Bespoke Aluminium Pergolas

Enhance your outdoor experience with our versatile pergola systems. Designed to regulate temperature, sun-glare, and airflow, our pergola roofs provide reliable shade and protection from the elements. Plus, they come equipped with an internal guttering system to efficiently manage rainwater. With optional features like infrared heating, sliding glass doors, and shading screens, our bioclimatic pergolas offer the perfect investment for your outdoor space.

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Glass Rooms

Discover the ultimate outdoor living space for year-round enjoyment with our luxurious bespoke Glass Rooms. Crafted with a durable canopy frame made from powder-coated aluminium and steel profiles, these rooms offer unparalleled quality. Choose from toughened glass, laminated glass, or Polycarbonate roof panels to create the perfect roof for your space. Our structures are built to withstand any weather, providing peace of mind. Plus, we offer various side options and additional features to suit your personal taste and budget. Elevate your outdoor experience with our extraordinary Garden Glass Rooms.

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Bespoke Glass Verandas 

Discover the unparalleled versatility of our veranda glass roofs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner, our modern and traditional variations are the perfect garden canopy solution. With an extensive range of tailored options, including flat or lean-to designs, hipped or double-pitched models, our portfolio of glass roofs offers unmatched flexibility. Enhance your garden patio or create an outdoor haven for your home or business with one of our elegant glass verandas.


Bespoke Glass Partitions

Azure Outdoor Living’s Glass Partitions offer a sophisticated and personalised way to bring style and elegance to both the exterior and interior of your home. With sleek aluminium frames and a wide range of glass options, from timeless classics to contemporary trends, our bespoke products are crafted using state-of-the-art technology. Experience the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality as we create a seamless and airy living space that is bound to leave a lasting impression on all your guests.


Spa & Swimming Pool Enclosures

Experience the ultimate outdoors with an Azure Outdoor Living retractable swimming pool and hot tub enclosure. Enjoy the perfect balance of fresh air and protection from the elements. Dive into a safe, comfortable, and enclosed environment, where crystal-clear polycarbonate panels create a complete outdoor structure. Keep out wind, bugs, pollen, and debris while amplifying the view of your landscape. Even on cloudy days, our specially designed poly wall panels let in warm, diffused rays. Make the most of your garden all year round with our pool enclosure for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

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Stay cool and in control with our range of external shading products. Experience the perfect atmosphere in your outdoor spaces, home, apartment, or conservatories & Glass Rooms. Our made-to-measure systems are tailored for any project, ensuring a seamless fit. Rest assured, our blinds are designed with weather resistance in mind, guaranteeing durability against harsh conditions. Say goodbye to overheating and excessive sun – with our external shading, you can enjoy the outdoors worry-free.


Bespoke Aluminium Doors

Experience the ultimate solution for creating a spacious living area with our remarkable bespoke aluminium door systems. Uncover the power of energy efficiency in external door systems, achieved through an exquisite design featuring thermal breaks and insulation-filled cavities. Our products are engineered to perfection, ensuring long-lasting durability, while their aesthetic appeal guarantees a seamless fit in any room. Whether you desire the practicality of sliding doors, the elegance of bifolding doors, or the allure of slide and stack door systems or steel look doors, Azure Outdoor Living has got you covered.
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Bespoke Aluminium Windows

Experience contemporary design and superior glazing with our beautiful bespoke aluminium window collection. Our windows bring maximum natural light, exceptional thermal performance, security, and weather resistance. They go beyond the competition with unparalleled features like enhanced security certification and a Qualicoat marine-grade powder-coated finish. Create the perfect look for your home with endless possibilities in configuration and RAL colour preference  Elevate your style with a window system that combines cutting-edge design and enduring quality.


Feature Walls

Enhance your Home, Glass Room or Aluminium Pergola with our captivating feature walls. Choose from our faux living wall or revolutionary composite slatted wall solutions, combining modern and timeless style for a one-of-a-kind addition to your garden room, home, or business. Our solutions come in a range of colours, ensuring an eye-catching and stylish look. Plus, they are highly durable, standing the test of time without needing regular replacement. Discover the perfect option for you today.
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