Glass Carport in Roxburghshire, Scotland

Cubo glass car port ferrari

We were recently approached to come up with a creative luxury car port for a client’s prized Ferrari in Roxburghshire – Scotland. We had been presented with an interesting challenge that we were excited to tackle.

Car enthusiasts often spend long hours poring over the details of their dream cars, and when it comes to protecting such a valuable asset, having the perfect car port is essential. A luxurious and secure car port can not only provide superior protection against the elements, but also add an extra touch of elegance to any driveway. From wooden beams to polycarbonate or metal roofing, there are countless options so owners can tailor their protective space precisely to their taste and budget, However, this car deserved more!

After several talks, the client opted in favour of a creative and aesthetically pleasing solution to their garage problem – building a glass box large enough to store their prized luxury vehicle. Not only would there be enough space but, thanks to the transparent Cubo glass walls, it would also create a stunning view of the car right at entryway. This way any visitor of the house would be able admire and appreciate this impressive piece of machinery as soon as they walk through the door. In addition, not being scared that their vehicle could suffer any damages while stored in the closed garage allowed them to enjoy more peace of mind.

It was clear early on that this project was especially important to our client, so we pulled out all the stops and worked to exceed expectations. From detailed drawings to inventive construction means, the resulting car port provided both a secure and impressive home for our client’s beloved Ferrari. Though challenges arose along the way, they were duly addressed with professionalism and care. As such, in the end our client was thrilled to have a functional storage solution without sacrificing form – their Ferrari has never been safer from natural elements and thievery!.

Working on the cubo glass box dream garage project was a wonderful experience. We took great pride in our work and made sure to custom tailor it to the client’s needs in order to make sure their luxurious Ferrari would have a safe, secure space to be displayed. Every step of the design process was deliberate and carefully considered in order to get every detail just right, as we wanted the result to be something truly special. We even suggested ways for them to secure the car port so that they would not have any security concerns when leaving their new pride and joy home alone. In the end, our efforts paid off, as we were ecstatic when we saw how our handiwork had transformed the client’s property into something unique – a beautiful glass-box dream garage that served as a perfect stage for their prized Ferrari.

Project Specifics

Roof System: Cubo Glass Car Port

Vertical Systems: GSW 17 Sliding Glass Doors and F42 Fixed Wall

Colour: RAL 6009 Fir Green

Width: 5500mm

Projection: 3500mm

Height: 2500mm


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