Cubo Glass Room in Norfolk, East Anglia

The recent collaboration between our professional team and a customer on the innovative glass room project in Norfolk, was a tremendous success. With the customer having already seen our Cubo system in the RHS magazine, we were able to quickly move forward working closely with an experienced architect who was familiar with the original home design. Our professional team then delivered a high quality Cubo glass room that impressed both the architect and the customer. Furthermore, our sourcing partnership with unique suppliers around the world assured that only top-grade products were used and resulted in results that surpassed expectations. We are extremely proud of this endeavour and believe it stands as a prime example of what successful collaboration looks like!

When our client started searching for something innovative to liven up their development, they found exactly what they were looking for in the popular RHS magazine. Our Cubo garden glass room was one of the options, and with its sharp corners and modern shape, it was quickly evident that our system was particularly distinctive compared to other traditional glass rooms on the market. Installing this product highlighted how decisions about design can make all the difference in terms of adding value to a property. Now, our client’s development is not only up-to-date and fashionable, but filled with a regal atmosphere owing to the elegant glass house that provides stunning views of their garden.

Boasting spectacular proportions, the glass room in Norfolk – East Anglia is a site to behold. Its clever design allows it to perfectly blend into its home’s surroundings whilst providing an impressive sense of space to those who spend time within it. Every piece of glazing has been carefully crafted, with 6.8 meters of width and 3.9 meters of projection working together to create an impressive sense of grandeur that is unrivalled by other outdoor enclosures. Due to this unparalleled level of precision, the glass room garners admiration from those who are lucky enough to experience it first-hand; offering a place for occupants to relax and admire the beauty of their home’s exterior. It is truly remarkable in its size and composition, making it one-of-a-kind while adding a touch of splendour wherever it stands.

By adding an extra layer of contemporary sophistication, it was vital that the construction of the glass room used a sleek and stylish finish. The textured RAL 9005 Matt Black paint created a wonderful contrast against the Norfolk redbrick walls. As a final touch, integrated LED lighting in the rafters delicately illuminates the space with its own glimmer of passion and refinement. Not only did this combination of colours and finishing touches perfectly complement the overall aesthetic, it also combined to create a glass room like no other – an elegant haven overflowing with uniqueness and charm.

Our client’s home is now more unique and captivating, thanks to the state-of-the-art Cubo glass garden room addition. Blending a modern style with on-trend functionality, the low maintenance structure provides a stable climate, while durable glass panels ensure maximum privacy but also let plenty of natural light in. As an added bonus, this improvement not only enhances the living space visually; it’s designed to reduce energy costs all year round whilst increasing property value significantly. With a new contemporary look and welcoming vibe, our client has turned this area into their personal sanctuary ideal for gatherings and special occasions with friends or family.

Project Specifics

Project Location: Norwich, Norfolk

Roof System: Cubo Glass Room

Vertical Systems: GSW 17 Sliding Glass Doors and F42 Fixed Wall & Sliding Shading Panels

Colour: RAL 9005 Black Matt Textured

Width: 6800mm

Projection: 3900mm

Height: 2500mm


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