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Luxury Markilux Awnings

Luxury patio awnings and vertical blinds

Azure Outdoor Living is a certified partner of Markilux, the world-renowned awning and sun blind company from Germany. All products manufactured by them guarantee superior protection from direct sunlight without sacrificing convenience and style. Featuring a superior level of engineering, materials and styling, these awnings come with amazing ease of use. The device can be remotely operated with the click of a button to provide homeowners and businesses with the perfect level of shade for making their outdoor area comfortable. Furthermore, when installed by Azure Outdoor Living their long-lasting durability ensures great value for money and allows you to enjoy your patio or veranda in luxurious style.

Create a useable outdoor space with an Awning

Transform your outdoor space into a place of leisure and relaxation with a Markilux product. Our UK-based professional installation teams ensure that their shading is expertly fitted so it lasts, while also providing specialist aftercare to protect your investment. With sun, wind and light rain protection, you can rest assured knowing that your favourite part of the garden remains comfortable all year round. Not only will you be able to enjoy the summer months outside, but also during colder or slightly wetter days too. The unique construction and design aesthetic from Markilux allow for full customisation of their products – meaning you can achieve the perfect look for your home and make sure that your garden is truly an extension of the indoor space.

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Available Awning Types

The Markilux collection presents a wide range of available awning types for nearly any setting. Patio and balcony retractable awnings provide a convenient way to enjoy the great outdoors with customisable shading solutions that can be expanded or retracted as needed. Conservatory or glass room awnings add extra personal taste without compromising on function, allowing you to colour coordinate your conservatory in perfect style. For balconies and warm exterior spaces, external vertical blinds offer discreet protection from sunlight, rain, and intrusive winds that can otherwise make your outdoor activities less enjoyable. Of course, large open space areas such as gardens naturally need additional coverage – Markilux offers specialised awnings specifically designed for these larger settings!
markilux type 2
Patio and Balcony Retractable Awnings
markilux type 3
Conservatory Awnings
markilux type 1
External Vertical Awning Blinds
markilux type 4
Awnings for Open Space

German Design

Manufactured in Germany

Markilux awnings stand apart when it comes to performance and quality, assuring customers of German engineering and technology that is built to comply with stringent European safety standards. Not only are they reliable and safe products made with quality materials, but they also boast a striking design perfectly suited for custom installations that give each home or commercial establishment its unique look. From elegant styles like pergola structures to sleek designs perfect for closed patios, Markilux offers something for any external setting. In addition, their superior stock ensures an environment free from daily stresses like safety or reliability issues. So if you’re in search of superior shading at a great quality-to-price ratio, look no further than Markilux: experience the difference German engineering brings today!
Made in Germany

Why choose Markilux awning shading?

Durability and Quality

Markilux products are made to last. Every product is crafted in Germany using only high-quality materials and tested extensively before being released onto the market. This ensures that your Markilux product is built to withstand years of use without any noticeable wear or tear. Plus, with its corrosion-resistant finish, you can be sure that your Markilux product will stay looking as good as new for years to come.

Multi-Functional Design

The great thing about a Markilux product is that it can be used in multiple ways. For instance, you can use the Markilux system to protect your home from the sun and rain at the same time! With its adjustable arms and tilt-able panels, you can easily adjust the system so that it provides maximum protection from both elements—all while still providing plenty of ventilation when needed. Additionally, many models also feature automated sensors so that they open and close automatically when needed.

Flexible Installation Options

Markilux products offer flexible installation options so you can install them wherever you need them. Whether you want to install them fixed to a wall or above your roof, a Markilux awning is designed to fit almost any space perfectly. Plus, with their sleek design and minimalistic look, they won’t disrupt the aesthetic of your home either!

Ideal for shading glass rooms

Markilux's products are the perfect choice for a glass room or conservatory. The fabric used in their sunshades effectively blocks out the sun's rays, keeping your glass extensions cool and comfortable during a hot, sunny day. Not only do they provide excellent shade from direct sunlight, but its highly durable fabrics also keep interiors free from glare and overheating. Plus, with a wide range of patterns and colours to choose from, glass rooms can be transformed into an inviting and relaxing patio or an enjoyable lounge space. Their fabric filters help to diffuse the light so you don't need to compromise on brightness and visibility even when shielding yourself from the sun's glare. Whether you're looking for the right material to shade your glass doors, windows or roof – Markilux awnings will extend your outdoors and make your space more comfortable whilst maintaining fresh air flow in the garden.

Markilux Awnings
Manufacture Origin
Manufacturers Warranty
5 years on frame / 2 years on fabric
Structural Profiles
Powder-coated Aluminium
Fixing Brackets
Aluminium/ Steel*
Power Connection
External or Internal socket
Nano Coated Polyester
Fade Resistant
Sun Protection
Water Resistant
Remote controlled
Control System
LED Lighting
Wind Sensors
*Model dependant

Markilux Collection one Colours

The Markilux product range is renowned for its large selection of colours, made to suit any style. Whether you’re looking to match existing décor or create something unique, you can find the right solution for you in Markilux’s huge selection of over 250 colour choices! You can explore solid classic colours that elevate traditional designs, or delve into bold patterns for a contemporary look. Whatever you opt for, you can be sure that all Markilux materials are UV-resistant and tested for longevity and durability, so your colour choice will bestow vibrancy and quality on your outdoor space for seasons to come! In addition to the vast colours available, there is also a selection of awning cloth qualities to choose from, so why follow the crowd?
Markilux collection one colours

Markilux Fabric Types

Markilux Sunbow
Markilux Sunbow
With tactile structures and beautiful effects, The Sundow awning covers stand out with classic colours and distinctive designs.
Markilux sunvas
Markilux Sunvas
The Sunvas awning cover collection is characterised by its natural look providing a robust feel with a subtle glow.
Markilux sunsilk
Markilux Sunsilk
With its beautifully smooth and standout glow, the Sunsilk awning covers impress with their one of a kind radiance.

Where can an awning be used?

Domestic homes

A Markilux cover is the perfect awning that can be used to provide shade in a variety of domestic settings, such as a garden, patio or even by an entrance door. It's perfect for covering an exterior wall or any kind of building and helps create more usable outdoor space that you can expect to enjoy all year round without ruining the architecture. They are able to extend the living area of your home – perfect for hosting intimate gatherings, be it breakfast with friends on the patio in the morning or dinner in the garden in the evening. With an awning installed outside, you'll no longer need to worry about unexpected weather changes – perfect for whatever event you may have planned!

Commercial properties

An awning can be used to provide desired shade to a private house or businesses alike, making them ideal for both domestic and commercial applications. Restaurants in particular can benefit from adding an awning, as it will help to complement the overall aesthetic of their site while providing much-needed shade for their guests. The ability to cover large areas often makes them more effective than table umbrellas. Awnings can also be used at hotels and other lodging sites, including pool areas - they are the perfect way to add personality to these spaces while still being practical and effective. Logo printing can even be applied to an awning in order to really amplify the desired design element and attract additional customers. No matter what use they are put towards, awnings are always sure to make a welcome addition that provides shades and extra seating space as well.


Awnings are becoming increasingly popular as a site cover solution and can be used practically anywhere. Schools in particular can benefit from an awning, as they provide sunburn protection to students and staff by creating shade over windows, doors and outdoor play areas meaning students don't have to worry about uncomfortable sun exposure during outdoor learning activities. Vertical Screens can also be supplied to further reduce glare and UV radiation.

Markilux Retractable Awning overview

If you are looking to upgrade your home with a sun protection system, then Markilux is an ideal option. The German-made products offer an extensive range of features that make them the perfect choice for any homeowner. Markilux patio awnings are the perfect choice for adding extra shade to your patio, garden, or terrace. From electric awnings with a 1-touch remote control to extendable patio awnings that can be adjusted manually to provide just the right amount of shade for outdoor seating areas, Markilux has everything you need to create a range of attractive shading options. Whatever size and shape of patio or garden space you have, Markilux sun-shading products offer reliable protection from the elements while substantially enhancing your patio, balcony, or terrace.

Markilux products are among some of the best sun protection systems on the market today. Not only do they provide durable quality materials that are built to last but they also offer flexible installation options that allow you to install them anywhere in your home without disrupting their aesthetic appeal. Plus, with their multi-functional design, you can rest assured knowing that your Markilux product will always provide maximum protection from the sun.

If you’re in search of great customer support, supply, and competitive prices when browsing for Markilux awnings, Azure Outdoor Living are here to help. Our customer-focused team takes pride in dealing with customer requests big or small and providing the highest customer service possible. We strive to make sure our customers are supported through their entire journey – from choosing the perfect awning to our expertise on installing it. Search no more and get in touch today with Azure Outdoor Living and see what we have in store.

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