced strength, and a selection of finger bolts available in different lengths, allowing you to customise both convenience and reach. Whether you’re looking to add security to your home or just want a modernised aesthetic, interior steel-look doors will make an excellent addition that you won’t regret.
Interior Steel Look Sliding and Pocket Doors
Interior steel look sliding and pocket doors are an excellent choice for any room where you want to add a touch of industrial-style elegance. These sleek, sophisticated doors have a practical design, featuring wide lock bodies and deep bottom rails which give them strength, durability, and security – perfect for keeping your space private. They also feature slim transom bars with an art deco steel finish that adds a vintage feel to any room without being too overwhelming. Plus, they come ready to install, making it easy to upgrade the look and feel of your interior spaces in just a few simple steps.
Interior Steel Look Screens and Partitions
Steel-look screens and partitions from Aluco provide the perfect solution for your interior design needs. Their slim 33mm outer frame, along with standard 37mm transoms and optional 20mm Astragal bars, will suit any of your style preferences. And even better, you won’t need to sacrifice allowing natural light into your room; the screens add a third dimension without taking away any of your existing daylight. Invest in these versatile industrial-style screens and partitions now for an eye-catching addition to your home or office!
Steel look Horizontal and Vertical Glazing Bars
Horizontal and vertical glazing bars create striking art deco effects in any setting. They’re available in different configurations, featuring slim sightlines for that contemporary feel to more substantial bars for a classic touch. They are the perfect solution for anyone looking to update to steel effect windows or interior doors with some striking style. No matter what your preference, these glazing bars are sure to bring sophistication and elegance to your home.
Reeded Glass
Reeded glass is an eye-catching way to divide up space in your home or office, providing the illusion of extra depth due to its unique texture. Thanks to the vertical and lightly embossed ridges running through the glass panes, it diffuses light rather than reflecting it, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Reeded glass also offers more privacy than clear versions, giving you peace of mind when entertaining guests or taking part in important meetings. Not only elegant but practical too, make sure to consider reeded glass for your next interior partition project.

Aluco Overview

Aluco Steel-look interior doors and glazed partitions are built to last using the finest grade aluminium and boasting a range of traditional and contemporary furniture including a multi-point locking system in all interior doors. Perhaps you already have aluminium bi folding doors or other steel-look double glazing on the exterior of your home that you are looking to match? Then Aluco doors and internal glass partitions are the perfect solution to creating a seamless flow through your home Using advanced performance technology that features slim sightlines, you can transform your rooms into luxury living spaces with an abundance of natural light and create a timeless steel look style in your home or business. Whether you are looking for an internal bespoke window, single or double doors, Aluco can manufacture to your exact specification.

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