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We have specialised in Bespoke Aluminium Structures and Glazing for 20+ years. Based in the heart of Norfolk but Installing across the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and even Western Europe.

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We have specialised in Bespoke Aluminium Structures and Glazing for over two decades. Based in the heart of Norfolk but Installing across the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and even Western Europe. Projects have ranged from a single window or door to complete property developments.

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Do you want to turn your dream of a luxury outdoor space into a reality? Azure Outdoor Living are here to help make this happen in just a few simple steps. Contact Azure Outdoor Living and communicate relevant details such as your product interest, project location, approximate sizes, supporting images, or plans.

As well as any other specifics that will help the design team put together an accurate proposal. If we need any more information or notice anything else that requires further discussion, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your project requirements in greater depth. You’ll then receive an email link with the digital interactive quotation from which you can add any optional extras.

Such as lighting, heating, shading, feature walls, and more. Once you build the quotation according to your budget, you sign it digitally and it will automate the project into our system. A professional surveyor will then come to your home and will plot all of the necessary measurements. Using the latest equipment, our in-house CAD team will use this information to repair your project, ready to be sent to production.

Azure Outdoor Living will keep you informed at every step and will be in touch with you to book a suitable installation date. Finally, our installation team arrives at your home and converts your vision into reality throughout the entire process. We are here to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have.

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Stuck for ideas or looking for inspiration? A visit to our showroom is the best way to get a true understanding of what Azure Outdoor Living are all about.

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Based in the heart of Norfolk in the market town of Dereham, We have a fantastic range of products in our quirky boutique showroom. Ranging from Aluminium Pergolas, Glass Rooms and Glass Verandas, to Sliding Doors, Bifolding Doors and Windows.
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Most frequent questions and answers

Outdoor living refers to the practice of using outdoor spaces as an extension of indoor living spaces, allowing people to spend time and relax outside their homes. This can include outdoor furniture, grills, kitchens, fire pits, and other outdoor features that make outdoor living spaces more comfortable and functional. Outdoor living can be enjoyed year-round in mild climates and during warmer seasons in colder climates.

Indoor-outdoor living is a design concept that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces, creating a seamless transition between the two. This design trend has become increasingly popular in recent years and can include features such as large windows, sliding glass doors, and outdoor spaces that flow naturally from indoor living spaces.

The idea is to create a space that feels open and spacious, with plenty of natural light and fresh air. This type of design is particularly popular in warm, sunny climates where people want to take advantage of the outdoor living experience year-round. By bringing the outside in and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces, homeowners can enjoy a more relaxed and natural living environment.

Outdoor living has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the key ones:


  • Fresh air and sunshine: Spending time outdoors provides access to fresh air, natural light, and sunshine, which can have positive effects on physical and mental health.
  • Connection with nature: Being in nature can help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and increase feelings of well-being.
  • Additional living space: Outdoor living areas can be used for entertaining guests, cooking, dining, and relaxing, providing additional living space outside of the home.
  • Increased property value: A well-designed outdoor living space can increase the value of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.


  • Weather-dependent: Outdoor living is dependent on weather conditions, making it less accessible during cold or inclement weather.
  • Maintenance: Outdoor living spaces require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition and looking their best.
  • Insects and pests: Outdoor living spaces can attract insects and pests, which can be a nuisance and require pest control measures.
  • Expense: Building and maintaining an outdoor living space can be expensive, depending on the design and features chosen.

Overall, outdoor living can be a wonderful addition to any home, providing additional space for relaxation and entertainment, and enhancing the overall value of a property. However, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully before investing in an outdoor living space.

Building an outdoor living space in the UK requires careful planning and execution. Here are some steps to consider when building an outdoor living space in the UK:

  • Assess the space: Determine the size and shape of the area where you want to build your outdoor living space. Take into account the existing features, such as trees, slopes, and any other structures.
  • Choose a design: Decide on a design that fits your budget, lifestyle, and preferences. Consider features such as outdoor furniture, fire pits, and lighting.
  • Check regulations: Make sure to check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits before building. This may include planning permission, building control approval, and compliance with building regulations.
  • Lay foundations: Lay foundations for any structures or features you plan to install. This may include decking, patios, or pergolas.
  • Install features: Install any features such as furniture, lighting, heating, and cooking equipment.
  • Landscaping: Consider landscaping features such as planting beds, garden paths, and water features to enhance your outdoor living space.
  • Maintenance: Plan for regular maintenance of your outdoor living space to keep it in good condition and looking its best.


It is recommended to consult with a professional landscaper or outdoor living specialist (like us) to ensure that your outdoor living space is built to the highest standards and meets all local regulations.

We are Nationwide creators of Outdoor Living areas and experts in Architectural Aluminium & Glazing. We have specialised in Bespoke Aluminium Structures and Glazing for over two decades. Based in the heart of Norfolk but Installing across the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and even Western Europe. Projects have ranged from a single window or door to complete property developments.

We help our customers with a range of outdoor living spaces requirements including; Pergola, Glass Rooms, Glass Veranda, Pool & Spa enclosures, Carport as well as any other outdoor structure. We are not limited to only product offerings as we come from a bespoke glazing background, so we also do Bi-folding doors, sliding doors, slide and stack doors, glass partitions, windows and glass roofs and well as different forms of external shading.

There are many sites offering great outdoor living ideas with some beautiful products and finishes such as fire pits, water features etc which are items we do not offer so we felt it important to make our customers aware of the accessories we do offer.

The only accessories we offer with our structures are:

  • Infrared heaters
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • External Shading
  • Composite clad walls (Integrated within our structure)
  • Artificial Living walls (Integrated within our structure)

When it comes to having Azure Outdoor Living install a bespoke structure for our clients, there are certain things that are expected of them to take care of beforehand. While our team of experts will handle the installation process, any necessary preparation work needs to be carried out by other professionals like landscapers or general builders. Additionally, clients are responsible for providing final finishes such as floor coverings and electrical connections if they want lighting installed inside the structure. By taking care of these tasks ahead of time, clients can ensure a smooth and efficient installation process, resulting in a stunning outdoor space that they can truly enjoy.
The reason we ask this of our clients, is while we do work on projects nationwide, we do not have relationships with local merchants. This means that our costs are often higher because we are working away from our usual suppliers. And while we can certainly lay a concrete base or perform other tasks ourselves, it’s often more cost-effective for clients to source these tasks locally. By understanding these expectations from the outset, we can ensure that our clients are fully prepared and fully satisfied with the outcome of their home renovation project.
As system installers, we take great pride in offering a fully bespoke survey, drawings and supply installation package. With our comprehensive process, we ensure that the installation of your desired system is hassle-free and seamless. Our fitting teams arrive on site with all the necessary goods in a van or trailer, ready to start work straightaway. At every step, we work to understand your individual needs and requirements to deliver a solution that is tailored specifically to you. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail has made us a trusted partner for many satisfied clients who have experienced the benefits of our top-notch installation services.

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