Glass Room North Yorkshire

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Cubo Glass Room in North Yorkshire

This glass room project was the perfect example of a successful collaboration. The customer had already done their homework, and when combined with the help of experienced architects, plans for this project were able to be brought to fruition swiftly with no hiccups. The end result spoke for itself: a modern Cubo glass room delivered by our professional installation team with quality products sourced by us at Azure Outdoor Living. All these factors ensured that the customer received the best results possible and left them fully satisfied!

Our client was looking for something innovative to add to their development, so when they came across our Cubo garden glass room, they knew it would be the perfect addition. With its sharp corners and modern shape, it stood out from the traditional glass rooms on the market. By choosing this glass room, our client made sure that their new development was on trend and up-to-date. The glass house offers an elegant setting for them to enjoy their view of the garden, adding an extra touch of sophistication to their property.

This project in North Yorkshire features a stunning glass room that is truly remarkable in its size and composition. Spanning 8 meters in width and 3.4 meters in projection, the patio enclosure reaches an impressive height of 3 meters with ease – allowing it to achieve balanced proportions when situated alongside the larger dwelling. In addition, it provides the occupants with an unbeatable sense of space when sitting inside; giving them the perfect place to relax. This glass room is certainly one of a kind, and its design gains both admiration and enjoyment from all who visit.

The construction of the glass room was finished with a sleek and stylish coating; Textured RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey paint. To complete the look, integrated LED lighting in the rafters added an extra hint of brightness and modernity. This combination of colours and finishing touches perfectly complemented the glass walls for a unique and elegant aesthetic.

Our Cubo glass garden room addition has been a valuable solution for our client and their home. The glass structure adds visual interest to the living space, and introduces a contemporary aesthetic that is timeless. From its secure glass walls, our custom designed glass room allows natural light to enter while maintaining privacy within the living area. Our glass room is extremely durable, offering efficient solar gain contributing to reduced energy costs year-round, while adding significant value to the property. With this addition, our client has created an escape that offers both airiness and comfortability, perfect for long evenings with friends or family gatherings.

Project Specifics

Roof System: Cubo Glass Roof

Vertical Systems: GSW 17 Sliding Glass Doors and F42 Fixed Wall

Colour: RAL 7016 Textured

Width: 8000mm

Projection: 3400mm

Height: 3000mm


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