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Aluco Steel Look Windows by Azure Outdoor Living

Beautiful Aluminium Steel Look Windows

The Window Collection from Aluco takes traditional steel window aesthetics to the next level, producing meticulously designed solutions with a stylish industrial finish to suit your exact specification. Its authentic design features such as high window security and slim glazing bars truly set it apart from the competition and provide almost limitless design possibilities. You can choose from an array of colours, single or dual depending on your preference, as well as a range of handle options from classic art deco to contemporary. All of this means that you get maximum natural light, along with superior thermal, security and weathering performance. Aluco’s exceptional range of Windows are designed for those that want a window system combining cutting-edge technology and lasting quality.

Your trusted official Aluco Steel Look Window installer

Finding a bespoke solution for high-performance architectural glazing solutions can be difficult, and getting a quality design, installation and service can seem impossible at times. Fortunately, customers looking to update their homes have Azure Outdoor Living, we are an approved installer of the unique Aluco steel-look doors, windows and industrial-style glazing. This range benefits from having the styling of a steel window with the advantage of being low maintenance and is available in various designs and colours to match any home’s style. Not only that but here at Azure Outdoor Living, we provide professional services throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex – as well as further afield! Through our precise attention to detail, we ensure that each window and door we install is customised exactly to your specifications. Whatever you’re looking for in terms of style or function, you can be sure that we will provide the perfect solution for all your needs.

Azure x Aluco

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British Engineering

Steel look windows made in Britain

Aluco’s iconic steel-look windows are the perfect solution for anyone searching for sleek, stylish and on-trend glazing. Produced with high-quality materials right here in Britain, these revolutionary products can be tailored to fit any space and come in several different finishes. Becoming increasingly popular due to their superior craftsmanship and versatility, these windows have been guaranteed to withstand the elements while still being able to add a touch of style to your home. Not only will they lend an atmosphere of sophistication, but you’ll also receive an extensive guarantee of quality so you can be sure that your purchase won’t let you down. With Aluco’s exclusive range of designs, styles and sizes available, you’re sure to find something that suits your exact needs.
made in britain

Architectural Glazing Solutions

Stunning collection of traditional and contemporary Steel Look styles

When it comes to home decor, steel windows have long been a classic choice. However, if you want to step your living space up to the next level then think about swapping out your windows for Aluco's aluminium range. Not only are they visually stunning and blend with any decor style, but they also add an eye-catching feature that will definitely wow your guests. For even greater impact and luxury, effortlessly combine these stylish aluminium windows with fixed steel look screens - an unbeatable combination of beauty and quality. Whether you’re avoiding the cold draft in winter or keeping the hot sun off in summer, now there’s no better way to make an elegant statement than Aluco aluminium windows.

Minimalist metal frames

Aluco aluminium is renowned for its commitment to producing aesthetically pleasing solutions, yet created with precision and the utmost attention to detail. The Steel Look Minimalist Metal Frames fulfil this purpose perfectly. Designed with both modern style and functionality in mind, they provide an excellent architectural glazing solution while adding a stunning touch of minimalism to any space. Their slim frames create a naturally smooth connection between indoor and outdoor living without compromising on performance; they utilise advanced construction techniques which ensure lightweight yet resilient builds every time. Stylish and reliable, Aluco's metal frames are the ideal choice for projects where visual impact and interior convenience are equally important.

Match Steel Look internal screening systems

For a truly unique look, the pairing of steel-look windows with matching art deco steel-look internal doors or a stunning sliding door system can give a home an eye-catching architectural style. Aluco industrial steel windows offer superior protection and beauty, while the art deco internal screening systems and accompanying doors add a sophisticated touch. The blend of these two designs creates a harmonious theme that can make any space look chic and modern. Ideal for those who seek a stylish adaptation of their homes, merging the sleek steel with classic art deco pieces will provide an incomparable finish in any residential setting.

Aluco Windows Specification

Steel Look Windows
Thermally broken aluminium
Manufacture Origin
U value as low as 1.4 (W =1.4k/m2)
Toughened or Laminated
Triple Glazing
In-glazed blinds
Frame Finish
Huge range of colour options
Handle Finish
Comprehensive range
Side Hung Max Width
Side Hung Max Height:
Top Hung Max Width
Top Hung Max Height
Fixed Max Width
Fixed Max Height
Typical Sight Lines
Panel Thickness
Multipoint security locking

Choose the colour for your Windows and Doors

When it comes to steel replacement windows and doors, you have the power to choose a style that truly reflects your home’s personality. Aluco’s Steel Look Colour collection is here to help. With various colour and finish options available in three distinct ranges — Statement, Classic, Heritage, and Luxe — you can create a unique look that is tailored to your design needs. Each range has its own selection of vibrant colours and finishes, offering more than just traditional colours. For an extra touch of creativity, the dual-colour option allows you to pair internal and external frames in contrasting shades for a show-stopping effect. Design your perfect look with Aluco’s Steel Look Colour collection today!
RAL colours

Where can I use Steel Look Windows?

Iconic replica Steel look glazing for businesses

Steel-look Aluco windows are the perfect choice for businesses that need to make a statement with unrivalled aesthetics. built specifically with precision and attention to detail, they offer fantastic timeless style that won't go out of fashion. Whether you're looking for a jaw-dropping design feature in restaurants, bars, hotels or cafés, this iconic Aluco product provides excellent strength and durability for commercial premises. Your unique space will be secure for years to come thanks to the advanced performance technology Aluco has engineered. Make an impact with steel-look Aluco windows and add class and sophistication to your décor.

Bespoke architectural glazing solutions

If you're looking for a superior product featuring slim sightlines to enhance your home, Aluco's external steel-look windows are a perfect choice. Not only do Aluco products undergo strict quality control, but they can also be individually customised to meet individual customer needs. With Aluco, you invest in reliable product performance coupled with exceptional design and attention to detail that sets Aluco apart from other manufacturers. Choose Aluco for peace of mind knowing that you will receive the highest standards of safety and durability with an individual touch.

Steel-look windows for heritage or listed buildings

Installing aluminium windows and doors from the Aluco product range in historic and listed buildings is a great way to maintain the original look and feel of these iconic properties. In addition to having frames that can match the slim profiles of traditional steel windows, Aluco also offers modern glass technology that provides improved insulation and soundproofing not achievable with older steel frame systems. These luxury frames provide an ideal complement to traditional steel-look doors and windows, while still taking advantage of current innovations. Aluco provides an ideal solution when considering windows and double doors for listed properties which need to suit their classic appearance. If you own a heritage or listed building, Aluco steel-look doors and windows are an ideal option for complimenting its style. Offering high-quality and visually attractive systems, Aluco strives to create meticulously designed solutions that will match the unique look of any building - old or new. With careful attention to detail, each door and window developed by Aluco is made sure to fit perfectly into the requirement of the specific structure. This precise service from Aluco can give your building an edge and transform it into a masterpiece.

Aluco Steel Look Windows Features & Benefits

Horizontal and Vertical Glazing Bars for Aluco steel look windows
With an Aluco bespoke window, you can choose multiple glazing options including horizontal and vertical glazing bars to give your home added style and sophistication with iconic grid-like designs. Innovative features such as slim lines and sightlines create a contemporary feel while substantial styles offer a classic aesthetic capable of matching your interior design. By opting for these glazing bars, you’ll be able to create striking effects that add a unique touch and artisan designs to your house. Whether you prefer modern minimalism or something more intricate, horizontal and vertical glazing bars enable you to make your exterior stand out with this bespoke solution.
Reeded Glass for Aluco steel-look windows
Aluco steel-look windows featuring reeded glass can help transform your space, adding texture and subtle illumination without completely blocking off openings. Great for when you need some extra privacy but want to keep bringing in natural light, the ridges give the effect of a modern and stylishly divided interior and exterior spaces with plenty of control over the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Perfect for creating an open plan look or separating rooms without completely shutting them off, Aluco steel-look windows with reeded glass are the ideal choice for any home design project.
Beautiful Window handle range
The stunning collection of Aluco window handles is a masterpiece in design craftsmanship, created to bring out the elegant beauty and charm of any living space that will delight customers. This range of unique handle designs adds a touch of flair to each window, making them stand out from the rest. Every single piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail, and made from top-quality materials that guarantee lasting performance. Take a look at this exquisite selection of handle designs and you will be pleased with the choice available – from classic modern styles to more artistic designs for those wanting something truly unique for their home. No matter which option you choose, there is no doubt that you will be happy with the result – beautiful handles that perfectly accentuate your windows!

Aluco Aluminium Windows Overview

Manufactured with exceptional product performance

Aluco aluminium windows offer a unique blend of modern convenience, thermal efficiency, and unmatched style that makes them highly sought after by homeowners. With fantastic insulation and strong frames, Aluco windows and doors capture a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic by taking inspiration from original steel windows in the industrial, Art-Deco or heritage style. They are constructed with the highest quality aluminium which offers greater durability and resistance to weathering than traditional steel windows. Plus, they come with additional features such as noise reduction, better aesthetics and advanced security options – so you can enjoy stylish protection without compromising on performance.

Unrivalled attention to detail

Aluco Steel look aluminium windows create an undeniably stylish silhouette and are a great choice for anyone with an eye for architecture. They are built with elegance, modern security and efficiency in mind, guaranteeing complete weather protection without compromising on product performance. Every Aluco product is individually crafted to meet your specific needs and desires, available as fixed or opening windows with slim sightlines. Your new Aluco windows can be perfectly complemented with matching external and internal steel-look doors, your choice of glazing bars and finished off with elegant period window furniture – all in the luxurious matt black finish you love. For any house – traditional or modern – Aluco windows add timeless style without ever sacrificing on security and energy efficiency. Discover why the bespoke window system from Aluco is becoming one of the most popular styles in new home builds and renovations today!

Aluco products are individually crafted for you!

Azure Outdoor Living supplies bespoke glazing solutions to customers across the UK that provide unrivalled design and aesthetics. Every single product is individually manufactured with unrivalled attention to quality, meeting your exact specification. We supply a range of windows that allow you to get the most out of your living space, by providing unique architectural glazing solutions. Whatever your needs, we have you covered, as every product comes with an Aluco guarantee to ensure we supply you with the best quality and creative designs.

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