Why choose a Louvered Roof?

louvered roof

It is a good question. If you are unfamiliar with the louvred roof or as they are otherwise known a Bioclimatic Aluminium Pergola, you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about. In a nutshell, a louvred roof is a smart shading system that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ultimately designed to offer optimal cover over any patio, terrace or outside space.

Unlike traditional timber pergolas, a louvred roof is constructed from powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel components and is motorised to enable automatic opening and closing of the roof blades. The roof can be rotated to different positions ranging from 0 – 135 degrees, useful to regulate light, and air and blocking out the rain. A clear benefit for homeowners is the ability to protect their outdoor appliances like BBQs and furniture.

Creating an alfresco living space gives you the ability to extend the usage of your outdoors throughout the year, as well as late into the evenings for those who love to entertain family, and friends and host parties. The space can be used as an outdoor living area, an outdoor kitchen, a dining area or maybe even something else altogether.

A louvred pergola is a perfect addition to any business in the hospitality sector. A quick and hassle-free way to add valuable outdoor space to any establishment. The key benefit is the ability to facilitate additional year-round seating, ultimately leading to a healthy return on investment and raised curb appeal.

Is a louvred roof customisable? 

The short answer is yes. However, the options do vary depending on the system. The LUSSO by Azure Outdoor Living

Smart Mobile connectivity lets you interact with your pergola from anywhere in your home, even from a distance. Fully compatible with a Smartphone or Tablet, its simple-to-use interface is capable of creating pre-programmed scenarios for user convenience.

For music fans, the option of a fully integrated Audio System allows you to play your favourite music while relaxing in your pergola. Connectable via Bluetooth and compatible with mobile devices, the system is specially designed for outdoor installation, meaning it is resistant to moisture, dust and UV rays.

Intelligent Weather Sensors provide comfort, safety and peace of mind in the event of unfavourable conditions. The sensors send signals if there is rain, wind or snow, which in turn automatically closes the roof and or zip screens protecting inhabitants, furniture and any other valuables you have in your space.

Infrared heating technology provides the most economical use of the charged energy in a zone or station heating. Revolutionary short-wave Infrared technology used in our radiant heaters guarantees comfort, feeling the warmth immediately after turning them on.

Optional integrated LED strip lighting is a perfect addition to any pergola. Available with white strips or RGB for those wanting the ability to set the aura. The RGB lighting offers a good range of colour possibilities and is fully compatible with either the standard remote control or the Smartphone and Tablet App.

LED lights are the next big leap forward in light bulb technology. They outperform incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and energy-saving bulbs across the board. They use significantly less energy, and lasting much longer than other conventional lighting methods. As well as being dimmable, the spotlights work in unison with our smart technology or standard remote.

The AZURE full Sliding Glass systems are perfect for those looking to bring a more year-round feeling to their structure. Adding additional weather protection against tough weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, dirt and noise, without compromising on visibility.

Zip screens can help to gently filter sunlight, provide privacy, reduce glare, protect floors, furniture and other valuables from the sun (UV fading) and importantly reduce external heat. They work as an excellent barrier against strong wind gusts, insects and pollution, and importantly make an outdoor structure an altogether more comfortable space.


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