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Telescopic Sliding Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

Extend your Swimming Pool and Hot Tub usage

An Azure Outdoor Living retractable swimming pool and hot tub enclosure creates the perfect balance between fresh air and protection against the elements. Whether you choose to open your leisure space to enjoy a cooling breeze in the summer or enclose it during colder seasons, you can swim freely in a safe and comfortable enclosed environment. The crystal-clear polycarbonate panels form both the walls and roof to keep out the wind, bugs, pollen and other debris while accentuating the view of your landscape. On cloudy days, these specially designed poly wall panels let in diffused rays that help warm up the area inside. With our pool enclosure, you can make the most of your garden all year round for a perfect outdoor experience.

Enhance your pool experience

Even those living in climates with short dry summers don’t have to miss out on the joys of their swimming pools or swim spas, as with telescopic swimming pool enclosures, you can make the most of any weather and enjoy your bespoke enclosures almost all year ! They provide superior insulation for extended hours of swimming, and gently filters UV rays during sunnier days to protect your skin; keep your pool clean and clear when there’s a storm outside; and protect you from rain and wind. What more could you ask for? Enjoy your outdoor time in comfort, whatever the outside conditions may be, with a pool enclosure – it will definitely extend your swimming season!

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Available Models & Design Options

Azure Outdoor Living offers a wide range of swimming pool enclosures manufactured to meet all of your needs. Standard sizes are a thing of the past, with all of the outdoor pool covers we install for our customers being completely bespoke. From the low-level series of enclosures that provide protection and sun coverage while still providing a more open feel, to the high-level enclosures made with strong and durable building components engineered to maintain the feeling of space and complete safety, we have a solution for every private and commercial swimming pool or hot tubs. With our custom designs, you are certain to find the ideal solution for your outdoor oasis.
Low Swimming Pool Enclosure by Azure Outdoor Living
Low Swimming Pool Enclosure by Azure Outdoor Living
Medium High Swimming PoMedium Swimming Pool Enclosure by Azure Outdoor Living
Medium High Swimming PoMedium Swimming Pool Enclosure by Azure Outdoor Living
Medium High Swimming Pool Enclosure by Azure Outdoor Living
Medium High Swimming Pool Enclosure by Azure Outdoor Living
High Swimming Pool Enclosure by Azure
High Swimming Pool Enclosure by Azure

What are the benefits of a Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure?

A telescopic pool enclosure is an investment in your leisure time, providing countless benefits. Not only does it make your pool easier to maintain, as you can keep out leaves and dirt, but it also extends your swimming season by keeping the water temperature regulated. In addition, it can even cut down on overall energy costs and save money – sources used to heat a pool without a cover can be very expensive and inefficient. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about making the dreaded journey in and out of the cold water again! Enjoy year-round swimming and relaxation while cutting costs with a bespoke enclosure.


Having a pool cover installed can offer many advantages for a pool area. They extend the swimming season, making it possible to use your pool from spring to autumn without worrying about temperatures getting too cold. Instead of staying indoors on a sunny day because of the temperature, you can simply slide open the enclosure behind your pool and enjoy the comfort and pleasure of a cosy swim. It’s also time-saving and easy to maintain with fewer water quality controls and less use of chemicals. Furthermore, due to enclosure, you will benefit from better water quality, constant water temperature during the night, easy manipulation and less water evaporation. Additionally, the increased solar effect means that you could even achieve free and eco-friendly warming of the water for reduced heating costs - just one more great reason why opting for a pool enclosure makes perfect sense!


Swimming pools are a lot of fun, but improper security can be dangerous and lead to accidents. Investing in a swimming pool enclosure can add a whole new level of safety while still providing an enjoyable time. Swimming pool and swim spa enclosures come with a complete fastening system that ensures the enclosure can withstand strong winds and bad weather conditions. The best part is that these enclosures are also lockable so you have full control over who has access to your pool including children and pets! Additionally, swimming pool enclosures provide skin cancer protection by cutting the impact of harmful sun rays, and protect your swimming pool from UV-rays and wind. Benefit from our tried and tested surface guide rail systems for added durability, as well as an air fresh safety system which helps safeguard your swimming pool from overheating on hot days. With all of these benefits, investing in a swimming pool enclosure will easily suit your needs and more!


A pool enclosure can be the perfect way to add a new level of aesthetic pleasure to your swimming pool, without losing the essential function and usability of the space. With a huge selection of options to choose from, you can find perfectly fitted and individually tailored solutions to suit your house and pool, with an optimal individual model selection. You have a choice of different options in terms of colours for both the aluminium structure and polycarbonate filling, helping you create an ensemble that fits with your environment. To add an extra touch of class to the result, you can also appreciate the elegant finishes of joints and connecting parts as well as clean, professional craftsmanship that makes it look all come together seamlessly.


A swimming pool enclosure offers our customers reliable protection for their pool year-round. The polycarbonate glazing that seals the enclosure is highly reliable, providing an air and water-tight seal. Moreover, the reinforced profile construction of the end panels ensures that the enclosure won’t loosen and need replacement after a certain period of time. The use of both single chamber polycarbonate and 10 mm and compact polycarbonate 4 mm allows you to optimise your enclosure for cost and efficiency. Harsh winter conditions can damage outdoor pools, but with the help of a swimming enclosure, you can reduce this risk significantly. Furthermore, they can aid in the protection of pool equipment and a reduction of chemical usage. In case anything goes wrong, you can count on comprehensive customer service, from question-answering before purchasing to unlikely remedial works post-sale. With our tracked enclosures, it’s possible to feel secure in your investment long after the installation is complete.

Open Pool Temperature vs Enclosed Pool Temperature

Installing an enclosed pool structure can offer many benefits like extended swimming season, reduced evaporation and chemical consumption, less debris in the water, and temperature control. It has been proven that enclosures are extremely effective in combating the factors that contribute to heat loss and they can actually raise the temperature of the water from 6 to 10 degrees Celsius. This terrific temperature increase has significantly lengthened swim seasons and usage of hot tubs by several months for both public swimming facilities, private pools and leisure zones alike around the UK. Moreover, the fact that it decreases the amount of evaporation occurring inside a pool means that you can experience warm temperatures without having to constantly battle against evaporative cooling.
Azure Outdoor Living Open Pool vs Enclosed Pool

General Swimming pool enclosure Specification

Sliding Swimming Pool Enclosures
With Polycarbonate
Yes *
With Glass
Minimum Rails
Maximum Rails
Hinged Side Doors
* = Model dependant

Choose your colour

We have a wide range of customisable design choices to ensure your enclosure is perfect for your house, garden and the surrounding environment. You can choose from an array of different colours, as well as transparent or smoked effects if you opt for polycarbonate panels.

Main Frame colours

Antique Brown
Wood effect
Non standard colours available on request as an additional extra

Colour options for polycarbonate


Colour of sliding rails

Silver anodised

Swimming Pool Enclosures FAQ's

How long does it take to install a swimming pool enclosure?

Installing a pool enclosure is one of the best ways to bring year-round fun and enjoyment to your outdoor area. However, it often requires some significant planning in advance, and one important detail is how long the installation will take. The duration largely depends on the size of the enclosure, as well as the type of foundation that needs to be constructed. As a general guide, however, installation usually takes between 1-2 days so you can start enjoying your new space quickly.

How much does a swimming pool enclosure cost?

Installing a swimming pool enclosure can be a great way to extend the time spent enjoying your pool, but it comes with an associated cost. The price of your enclosure will depend on various factors such as the chosen model, size and number of panels required and any extra equipment needed. Every project is unique and we are more than happy to provide you with a project quote so you know exactly what costs are involved; simply get in touch and our team will be happy to to help.

Is much maintenance required on telescopic pool enclosures?

Telescopic pool enclosures do not require a great deal of upkeep. All that is needed to ensure your leisure area remains in great condition is to jet wash it periodically and make sure there are no objects caught between the ground rails or on the swimming pool enclosure surface. If you invest in a quality telescopic pool enclosure from Azure Outdoor Living and look after it properly, you can enjoy many years of trouble-free use.

What is the warranty on telescopic swimming pool enclosures?

When it comes to choosing a reliable enclosure for your home, you can rest assured knowing that our product is designed for longevity. We guarantee the whole enclosure to last up to 3 years and the surface treatment of structural and ground profiles up to 10 years, while our polycarbonate can last as long as 15 years. Our product is designed with robustness and quality in mind so that you never have to worry about having an unreliable enclosure again.

Do you need to put a concrete base beneath the rails of the telescopic enclosures?

Installing a suitable concrete base on the ground beneath the rails of a telescopic enclosure can make a major difference in their operation. This is because it provides a smoother and easier glide for the segments as they move through, reducing any friction or jerking motion that you could potentially experience from an unlevel floor. A properly set up concrete basement allows for precision, accuracy and smoother performance, meaning users can anticipate high-quality results from their telescopic construction.

Swimming Pool Enclosure Overview

Installing a bespoke pool enclosure is a great option if you want to make sure that you get the most out of swimming or your hot tub area, regardless of the weather. Not only can it extend your swim season, but it’s also an effective way to regulate the temperature of your pool water since over 90% of heat loss in pools is caused by evaporation. This not only means you don’t have to invest in costly heating systems, but that swimmer will also have a suitable temperature throughout their whole swim.

Furthermore, it provides peace of mind for parents as young children and other small animals can navigate around the pool safely without being at risk of falling into the water when the panels are locked. Investing in a telescopic swimming pool enclosure is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to enjoy their leisure zone most of the year and make sure when there are colder days you won’t be forced to cover up and end the fun prematurely. Simply slide the panels along the rails for a smooth, near-motorised operation feeling!

Another added benefit is the optional addition of leisure doors in the side walls of the high enclosures that allow even quicker access. Other uses of our structures include hot tub enclosures and bespoke spaces for restaurants to create additional revenue as an alternative to more traditional glass rooms! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us transform your backyard into the perfect al fresco retreat!

Telescopic Sliding Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures​ FAQs

Telescopic sliding retractable swimming pool enclosures offer several benefits for pool owners and users. These enclosures are typically made of transparent or semi-transparent polycarbonate panels and can be opened or closed as needed. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Temperature Control: Installing an enclosed pool structure brings numerous benefits, most notably temperature control. Research has shown that enclosures effectively combat heat loss, increasing water temperature by 6 to 10 degrees Celsius. This significant temperature rise has greatly extended swim seasons and hot tub usage for public swimming facilities, private pools, and leisure areas throughout the UK. Additionally, by decreasing evaporation inside the pool, it allows for warm temperatures without the constant battle against evaporative cooling.


  • Energy Efficiency: By trapping heat and reducing heat loss, retractable enclosures can lower your energy bills associated with pool heating. They also minimise the need for additional pool heating systems, such as heaters or heat pumps, as they can generate free heat via solar gain. This not only helps your wallet but also helps the planet by reducing your carbon footprint too.


  • Enhanced Safety: Enclosures provide an extra layer of safety by keeping the pool covered when it’s not in use. This helps prevent accidents, especially with young children or pets, as well as debris from entering the pool.


  • Reduced Maintenance: Enclosures keep leaves, insects, and other debris out of the pool, reducing the maintenance required to keep the water clean. This also means fewer chemicals are needed for water treatment.


  • UV Protection: Many retractable pool enclosures are designed to block harmful UV rays while still allowing sunlight to filter through. This protects swimmers from sunburn and helps prevent fading of poolside furniture and accessories.


  • Extended Outdoor Living Space: When the enclosure is open, it creates an outdoor-like atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the sun and fresh air while still being protected from the elements. This versatility makes your pool area usable year-round for various activities.


  • Privacy: Enclosures provide privacy for swimmers, allowing them to enjoy the pool without feeling exposed to neighbours or passers-by.


  • Pest Control: Keeping the pool enclosed helps keep pests like mosquitoes and flies away, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience.


  • Customisation Options: Telescopic sliding enclosures come in various styles and designs, allowing you to choose one that complements your pool area’s aesthetics and meets your specific needs.


  • Increased Property Value: A well-maintained retractable pool enclosure can add value to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future.

In summary, telescopic sliding retractable swimming pool enclosures offer a range of benefits, including temperature control, energy efficiency, safety, reduced maintenance, UV protection, extended outdoor living space, privacy, pest control, customisation options, and potential property value enhancement. These advantages make them a popular choice for pool owners looking to make the most of their pool area year-round.

Retractable swimming pool enclosures are designed to provide flexibility in covering and uncovering your pool area as needed. They work using a combination of tracks, wheels, and a retractable roofing system. Here’s how they typically operate:

  • Roofing System: The key component of a retractable pool enclosure is the roofing system, which consists of transparent or semi-transparent panels made of polycarbonate. These panels are designed to allow sunlight to pass through while providing protection and insulation for the pool area.


  • Tracks and Framework: The enclosure is supported by a sturdy aluminium framework, that is anchored to the ground around the perimeter of the pool. This framework includes anodised tracks that guide the movement of the retractable panels.


  • Motorised or Manual Operation: Retractable pool enclosures can be operated either manually or with a motorised system. Motorised enclosures are more convenient and commonly used in larger installations, A motorized system typically involves the use of a remote control or a wall-mounted switch to open and close the enclosure. It is worth noting that our manual versions are effortless to operate, cheaper and better for the environment.


  • Telescopic Movement: The enclosure panels are designed to slide along the tracks in a telescopic manner. When you want to use the pool or allow more sunlight into the area, you can retract the panels by simply pushing the panels. This process allows you to fully or partially open the pool enclosure based on your preference.


  • Locking Mechanism: Retractable pool enclosures are equipped with a locking mechanism to secure the panels in place when they are fully extended or closed. This ensures safety and stability.


  • Ventilation and Climate Control: Our retractable pool enclosures have built-in ventilation options, such as single or double doors that can be integrated into the side of the enclosure for quick access. They are also useful to regulate air circulation and prevent condensation.


  • Pool Access: Our enclosures include the option of single entrance doors to allow easy entry and exit from the pool area when the enclosure is closed. The positioning and style of these doors is completely customisable.


In summary, retractable swimming pool enclosures work by using a system of tracks, wheels, and a retractable roofing structure to cover and uncover the pool area. They can be operated either manually or with a motorised system and are designed to provide a versatile and functional solution for pool owners, allowing them to enjoy their pool year-round while controlling factors like temperature, sunlight, and safety.

In the United Kingdom, whether you need planning permission for a swimming pool enclosure depends on various factors, including the size and location of the enclosure, as well as local planning regulations. Here are some key points to consider:


  • Permitted Development Rights: In many cases, small swimming pool enclosures may fall under “permitted development rights.” This means you may not need planning permission as long as your enclosure meets specific criteria regarding size, height, and placement. We should point out that you should always seek advise from your local authority on this matter.


  • Size and Height Restrictions: The rules for permitted development can vary between different local authorities. Generally, swimming pool enclosures should not exceed a certain size and height to qualify for permitted development.


  • Location: The location of the enclosure within your property can also affect whether planning permission is required. It should not be located forward of the principal elevation of your house, and there may be other location-specific restrictions.


  • Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas: If your property is a listed building or located in a conservation area, there are likely to be stricter regulations regarding swimming pool enclosures. You may need to apply for planning permission regardless of size or other factors.


  • Consult Local Planning Authority: To determine whether you need planning permission for a swimming pool enclosure on your property, it’s advisable to contact your local planning authority or check their official website. They can provide specific guidance and information on the rules and regulations that apply in your area.


  • Building Regulations: Even if planning permission is not required, you may still need to comply with building regulations. Building regulations ensure that the enclosure meets safety and structural standards.


It’s essential to seek clarification from your local planning authority to avoid any potential issues. Failing to obtain the necessary permissions when required can result in legal consequences and the possibility of having to remove the enclosure. Consulting with a professional architect or planning consultant can also be helpful in navigating the planning process and ensuring compliance with regulations in your specific location.

Yes, swimming pool enclosures are designed to work effectively in winter and provide several benefits during the colder months. Here’s how swimming pool enclosures function during winter:


  • Temperature Control: Pool enclosures create a greenhouse effect when closed, trapping heat from the sun. This helps maintain a warmer and more comfortable pool area during winter, extending the swimming season. It also reduces the energy needed to heat the pool, leading to cost savings.


  • Protection from Harsh Weather: Swimming pool enclosures shield the pool from adverse winter weather conditions such as snow, ice, rain, and strong winds. This protection helps prevent damage to the pool structure, equipment, and surrounding area.


  • Reduced Maintenance: By keeping leaves, debris, and contaminants out of the pool, enclosures reduce the amount of maintenance required during the winter months. This means less time spent cleaning and treating the pool water.


  • Safety: Enclosures provide an additional layer of safety by keeping the pool covered and inaccessible when it’s not in use. This is particularly important in winter when pools are less frequently used and may be at risk of accidents.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Many pool enclosures are designed to be visually appealing and can enhance the overall look of your outdoor space during the winter months.


  • Year-Round Use: With a retractable or partially open enclosure, you can continue to enjoy your pool area even in the winter. You can create a warm and sheltered environment for relaxation and leisure activities.


  • Snow Load Capacity: Quality pool enclosures are designed to withstand the weight of snow accumulation. They are engineered to handle the snow load in your specific region, ensuring the structural integrity of the enclosure.


  • Ventilation: Some pool enclosures are equipped with ventilation options to allow fresh air circulation while keeping the enclosure closed. This helps maintain air quality and prevents condensation build-up.


In summary, swimming pool enclosures are designed to work effectively in winter by providing temperature control, protection from harsh weather, reduced maintenance, safety, aesthetic appeal, year-round use, snow load capacity, ventilation, and lighting options. They offer a practical and versatile solution for enjoying your pool and outdoor space throughout the year, regardless of the season.

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