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Innovative Sliding Patio Enclosure

Why not take the opportunity to enjoy your garden and all it has to offer without worrying about unpredictable weather? With our Sliding Patio Enclosures, you can do just that! These garden rooms will keep any outdoor space usable no matter what mother nature throws at it.

The retractibility of this enclosure enables you to enjoy your patio in any type of weather throughout the year. It’s a unique solution for those who want an outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful, with no need to give up one or more seasons just because it rains sometimes!

Our durable roofs and vertical walls are perfect for opening up spaces without sacrificing functionality, thanks to their long-lasting quality. Not only are they Ideal for sunny days when you want to retract the conservatory roof and enjoy the nice weather, but they are also supreme at quickly closing to protect from the elements on windy and rainy days.

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Available Models

We have several Slide model variants available to meet your individual needs. Whether you are looking for a more budget-friendly polycarbonate version or a premium glass variant, we have a slide model that’s right for you.
Slide Essential
Slide Essential
Slide Premium
Slide Premium
Slide Ultimate
Slide Ultimate
Slide Ultimate
Slide Ultimate

Living Space with a twist

Innovative Design

The sleek range and modern design will create an elegant atmosphere for your patio. The straight lines and vast panels provide plenty of space to entertain guests in style or just lounge around in peace - it's all about how we use our outdoor spaces!

High functionality with maximum benefits

Think of all the times you've wanted to enjoy your veranda or patio but were afraid of rain or your conservatory roofs overheating. With our unique garden room, the whole enclosure can completely slide open giving you ultimate outside freedom, or simply slide closed to offer instant protection from the elements. What's more, it is easy to operate even for the elderly or children.

Great return on investment

Our sliding enclosures can significantly reduce heat loss from inside a home, so you'll save money on electricity costs whilst having all the benefits of extra outdoor living space. The greenhouse effect helps keep heat loss at bay by cutting down on unwanted heat escape, which means less energy wasted and happier homeowners! You can rest assured knowing that it will be more comfortable year round.

Multi-purpose patio enclosures

Entertaining Guests

The "Slide" is a top quality roof solution for homeowners looking to add an intermediate area between the inside and outside spaces of their property. It allows you to indulge in the things that make life worth living such as entertaining friends or family and relaxing by yourself at night with your favourite book on those cosy evenings.

Unique Solution

The weatherproof enclosure is perfect for hosting your next garden party. Each panel acts as individual sliding doors that can be opened or closed in seconds, making it easier than ever to react quickly when changes occur that might spoil the fun!

Covered outdoor dining area

What's better than enjoying a delicious meal cooked on an outdoor kitchen? Not much! But a rain-soaked evening will no longer ruin any more events in this beautiful space. The "Slide" patio enclosure brings people together to share memories and create new ones.

A fantastic investment for businesses

Our patio enclosures are an excellent addition to commercial applications because they can add worth in different ways, enhancing both appearance and property value for commercial applications such as cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

With Polycarbonate
With Glass
Minimum Rails
Maximum Rails
Hinged Side Door
* = Model dependant

Bespoke Modern Conservatory Design

Contemporary design

Unlike traditional conservatory shapes, the "Slide" has a slanted roof with clean lines and a slightly cubic appearance making it a highly desirable structure. The canopy frame is made from powder-coated aluminium, and the roof infills are compatible with either safety glass roof panels, or super strong Polycarbonate sheets. Furthermore, these structures are strong enough to withstand any weather conditions.

Fully Bespoke garden rooms

We have a range of bespoke, top quality retractable conservatory options to suit your specific needs and offer you more space. We design each new room individually for you, creating an extra space that seamlessly fits onto your house or business.

More natural light

Natural light is an important factor to consider when planning a new home improvement project. Each of our retractable patio enclosures is made from slender, but strong aluminium profiles, and a combination of either durable polycarbonate sheets or safety glass. The main advantage of these materials is the virtually unobstructed views that they offer from your house out into the garden. This has a positive impact on the light entering your structure and energy efficient solar gain, which has a money saving benefit ensuring your enclosure works for you!

Premium modern conservatory ideas

Lean to structure that ticks all the boxes

The Lean-to structures with vertical glass or polycarbonate walls allow you to maximise the interior space of the enclosure and increase its usability. Boasting possible roof heights of up to 3 meters, projections of up to 5 meters and limitless lengths, you can create the feeling of space within our contemporary conservatory.

Add interior space for endless uses

Add near year round living space to your home. A patio enclosure can make all the difference when the weather is unpredictable, but with our "Slide" patio enclosure you'll have complete flexibility to enjoy your space when it works for YOU.

Unique Solution

Favouring innovation, our "slide" glass room was awarded ‘Best Conservatory idea and design’. The enclosure's construction utilises two strong aluminium rails that act as tracks for the panels to slide. One is fixed to the house itself, while another secures it firmly in place onto the ground outdoors - allowing you quick access when needed most with changing weather conditions.

Choose your colour

We have a wide range of customisable design choices to ensure your enclosure is perfect for your property and the environment. You can choose from an array of colour schemes, as well as transparent or smoked effects if you opt for polycarbonate panels.

Main Frame colours

Antique Brown
Wood effect
Non standard colours available on request as an additional extra

Colour options for polycarbonate


Colour of sliding rails

Silver anodised

Where can I use a sliding glass room?

A retractable patio enclosure is a great investment for any homeowner or business owner who wants to make the most of their outdoor space. The key benefits of a retractable patio enclosure include extending your home’s useable space, saving money on energy bills, and adding value to your home. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your home, consider investing in a retractable patio enclosure today!

What is a retractable patio enclosure?

A retractable patio enclosure is a type of canopy that can be opened and closed as needed. This makes it a versatile option for those who want to enjoy their patio or deck while still being protected from the elements.

Can modern conservatories add value to your property?

Patio enclosures can add value to your home. This is because potential buyers will see the enclosure as an added bonus that they won’t have to pay for themselves. As such, it can be a selling point if you eventually put your home on the market.

Where can I use a sliding glass room?

Sliding glass rooms, also known as solariums, are a great way to add natural light and ventilation to any space. They can be used in both commercial and residential settings and come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any need. Here are just a few of the many ways sliding glass rooms can be used:

Rooftop Gardens

A rooftop garden is a great way to make use of unused space and bring some green into an urban environment. Sliding glass rooms are the perfect enclosure for a rooftop garden because they let in plenty of natural light and provide ventilation to keep plants healthy.

Pools, Swim Spas and Hot tubs

Sliding glass rooms are also popular enclosures for swim spas, hot tubs and pools. They not only keep debris and insects out of the water, but they also allow bathers to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about getting too cold. Plus, they can be opened up on nice days to let in a summer breeze if required.

Restaurant Areas

Sliding glass rooms are often used to create indoor/outdoor dining areas in restaurants. They can be opened up in good weather to let in the fresh air and natural light, making the dining experience more pleasant for customers. And when the weather is bad, they can be closed up to keep guests comfortable.

Slide Glass Garden Rooms overview

A sliding patio enclosure is a great way to extend your outdoor living space and add a homey charm to any garden. Installing one of these enclosures provides the perfect accompaniment to your deck or patio, giving you an area that is sheltered from wind, sun, and inclement weather but still has plenty of natural light. Not only that, but a patio enclosure can help increase the energy efficiency of your home since it prevents drafts and retains heat. Moreover, with an assortment of styles available, you can easily customise it to fit in with existing home architecture and landscaping. With a sliding patio enclosure, entertaining outdoors becomes easier and cosier than ever before!

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