GSS17 Slide and Stack Doors

Ingenious frameless sliding doors

The GSS 17 Glass Wall System is ideal for creating a combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces while offering the highest level of visibility. All individual panels have the ability to be stacked, moved, and folded inward by 90° to create an outdoor entrance or living area. The top-hung glass wall system is engineered with precision-rolled wheels and a bottom profile track which allows each panel to glide effortlessly. The four-point lock system provides strength, stability and durability for this wall system and ensures that the glass surface fits without interruption from any heavy aluminium profiles. A distinctive feature of this system also lies in its elegant black-anodised profile which highlights further the harmonious look of the glazed surfaces.

Slide and Swing doors for maximum functionality

These slide-and-turn doors are a great way to maximise any space to its full potential. They allow for dynamic and flexible areas, as well as airiness, privacy, and lightness. Their roller technology enables smooth operation of the panels and special guides ensure that the panels are securely placed at the 90° parking position. This system also features concealed fixings and frameless glazing which creates an elegant look – making it stand out from other doors and products on the market. In addition to its attractive aesthetics, its easy-to-use handle connects directly to an innovative spring mechanism in the panel profile which combines comfortable usage with durable components. Once connected, the 90° rotation unlocks the active opening panel so it can easily be opened like a traditional door.

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Available Configurations

Our Slide and swing door system offers a range of available configurations that will give you more space. Unlike traditional door systems, they stack compactly on themselves when fully open to maximise space in any area, and can also be fully closed without the use of hinges thanks to tracks that enable full opening and closing with ease. Stack every panel to one end or opt for a central opening. To tailor your unique setup, choose a master door that will fold open for the optimal single entranceway— giving you the perfect match for both aesthetic and practical needs.
Straight GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living
Straight GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living
135° around the corner GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living
135° around the corner GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living
90° centred opening GSS17 Azure Outdoor Livin
90° centred opening GSS17 Azure Outdoor Livin
90° around the corner GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living
90° around the corner GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living
90 270° individual solutions GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living 1
90 270° individual solutions GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living 1
90 270° individual solutions GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living
90 270° individual solutions GSS17 Azure Outdoor Living

Swiss Design

Engineered in Switzerland

Our slide-and-turn doors offer the perfect blend of innovation and strength, enabling you to enjoy a high level of flexibility while keeping your home looking beautiful. Top-grade materials are used to engineer each part with precision, allowing them to fit seamlessly into any exterior architecture without compromising on quality or performance. The technology that goes into the construction of these frames guarantees superior craftsmanship in every design. Strict European safety standards ensure that you have peace of mind when using our products, giving you the confidence that these walls will last for years with dependability. Look no further –our Swiss-engineered frameless glass walls deliver an unbeatable combination of functionality and style.
Swiss Engineered 1

Innovative Slide and Stack Doors

The ideal patio door for your glass room

The GSS17 slide-and-turn doors are the perfect choice for your glass room. With their streamlined design and clever engineering maximise space without compromising on style. With narrow sight lines, the doors almost disappear into the background, letting in maximum light and allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views. On top of that, these innovative doors can be opened with ease, making it simple to move between spaces hassle-free. With their modern design and functional features, the GSS17 can offer both practicality and elegance - transforming your glass room from ordinary to extraordinary!

Panoramic Sliding Glass Doors

If you are looking to create beautiful narrow sightlines between your home and the outdoors, our frameless single-glazed panoramic slide and stack doors are just what you need. Their one-of-a-kind glazing systems keep noise pollution and inclement weather at bay as well as providing a stunning view of your exterior environment. A bonus is that they boast nearly imperceptible structural lines, allowing for an almost seamless effect, in addition to a minimalist appearance due to the lack of visible supporting elements. Our truly unique product is perfect for usage on balconies or garden glass rooms, with the clarity of far-reaching views, but it also works great indoors when customised into glass partitions or other internal uses such as room dividers.

Glass Partitions promote solar gain

Taking advantage of the sun's energy can be beneficial in several ways, and with the right glass partitioning system, you can make the most of it. Our full glass partition systems offer superior conductivity, making heat transfer more efficient and allowing more natural daylight. These frameless single-glazed units are made of 8-10mm toughened glass, providing an exceptionally high-performance construction element that offers excellent solar gain capabilities. As such, you can use free warmth from solar radiation to heat your space during colder months without having to resort to costly heating. By opting for our specialised glazing system, you get to enjoy both money savings on utilities as well as renewable energy sources for warmth and light.

Max Track Length
24 meters
Panel Width
300mm up-to 900mm
Panel Height
600mm up-to 2700mm
Max Panel Weight
1 Monorail
Flush Floor Track
Option available
Max Number Of Panels
7 per stacking area
Available Configurations
90° to 270°
Glass Type
8-10mm toughened (ESG) Clear or Satin (Obscured)
Yes (Installed options available)
Handle Types
Stainless Steel
Point Load
Top hung
Dual Colour

Choose from a world of colour!

With the GSS17’s frameless slide and stack doors, you can easily have the ability to make your project stand out from the rest. With our range of three distinct colour collections, you’re sure to find something to suit your style. The “Trend” Collection provides fifteen popular shades, while the “Individual” Colour Collection offers thirty-three fashionable ones. If even that doesn’t take your fancy, then there’s always the “Unique” Colour Collection choice – unique colours with an irresistible selection! But if none of that quiet matches what you have in mind, why not create your own look with the RAL Colours option? This allows you to truly bring your creative vision to life effortlessly. There’s no need to settle for a standard shade; decorate the aluminium on your frameless slide and stack doors to get a finished product exactly as you’d like!
RAL colours

Slide and Turn Door Features

90° parking space without guide arm
With the new innovative process, opening and closing the doors into the parking space is simple and efficient without the need of traditional bifolding door hardware or visible hinges, simply swing and fold! Each panel is rotated 90° through a special opening guide, allowing the panels to be extended and retracted without needing extra help from a guide arm. Horizontal rollers also make the extending and retracting of the patio doors easier, as if they were gliding over a smooth surface.
Contemporary External appearance
Slide-and-turn doors offer a stylish, modern design choice for doorways and balconies. The most noticeable feature of these panels is the glass panes, which are secured firmly to the frame around them by four screws. The frame is made up of a black anodised aluminium profile to enhance the aesthetic of the glass and add visual harmony – a natural anodised aluminium option is available too. Once installed, these doors present a sleek and elegant outside surface that will keep any space looking sophisticated yet functional.
Ergonomic Stainless Steel Handle
Our innovative slide-and-turn door is made with a practical stainless steel handle so that you can easily access your home or business. The handle is available on one or both sides, depending on what you require. With a gentle turn of the stainless steel handle, the two-point lock releases the door; all this is achieved due to a special steel cable actuation included in our design. This convenient feature ensures that you can enter your premises quickly and securely.
Double parking space
For those looking for the best solution for large opening areas such as restaurant seating, café entrances or balcony fronts, our specially developed double parking space on our slide-and-turn doors is the ideal choice. You can achieve an opening width of up to 12 metres with a single-sided stacking system, or even up to 24 metres with centred openings – all thanks to the capacity of 13 panels per parking side! Get maximum access and unbeatable convenience from this highly customisable sliding door solution that helps to make a statement in any setting.
two-point locking
Our Slide-and-turn doors come with a two-point locking feature which is a great way to keep your space safe. The panels are doubly secured with locks both at the top and bottom. Additionally, they’re comprised of stainless steel wire that ensures easy operation every time you need to get in or out. Wire tension can be adjusted at any time as needed, simply by using the adjusting (A) and fixing screws (B).
High quality roller technology
The GSS17 Slide and turn doors with impressive roller technology help create a seamless look while providing safety and stability. Manufactured from polyoxymethylene thermoplastic, these horizontal roller and sliders will guarantee long-lasting performance and reliable operation. Milled aluminium brackets added to the design ensure further stability and strength, creating an overall secure solution for a variety of interior and exterior design needs. By using this top-grade material, the application guarantees silent running as well as a smooth sliding operation to complete any room design vision from start to finish.

Bespoke Balcony Glazing

Added protection to any project

The GSS 17 has become a popular choice for balcony glass glazing applications in recent years, as homeowners look to enhance their lifestyles and add additional living space. Balconies can be fully enclosed, partially or fully opened up, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoor benefits while still reaping the protection from adverse weather that glass provides. Used properly, balconies can provide an extra layer of security and privacy, whilst also adding value and aesthetic appeal to any home - whether new builds or renovation projects - through the use of high-quality glass systems.

Add value to your development

An efficient balcony system can make a big difference to your refurbishment project. Whether you are building from scratch or updating existing structures, this carefully designed system is the perfect solution. The modern, elegant structural profiles enable an easy and fast installation for an array of applications. Not only does it look sharp, but it offers superior performance and durability, too. With its combination of function and aesthetics, this is the ideal choice for bringing added value to any development project.

Protection from the elements

Our Sliding and slide-and-turn systems offer a perfect way to keep your balcony protected from the elements, as well as providing adequate insulation from noises outside. By selecting a fully transparent glazing system, you can attain the desired level of protection while still enjoying an open and airy pergola feel or even turning it into a room whenever you choose. Plus, with their versatile design, these systems can be installed onto existing balustrades without any modifications or intensive labour. So if you're looking for an effective method to protect yourself and your balcony, then sliding and slide-and-turn systems are an excellent option.

GSS17 Frameless glass curtains overview

If you need a reliable non-thermal solution for glass rooms, balcony glazing or room dividers, GSS17 slide and pivot doors can provide the perfect option. As one of only a few companies to obtain the official RC3 certification, Sunparadise has developed these doors to achieve the highest standards of thermal insulation and air tightness. Perfectly crafted to fit within its environment while maintaining functionality and ventilation with a 2mm design gap between panels giving beautiful glass-to-glass edges these doors are ideal for providing sleek yet efficient access. The ease at which they operate ensures that each user can transform any space with a smooth and effortless transition.

GSS17 Frameless glass curtains offer a modern, minimalist look to any living space. Not only do they provide an open, airy feel to any area, but they also allow natural light to enter the room. As part of your home’s overall aesthetic, frameless glass curtains have many advantages. They are easy to install and maintain due to their lightweight nature and are typically available in clear or frosted glass for added privacy or reduced sun glare. With expert installation, these glass curtains provide increased flexibility and smooth operation along with improved energy efficiency year-round. With their unique design and many benefits, slide-and-turn patio doors can be just the touch that you need to give your home, balcony or business the perfect updated look.

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