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A glass room or louvered pergola ultimately offers a place to relax in an outdoor space. Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications and designed for those who want to maximize as much light and solar gain as possible in the daytime, and enjoy gazing at the stars, hosting parties, or relaxing in comfort in the evenings.
Getting a price is simple, just fill out our online web form or send us an email with your product preference and sizes, budget is optional but can be useful to enable us to tailor a solution to you. Providing the information you give us is accurate we can give you a fairly concrete price straight away. If you would prefer to speak to us on the phone, our technical team would be happy to discuss your project in greater detail and offer expert advice where required to ensure you find the best solution for your home. We do not use pushy sales techniques, and pride ourselves on giving honest, professional advice with prices that reflect our service.

Yes! You can discover the benefits and features of our product range in our state-of-the-art showroom located in the heart of Norfolk. Here you can discuss your requirements with our expert team who will give you the full run-through and help to specify the best products for your project in a comfortable environment.

Showroom visits are by appointment only, simply send us an email to info@azureoutdoorliving.com or give us a call on 01362 470770 to make your booking.

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Generally, the answer is no. Most of our outdoor structures fall within permitted development rights, similar to that of a conservatory. With that said there are a few rules to consider. If you are attaching a structure to the rear of your property, there is a maximum depth of 4m for detached properties and 3m for semi-detached or terrace houses. Should the wall-mounted structure be within 2m of a boundary there is a 3m total height limit, and if it is a freestanding structure a total height of 2.5m should not be exceeded.

You should consider that any structure being installed at your property, must not exceed more than 50% of the original land of the property including any other additional works previously carried out.

It is worth noting that via a neighborhood consultation scheme, structures may be able to extend 8m from the rear of a detached property and 6m from a semi-detached or terrace property. The local authorities will still need to be informed of this process through the prior approval application.

Finally, if your property is in conservation, green belt, or area of outstanding beauty, it is likely you will need to seek permission from the local authorities, however, this is likely to be granted with potentially agreed conditions such as colour and finish.

Should planning be required, the fee is generally £180 and is payable to the local authorities. We would recommend whatever your situation, that you contact your local planning authorities to discuss your project and seek final clarity. Further information can be found on:


This is very dependant on the conditions on-site and can vary from project to project. A full glass room will weigh more than a veranda or louvered roof. Different structures create different load points, as an example, a wall-mounted structure will spread an equal load between the house wall and the patio and therefore will not need as much groundwork as a free-standing module.

Generally speaking for louvered roofs or glass Verandas, concrete slabs of around 400mm square (ground condition dependant) usually suffice, with the foot brackets of the structure then bolted to the concrete using special chemical anchor fixings.

Sometimes this is not necessary if the existing base is in good solid condition, but full guidance will be given should you opt for a full site survey from Azure Outdoor Living.

Of course! At Azure Outdoor Living, we believe that colour is very important to architectural design. They can stimulate or relax us, conveying messages and moods alike.

We pride ourselves on having a huge range of customizable options on all of our structures. Depending on the desired product, you can choose your aluminium colour from the industry-recognized RAL pallet including textured finishes. In addition, we provide the possibility to pick from 17,000 colour combinations on your roof glass ranging from transparent, translucent, or solid colors that create just the style or ambiance you desire!

For our heating units, Infrared illuminators provide the most economical use of the charged energy in a zone or station heating. Revolutionary short-wave Infrared technology used in our radiant heaters guarantees comfort, feeling the warmth immediately after turning them on.

Our dimmable LED spotlights outperform incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and energy-saving bulbs across the board. They use significantly less energy, lasting much longer than other conventional lighting methods.

Optional integrated LED strip lighting is a perfect addition to any structure. Available with white strips or RGB for those wanting the ability to set the aura. The RGB lighting offers a great range of colour possibilities.

This is very much product dependant, although as a rule of thumb you can expect to wait 12-14 weeks from final order sign-off to your installation date.

All of our structures are rigorously engineered to ensure they meet every requirement necessary for the area they are to be installed. Once manufactured they go through a full quality check before being dispatched.

We will keep you in the loop as the process progresses.


Booking a survey couldn’t be easier. Once you have received a formal quotation from us and it aligns with your budget and expectations, we will kindly request that you return the signed order of intent along with payment of the nominal survey fee to secure your project.

The survey fee figure is a very small proportion of your overall project value and the payment that you make will be deducted from your first deposit payment.

It is this process that allows us to remain extremely competitive in the marketplace as we do not have expensive staff driving around the country offering “free surveys” that ultimately then means prices are inflated for the serious customers.

Our philosophy is to provide an upfront and honest service with our customer’s best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Unlike most companies, Azure Outdoor Living do not use salesman to measure on-site, our surveys are carried out by experienced, professional, and fully qualified, time-served surveyors.

It is not just a case of getting out a tape measure and taking some simple dimensions, we set up lasers to determine floor levels, low, high, and tight points, as well as checking everything for level, plumb, and square.

We offer a first-class service to match our quality products. After all, nobody likes nasty surprises on site when it comes to installation.

Generally, site surveys are carried out between 1-2 weeks after we have received a signed order of intent and nominal survey booking fee. We will be in touch to book a suitable date for you, and it is always advised that you or a nominated site representative is present during the survey to ensure that all questions can be answered that our surveyor may have.

Once the survey has been carried out, there is some additional time required to process all of the information, and once ready we issue the finalized order ready for approval.

Following on from the site survey, CAD drawings can be provided. They are not always necessary for the simpler projects, however for the more complicated jobs, we will produce drawings to help with both the manufacturing and construction process.

The drawings are of a high standard and can be used in conjunction with an architect’s plans should this be required.


Not always, but it is dependant on the level of works required before installation and afterwards. If you are having a full glass room installed, you may want to consider having a concrete pad poured to give you a foundation for the roof and doors, as well as a solid surface to place your exterior floor finishes such as tiles and slabs. It is more cost-effective if you seek a local contractor to carry out this element of the project, as they already have relationships with local suppliers etc.

Other things such as mains electrics will need a fully qualified Part P Electrician to connect optional extras such as heating, lighting, and roof motors to the mains power as this is required by law to comply with building regulations.

Any other requirements will be discussed and detailed at site survey stage, but if you are unsure about any element of the contract, just ask, we are here to help!

At Azure Outdoor Living, all of our installers are fully trained and time served within the industry. We believe it is vital that along with our high-end products there should be a top-quality installation provided. Like anything, No matter how nice the product is, it is only as good as the fitters that are carrying out the assembly.

We pay particular attention to important details like post & eaves beam levels, floor levels, and final finishes such as silicon or compriband tape in some instances. We also only use high-grade materials for our fixings and sealants.

You can rest assured you will never receive a substandard installation from us.

Installation times can vary from around 2 days to a week depending on the size and complexity of the project. Other variables like, glass doors or zip screens can add additional time to the install, but guidance can be given at the quotation stage.

The great thing about outdoor living structures is the speed at which they are erected, meaning there is no major disruption to your household and you can use your space virtually straight away!

Ultimately our ethos is not to rush the process but allow adequate time ensuring everything is perfect and you are happy with your investment for years to come.

This is dependant on the house type and product, however, they are generally mounted with a combination of Amo screws and chemical anchors. via an aluminium wall plate fastened to the brick or blockwork. We only use the best fixings to ensure a perfect, strong, and safe connection is made to the property.

In some rare instances, we will determine that your house wall is not suitable to take the load of a structure, but don’t worry we would then use a self-supporting system that only bears weight to the ground below.

Once installed we apply a flexible hybrid sealant between the structure and property making a waterproof long-lasting seal.

Post-Install Aftercare

All of our products are sourced from high-quality manufacturers and are built to stand the test of time. We, therefore, offer a 10-year guarantee on all aluminuim framework and glass (accept breakage), and a further fully comprehensive 5-year guarantee on parts and labour. All optional accessories such as LED lighting and infrared heating come with an industry-standard 12-month electrical guarantee.

We do not cover misuse of the products or expected fair wear and tear, although the risk of this is very minimal.

All of our products should be well maintained and cleaned regularly, this process will be explained by the installation team once everything is completed, but you can always get in touch at any time if further advice is required.

The maintenance is simple, with such procedures as cleaning the glass and aluminium framework, lubricating any moving hardware such as wheels & hinges with silicone spray, cleaning sliding door tracks of any debris, and keeping any gutters and downpipes clear from build-up and obstruction, etc.

This maintenance process is vital to ensure the longevity of the products and your year-round continued enjoyment.

In the unlikely event of any snags or issues, you are fully covered within your guarentee period, just give us a call or send us an email and we will come out free of charge without hassle to carry out any remedial works should they be necessary.

To keep in line with the required maintenance of your product we do offer a service and maintenance package. Prices start from £350 plus VAT per year and is on an annual rolling basis. Our engineers will come to site once per year and carry out a full clean down, lubrication of all moving parts, and any required adjustments should they be necessary.

If this service is of interest be sure to let our sales representative know and they will be happy to add it to your contract.

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