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Prime Glass Veranda by Azure Outdoor Living

Our Prime glass roof is a modern and versatile veranda solution for both residential and commercial looking for a garden canopy. With a wide range of options tailored to fit your individual needs, The Prime offers lean-to variants as well as hipped or double-pitched models with flexibility unparalleled within our portfolio of glass roofs. Whether it’s extending the usage of your home patio or building an outdoor haven for your business, the modern and elegant designs of the Prime glass veranda will provide you with an all-encompassing solution guaranteed to increase the value and comfort of your dwelling whatever the weather.

Protection from the elements

Constantly worrying about the British weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your outdoor retreat. With a Prime luxury glass veranda, you can experience the climate in an entirely new way! This beautiful product can provide year round protection from rain and snow, as well as a boasting clean lines and a modern, attractive look. If you are looking for a contemporary alfresco experience its custom-built design allows you to further add sliding, folding or stacking doors. Every installation is made to order, so each luxurious glass veranda perfectly suits your patio area, home or business. Transform your outside area with our bespoke service and enjoy the best of both worlds – indoors and outdoors!

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Take your outdoor living space to the next level and start planning for a glass veranda project with us today! Connecting now can get you closer to creating an amazing, luxurious area in which to appreciate the outdoors.

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Standard Available Glass Roof Models

From your initial enquiry you can be sure that at whatever scale your project might be, we will find the best possible solution for your needs. From our variety of standard models to custom solutions that are tailored to larger and more intricate projects, our experts promise to provide the best quality options for our happy customers. We are devoted to finding reliable high-quality solutions that perfectly fit the purpose of any project. Azure Outdoor Living knows how important it is for our customers to get the exact veranda solution they require and strive to ensure that all their goals are met with a successful result.
*Model 5 is only available on request due to its individual design and determination of static loadings
Hawaii 80 Model 1
Hawaii 80 Model 1
Hawaii 80 Model 2
Hawaii 80 Model 2
Hawaii 80 Model 3
Hawaii 80 Model 3
Hawaii 80 Model 4
Hawaii 80 Model 4
Hawaii 80 Model 5
Hawaii 80 Model 5
Hawaii 80 Model 6
Hawaii 80 Model 6
Hawaii 80 Model 7
Hawaii 80 Model 7

Swiss Design

Engineered in Switzerland

We utilise the highest quality materials and advanced Swiss engineering to guarantee the excellence of our glass verandas. Each structure is crafted with precision to meet strict European safety standards, ensuring that consumers receive a reliable product. Whether you opt for one of our bespoke Prime glass roofs or choose to add any of our optional glazed screens, each veranda system is available in various sizes perfect for custom installations and designed to match any architectural style. With these features, combined with the assurance that comes with Swiss engineering, you can trust us to provide an extraordinary environment free from worries of safety or reliability. Allow us to prove why we offer nothing but exceptional performance and quality, making our elegant glass verandas a great alternative to German engineered variants. Our roofs are truly second to none when it comes to strength and comfort .
Swiss Engineered 1

What Distinguishes an Outdoor Living Space?

Flexible design

Our prime veranda system is renowned for its flexibility, quality design and detail. From the square-edged modern classic to the rounded facia, you can choose your perfect solution. Add to this the optional integration of external shading, two different down-pipe styles to manage rain fall, and our glass canopy overhang on the front of the structure, and you can create a unique look that provides added protection against natural elements. As one of the UK market-leading veranda installers, we understand what it takes to build a well-crafted solution – and we are proud to be able to offer high quality products as part of our comprehensive range. Whether you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your premises or something more weatherproof, a prime veranda from us will be sure to satisfy you.

built to last

Our patio verandas are specifically engineered to offer lasting strength and durability. Our unique joining solution allows for a secure build, while powder-coated aluminium extrusions and steel profiles are used to ensure both aesthetic beauty and structural balance. You can feel rest assured that our constructions meet European regulatory compliance standards, giving you the guarantee of durability over time and through any climate. We are proud to offer top-quality verandas that promise longevity as well as a pleasing visual presentation.

Unparalleled Dimensions

Our glass verandas are the perfect choice for home or business owners seeking an elegant solution to their space needs. With unprecedented dimensions of up to 6.7 meters on 2 support posts and limitless widths with additional vertical posts, you can customise your glass veranda to meet the exact design requirements of your project. Constructed with robust methods, these verandas offer superior resilience and will withstand a range of climactic conditions from snow to strong winds, when in most cases you would have to go inside. As a key benefit, they come with an impressive surface loading of 3.5 kN/m² which gives you complete confidence in their durability. Enjoy creating inviting boutique seating areas or other features such as hot tubs and spas using these luxurious glass verandas – providing you with beautiful relaxation spots!

6.7m without a middle post (unlimited length with post additions)
Max 6m
Pitch Range
Glazing Thickness
8–35 mm
Rafter Types
95, 135, 165mm (dependent on structure size)
Eaves Beam Type
130, 170, 205, 240mm (dependent on structure size)
Vertical Posts
80mm x 80mm
Vertical Glazing
Bifolding doors, Sliding doors or fixed glass walls
Dual Colour
Integrated LED Lighting
Roof Vents

Bring your garden canopies to life with colour!

Bring your veranda to life with one of our custom colours. Featuring an array of 15 popular shades in our Trend Collection and 33 stylish shades in the Individual Collection, you are sure to stay on trend with your choice. When desiring something truly unique and distinct, why not opt for the Undeniable Colour Collection or any RAL Colour? The combination of fashionable shades with this unparalleled range of colours will ensure that your dream creation will come alive with maximum style and flair. Don’t let yourself be restricted when you can simply explore this vast selection offered by Prime – bringing life to your space has never been easier!
RAL colours

Prime Veranda Options

Adding optional extras to your luxury veranda system can truly elevate its look and improve its usefulness. LED lighting can create an inviting atmosphere even at night, and glazed walls or doors offer extra protection from the elements. Motorised shading provides yet another layer of security and privacy, while also allowing you to manage how much natural light comes into your sleek yet modern structure. Do your research to identify what enhancements best match your lifestyle, and make sure to add the features that work for you so that you can enjoy your veranda in all its glory with subtle elegance!

Where can Prime Glass Verandas be used?

Making the right decision to invest in a canopy for your home can be an excellent way to upgrade and add value. A well-designed veranda provides comfort, shade and protection from the elements while also offering an aesthetic appeal to the outside of your property. With feature addition such as solar control glazing with modern designs, materials and other technologies, you will be able to add extra kerb appeal while also enjoying a secluded outdoor area with peace of mind whatever the weather. Investing in a garden canopy can bring you all these benefits and more, so it is definitely worth considering!

Entertaining Guests

Hosting guests can be a magical experience, and a Prime Veranda helps to take that atmosphere even further. This elegant addition to your home provides all the convenience and comfort of an indoor party while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors year round. Not only do you gain a cozy spot to entertain family and friends, but you also get picturesque views and lovely light streaming in, creating an inviting atmosphere. With such a special backdrop, it’s easy to create lasting memories with your friends or loved ones that will be treasured for many years to come.

Relaxing with Family

Creating quality family time doesn't have to mean expensive trips or fancy outings. A stylish veranda can be the ideal place for a family to gather, relax and enjoy precious moments together. Not only will it provide the perfect view of the outdoors, but with adequate seating, you can ensure that everyone is comfortable enough to engage in conversation. Additionally, the luxurious exterior design adds beauty and elegance to any home, serving as a reminder that taking time out for relaxation is possible without having to leave your own house. By opting for a veranda you'll have the assurance of quality time with those closest to you—turning "family time" into one of the highlights of your week!

Commercial investment

Our luxury Prime verandas offer business owners an attractive and sensible way to improve their premises. They bring in natural light, making indoor spaces brighter and inviting, while providing excellent shelter for customers. With the options to tailor it to your exact requirements, you can make sure that your veranda is adapted to fulfil the necessary commercial uses - from adding outdoor ambience to bars and pubs to transforming hotel atmosphere or creating a luxurious wedding venue spot. Furthermore, our bespoke services mean that maintenance is a breeze, ensuring longevity of your investment with minimal effort required. All things considered, our prime verandas are a great choice for any commercial space.

Prime Overview

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space, then a glass veranda is an ideal solution. Each one is individually designed and requires minimal installation time and hassle free assembly – typically, these garden canopies in many examples can be installed onto an existing house wall in just a a few days! You have the choice of widths up to 6.7m with just two posts or an unlimited length with additional posts and a maximum projection of up to 6m – that’s plenty of space for outdoor dining, drinking or simply relaxing in the sun. On top of that, most installations full under the permitted development rules which means you generally don’t need planning permission. It’s all so effortless and with such stylish designs on offer including the option to upgrade to full glass rooms, you’ll fall in love with your new veranda instantly! Why not get in touch today and have your dream veranda installed by Azure Outdoor Living .

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